Does Essence of Argan Really Work?

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Does Essence of Argan work?If you’re looking for argan oil to use on your skin, Essence of Argan has likely piqued your interest. They say that it is 100% pure Moroccan argan oil, and that it can be used to treat a host of different skin conditions. But in a world filled with so many bogus companies out there trying to pass off inferior products, can we be sure that this is legit? We explore the claims and the product to find the answer.

Argan oil is produced from the seeds of argan trees, which only grow in Morocco. Local Moroccans use the oil to dip their bread in, but it is also known to have benefits to the skin, as well as other nutritional and medicinal qualities to it. When looking around at the different cosmetic and skin care products out there claiming to have argan oil in them, it’s interesting to wonder how legitimate their claims are. The argan tree itself is protected by UNESCO, so it’s not as if the oil is something that is easy to obtain.

The Claim
Essence of Argan makes several claims as to its benefits. It says that it can help with decreasing wrinkles, fighting the signs of aging, bringing back elasticity to the skin, moisturizing both the skin and the scalp, nourishing damaged hair, giving you a youthful glow, repairing cracked feet, helping with the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, reducing the appearance of stretch marks, clearing up acne, treating scars, helping with diaper rash, and helping to grow the hair faster, as well as others.

The Hype
Any time you make as many claims as they do, you are building up a lot of hype around your product. In actuality, there are only so many things you can expect one product to be able to do. When you start piling on the number of things it’s supposed to be responsible for, you’re setting it up for disaster. It’s better to focus on getting just a few things right instead of promising the world and having people be disappointed. In this case, they should focus on the moisturizing benefits.

The Cost
You can get a single bottle of Essence of Argan for $40.80. That’s for 15ml, and it is a better deal than getting the 30ml size for $83.80. If you want a cost savings it happens with the 50ml size at $103.80, getting your per milliliter costs down to $2.08. It may seem expensive, but that is because it is pure. There are diluted products out there, but you won’t be getting it straight, it will be mixed with lesser quality ingredients to bring the price down.

The Commitment
One thing we’ve noticed with all-natural products like these is often people don’t give them enough time to work. When something is all natural, you shouldn’t expect it to work overnight. It needs time to set in and do its thing. With something like 100% pure Moroccan argan oil, you might see some benefits right away, but the longer you use it consistently the better it should work.

Essence of Argan seems to be making a valid attempt at bringing genuine argan oil to the market. It would be very easy for an unscrupulous company to create a product that was less than genuine. If you overlook all of the claims that it makes, and simply focus on it being a great moisturizer for the skin, it’s an apparent winner. Users have noted that it works great at moisturizing the skin without leaving that oily or greasy feeling behind.

Whether it is a one-stop cure-all for several different conditions remains to be seen, but it looks promising. It’s definitely worth trying out, and the Essence of Argan company is giving back to the local community. When you buy and use this oil you are helping fair trade cooperatives and the local people in Moroccan communities. You’re also helping to preserve the trees, ensuring that they maintain their numbers and aren’t wiped out by over-consumption.

Final Essence of Argan Review

Essence of Argan is getting a Try rating from us, based on the proven history of argan oil, and the commitment they’re showing on creating a quality product. Those that have tried it out have noted that it is of high quality, and you can contrast this with lower-priced knock offs that claim to have argan oil in them, but don’t reveal at what percentage. This is 100%, so you are getting the real deal.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve been looking for a product that incorporates argan oil, this is one of the better choices available. Other products don’t claim to be 100% argan oil, so you’re getting a mixture of different oils and possibly even chemicals. If you’re going to use it, you want to use something that is pure, and that is actually sourced from Morocco, the only place where argan trees grow.

What do you think? Does Essence of Argan work or not?

198 Customer Reviews on “Does Essence of Argan Really Work?

  1. I love this product so much! I don’t have to worry anymore about my skin asthma problem. This argan give’s me more self-confidence now.

  2. What I like most about this product is that it moisturizes my skin. I am suffering from very dry skin and I bought expensive products for it. But when I found this argan oil online it amazes me because of what it does to my skin.

  3. I have a dry skin that makes me feel itchy. A good friend of mine shared her Essence Of Argan Oil to me, after a week I feel the difference. Now, I have my own delivery every month and availed 50% off.

  4. Essence of Argan not only offers intense moisturizing benefits — it also helps nourish my skin. Over time, gives my skin a renewed, glowy appearance.

  5. It’s so amazing, it works like magic. I can fee that it absorbs quickly and my face looks so radiant.

  6. This is a wonderful products for skin. I love how it touch on my skin, so natural. I don’t feel any discomfort.

  7. Tried to purchase essence of argan as a moisturizer for my face but its amazing to know that I can use it for my hair as well. This is just perfect!

  8. Essence of Argan had been the most effective argan oil. Had as much as 70% discount as well on a subscription. 🙂

  9. Wow! I can now get Essence Of Argan Oil for $29.99. I love it makes my skin so smooth and healthy

  10. This product deserves to be number one in the market. The most effective argan oil I must say.

  11. It absolutely works for me. I use this day and night and the results amazing!

  12. I ordered the trial and received it in 6 days. It was nicely packed with a free shower glove. I started using it right away. I love how it makes my skin tighter and radiant looking. I’m in my 6th week now and so far, so good!

  13. I am happy of the result of using Essence Argan Oil everyday. Compare to the skin care I’ve used. This is the best! it makes my skin looks much younger and healthy

  14. This product is suitable for me. I have this dry skin type and I tried the promotion online. I was given a discounted price last March and now I am on my 2nd monthly subscription for $29.99. I use this for my face, hair, and my very dry hand. Morning and before bedtime is best to use as I can see fast results.

  15. I have been using essence of argan for the past 6months now, aside from having an amazing result, I was able to get as much as 70% lifetime discount. Worth a try!

  16. Argan oil is amazing. I \use it on my hair to nourish it. I begin to use it after washing my hair when it is almost dry. Then I use a drop everyday to nourish it gradually until my next wash and the results are beautiful!

  17. Love this product works, it’s gives me satisfaction everyday. Essence Of Argan Oil is one of the best skin care I used. My skin looks younger and moisturized.

  18. I have tried a lot of brands of argan oil but this by far is the most effective and legit argan oil, pricey for its full price but you get to have as much as 70-80% discount if you want to make use of it regularly! A must try product!

  19. This has been the most effective moisturizer i have ever tried! oily skin no more! worth a try product I must say.

  20. Essence of Argan oil is amazing. I \use it on my hair to nourish it. I begin to use it after washing my hair when it is almost dry. I use it everyday to nourish it and the results are beautiful!

  21. Essence of Argan is absolutely a great product! it’s awesome for daily use. It does not feel oily or greasy at all and gives my skin a natural glow.

  22. it’s awesome for daily use. It hasn’t caused any acne at all, and goes well under my foundation. If you’ve got an oily, acne-prone complexion, your skin will likely love Essence of Argan, which is non-comedogenic,

  23. This product really works and I highly recommend this! I love the way it makes my skin smooth, soft and glow. It make me even look younger. I have shared the experience with friends and they love it too!

  24. Essence Of Argan Oil really works for my skin and the rest of my family. we’ve been a fan for it for a quite a while now. We just love how natural it is. As a regular customer we availed a dollar a day promo to get a bottle of $29.99 a month. Great deal for me!

  25. It’s perfect for my skin! I absolutely love how it feels on my skin. I wake up each morning with nice plump hydrated skin. I love it!

  26. I used it on my previously pregnant belly, and I got no more stretch marks. I put this on my face. in my hair. I use it for everything and it’s great! it’s not super greasy. The shine it gives my hair is great.

  27. I love this! It reduces the lines on my neck as well. Its been a month since I started using this and I see amazing results!

  28. Since I started using this, it leaves skin feeling soft, radiant, and hydrated from within. I love what it perfectly does on my face!

  29. I love Essence of Argan and Idrotherapy! I don’t have to put make up on due to its result. Everyday I wear a natural look without looking dull and ugly. I’d recommend these to my friends.

  30. I think that for modern beauty trends, Argan Oil is one of the best ingredients and it is a break from all the chemicals. I am an active user of argan oil myself, got it from Essence of Argan and I’m 100% satisfied, please note that one drop is enough for your whole face !!

  31. I love this product very much it makes my skin very smooth and moisturized. I would love to recommend this to my family and friends.

  32. Very lightweight oil and best to apply on my skin it keeps my skin healthy and soft. I used it on my hair as well and makes my hair easier to manage. Perfect oil for me and please do try it to along with the Idro cream.

  33. Essence Of Argan Oil is the best skin moisturizer, it’s very pure and effective. It can be use to any types of skin my entire family using it everyday even kids. Love It!

  34. i am amazed of the product! It’s doing magic on my skin and it helped me get rid of my pimples and wrinkles. Plus i get to avail the Dollar a day promo with a free gift! Thank you!!

  35. The most effective product for me on my wrinkles. I did not know it also helps treat skin problems like psoriasis. i would definitely recommend this Product!.

  36. i love this product, this is the best product i have ever used, it works for my hair,hands and skin it’s really amazing

  37. the best product i have ever used it really works for me, it’s amazing for hair and skin and stretch marks

  38. IDROTHERAPY – Really a magical product! it just helps me a lot getting rid of my wrinkles!
    ESSENCE OF ARGAN OIL -This has been the most amazing product i’ve tried! can’t get enough of this essence of argan!

  39. This is the best solution for wrinkles.
    My husband got it for me as a gift last year, I’m 51 years old and it has done wonders for wrinkles around my eyes and it gave m skin a healthier look.
    It is a subscription but I managed to change it to a 90-Day cycle so it works well for me both in terms of budget and I have enough time to finish it.
    If you have any questions, just call them, they offer toll-free numbers

  40. ESSENCE OF ARGAN OIL -This has been the most amazing product i’ve tried! can’t get enough of this essence of argan!

  41. I have been using Essence of Argan over a year now. It feels light on my skin and it looks smoother. My daughter bought it for me for xmas and I am super satisfied

  42. This has been the most amazing product u’ve tried! cant get enough of this essence of argan!

  43. Thank you Argan Oil and Idrotherapy Cream you are really a good product and it really helps my skin to look more beautiful. I use it day and night and it was great and very helpful. I dare you to try the products as well.

  44. It works miracles on my face Argan oil is amazing. I also \use it on my hair to nourish it. I begin to use it after washing my hair when it is almost dry. Then I use 1-2 drops everyday to nourish it gradually until my next wash and the results are beautiful!

  45. The BEST MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL. this is the legit moroccan argan oil i’ve ever tried! must try!

  46. i am with essence of argan for a couple of years now, im loving the product and its really effective!

  47. After I turned 35, my skin started showing wrinkles especially around my eyes , one of my friends recommended using Argan oil , so I purchased this through an AD and been using it over a year now. I must say that not only it improved my skin but also it made it look younger. highly recommended
    Just note it is a monthly subscription !

  48. The argan oil I try is so great. I love how it moisturizes my face. Another thing I like about this product is my skin problem. I have eczema and I’m having trouble buying the cream its just too expensive. I saw this ad online and it says that this product good for skin problems as well so I tried. I found the result after 1 week and it is amazing.

  49. I hope that you find this review helpful. So most of the time you would see this as an AD on Facebook or on their website. At first, you will pay for shipping, but careful, you will have 14 days to try it and cancel if not satisfied. Personally, I have been using the product of the Essence of Argan and Idrotherapy for 6 months now and I can see really great differences on my skin, more glowing, healthier, and fewer wrinkles

  50. This essence of argan oil brightens, softens, and smooths my skin like a dream. It is safe to use and it keep my skin hydrated. This is highly recommended.

  51. i am using the essence of argan oil for the last few months and it’s an amazing product it really works for my face and hair .. love it

  52. I am already using this product for a year now.. the price is justifiable! you will really see and experience the result in short span of time. no harmful chemicals. now enjoying a moisturized skin yet not experiencing greasy effect! best to use twice a day.

  53. Essence of argan is one of the best product i’ve ever use. It is purely organic and it moisturizes my skin. I tried the offer for a bundle of oil, shampoo, conditioner, masque and it is cheaper compared to buying each one of the products.

  54. I love Essence Of Argan Oil so pure and light to wear, I able to wear it at daytime to my face. A great skin moisturizer it reduces the fine lines and dark spots on my face. For now I get a delivery every 2 months for 29.99.

  55. I am on my third bottle of oil, it helps me get rid of my dundruffs. Its the only product that helped me!

  56. I have tried to avail the free trial. I was really upset when I got billed. contacted Customer service and then Terms and conditions were explained to me, even had one representative walked me through the full terms online, then i realized t’was my fault. It was my fault i did not read terms and conditions but they still provided me offers, was enrolled to a monthly subscription and till now i still am, you really see the result after 2 months of using it every day. now i can say I LOVE EVERY DROP of the oil and cream.

  57. This organic argan oil so perfect to use for my daily skin care regimen. Give glow on my face and help my dry feet soften.

  58. I really love using the essence of argan oil. It really helps me to reduce my hair fall and also the split end. I even use it to my face. Goodbye dry skin. I will keep using this product!!

  59. Awesome how it lift up my face. I absolutely love how it gives a natural glow. Since I started using this I see amazing results. It helps my skin hydrate itself. I love it!

  60. Essence of argan is perfect for my hair. It moisturizes better and doesn’t leave my hair too greasy compared to other hair products. I stopped using conditioner and just apply a half dropper to my hair after showering. I bought it in their website..a must try product not only to achieve the fresh look skin but also to achieve the no frizzy hair.

  61. Finally discovered and found the best argan oil for my skin.. you will find cheap argan oil in the market but not as pure and as organic as what essence of argan offered. it doesn’t harm my skin but i achieved that moisturized glowing skin

  62. Fine line, dry skin and dark spots has always been my problem. Awesome how this Essence of Argan work! It lift up my face and it even feels so nice on my face! No to greasy and I can use it day ang night. Since I have been using it, I love the way it nourished my skin.

  63. Lovely product. My face always had a shine and feel soft because of this product.I also love their Dollar a day promotion with a free lipstick.will continue ordering more.

  64. Essence of argan is an effective moisturizer!! it gives a youthful glowing skin. I have softer and glowing skin because of this product. I am also using this to avoid stretch marks 🙂 argan oil is the ideal protection against stretch marks and sagging, puckered skin after birth. so many moments i’ve experienced with this product!

  65. I am very much satisfied on this product. My skin was so dry before and since then I used this argan oil it moisturized and gives myself more confidence now.

  66. I am very much satisfied on this product. My skin was so dry before and since then I used this
    argan oil it moisturized and gives myself more confidence now.

  67. I tried to use both Argan Oil and the Idro cream and it perfectly helps my skin to look more younger and glowing. I used it 3 times daily and it really helps me a lot and you should try it too.

  68. I’m looking for a product that can help my son’s eczema, that’s why I came across this product. It’s really great they have this trial promo, My son tried the Essence of Argan oil for free, they even extended my trial period, after a month of using the oil religiously, we saw changes, small ones at first, so we decided to get it every month. with no surprise, it really brought miracles to my son’s eczema. the bonus part is they gave me a discount for the subscription which is a great help. I’ve been using the oil as well for my body, I replaced my body lotion with it and enjoying the benefits of the oil for myself. here is their website

  69. It’s a great product for an affordable price! I got to subscribe to their 29.99 USD for a month supply. It really works great on my skin and i am loving the results. It makes my skin smoother and glowing. Argan oil and Idrotherapy are best combo!

  70. The essence of argan oil is the only product that solved my skin problem and even my dandruff problem. It made my skin glowing and moisturized also made my hair soft and smooth. Amazing!

  71. Tried different skin care products and different brands. But only Essence of Argan fits my sensitive skin. No need to use moisturizer! it brightens my skin. I am using this for almost 4 years now at 29USD per bottle!

  72. I am so lucky I found this amazing argan oil. I’ve been suffering from skin asthma for few years
    now and the cream I used was very expensive. I found this ads on facebook and I tried the sample
    they offer. Luckily I was given discounted price and now I am so happy that the oil normalized the
    itchiness. I will continue to use this oil, it is very amazing.

  73. this product is not merely to moisturize and heal eczema.. but also helps me avoid puffy eyes and shiny hair.. thumbs up who invented it! I am an argan addict since my 30s, and this is really organic!

  74. Within weeks of using it, I am confident to say that I now have glowing skin, shiny hair and no more scaly skin

  75. I am in a moment of satisfaction by having this perfect skin care product for my face
    and hair. It gives glow to my hair and add more shine to my face. Fine lines no more!

  76. My son tried the Essence of Argan oil for free, they even extended my trial period, after a month of using the oil religiously, we saw changes, small ones at first, so we decided to get it every month. with no surprise, it really brought miracles to my son’s eczema. the bonus part is they gave me a discount for the subscription which is a great help. I’ve been using the oil as well for my body, I replaced my body lotion with it and enjoying the benefits of the oil for myself.

  77. The essence of argan oil made my dandruff away. After trying several hair care products, this is the only product that workeThe essence of argan oil made my dandruff away. After trying several hair care products, this is the only product that worked. Will definitely buy another bottle!d. Will definitely buy another bottle!

  78. I always look out for beauty products that gives the best effect s and with skin benefits as well and this is it! My skin feels so soft and refreshed, makes me look years younger. It lightens the lines on my face and neck. I use some on my hair and it’s perfect! I love it!

  79. the essence of argan oil made my pimples disappear. after using tons of products on my acne, I still can’t believe that its only Essence of Argan can do the miracle of making my face acne free. It’s superb!

  80. Very effective product.Its affordable and also not waste of money because it really works not just like other brands of argan oil I tried before.

  81. Essence of Argan is perfect for my skin and for my daughters acne. It’s an oil but it’s amazing how it absorbs so quickly, no greasy and give the natural glow I need for my skin. I love how it perfectly works.

  82. A pure Moroccan oil derived from the nuts of the Argan tree, Essence of Argan is rich in carotenes, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, making it a perfect gift of nature for visibly reducing signs of aging on your skin and improving your physical health. – This is just the perfect skincare! must try!

  83. I think this Essence of argan is the best product of argan oil I’ve used so far. After trying it for almost 3 weeks I can alreay see changes and satistfying result

  84. This product is awesome!! perfect for my very sensitive skin… it moisturized my skin even during coldy days but will not have that greasy feeling effect. it even helped me treat my chappy lips. must try product!

  85. I’m new to argan oil that’s why I tried their free trial, after trying it for two weeks I should say I kinda like how it changes my skin. I’m actually using it till now and still amazed me

  86. Essence of Argan helped me with my psoriasis no more flaky skin. i even used this in may hair, Made my hair healthier and shinier.

  87. I absolutely love how it feels on my skin. Great for the face and all the dry areas of my body , mostly on the elbows and heels. My daughter stated using it on her scalp and skin asthma as well. It’s a great product?

  88. My sons skin asthma has been one of our major problems for so long. We tried a lot of products fom medicines. creams and oils. We almost lost hope until we saw the Essence of Argan. Miraculously it worked!

  89. Yes, this product really work for my skin. It’s very effective and the price is worth it.

  90. Essence of Argan helped with a lot of my skin problems, dry and sensitive skin is what i have. but when i started using the product, dry and sensitive skin no more!!!!

  91. The oil made amazing wonders on my skin. I used essence of argan on my psoriasis and it changed my life. Will definitely purchase more!

  92. i sent for the trial essence of argan oil three months ago and i am very happy with the oil and the idrotherapy wrinkle reducer cream , they are really works amazing together the dark spots started to vanish and the fine lines are getting lighter

  93. Ordered the oil for my hair and for my skin, tried their free trial offer, I made sure to read how the trial promo works and was surprised of the regular price of the essence of argan but they offered me a very good deal for only $29.99 every month. Been 8months since I started using the oil and Im loving the result! Best result I’ve had compared to all skin care products used before!
    Essence Of Argan Oil and Idrotherapy cream, just helps me a lot. The best skin care i ever had.

  94. This oil is really magical, I am using this for months now. So far i noticed the moisture it gives on my skin and it even treats skin problems such as eczema and dryness, it even lighten pimple marks. I am also using this on my hair! no more dry & frizzy hair no more dry and unhealthy skin for me. thumbs up!!

  95. no regrets using this product!, worth to try, it helps my skin looks younger and healthier. no side effects so you can use all over your body without worrying. its a natural beauty regimen with the best result. must try guys!

  96. Honestly? It really works on my skin. It just not make my skin look radiant, it feels nice as well. I practically love it!

  97. This Argan oil is very good. It helped my daughter’s skin glow. She has skin asthma problem, we tried the promo online and finally found the answer. Will recommend this product!

  98. Yes! Definitely works for my skin. This pure organic product made my skin very smooth now and my friends told me I’m also 20 years younger than my age. Awesome! I read also the benefits and it’s good for my hair so I tried to use it and it really added shine to my dead hair. Thank you so much Argan Oil.

  99. It really works!, swear. its one of a kind beauty product, i love this oil. its very effective for me. no side effects. it helps my skin to achieved younger looking skin, affordable price when you are under subscription., a must try product!

  100. I am a fan of argan oil..This essence of argan is the best product I’ve tried. It is organic (it means it will not harm my sensitive skin – no added chemical). Ohw it is really a moisturizer alternative. It even treated my eczema and other skin problems. I am also using this as hand softener!

  101. essence of argan!! what a lovely product i’ve tried. It does its purpose, no more dark circles under my eyes – no more zombie look ; it even moisturized my skin without the greasy feeling effect and it even helps me achieve that glowing skin

  102. This product is the only oil I use to my dry skin, boost my confidence to go out without worrying with my skin. Really helps a lot 100% satisfaction.

  103. First I will start with the trial page which tells you to try for the price of the shipping. Now Why enter your credit card for a sample right?. Here I would like to pay attention to a little Box that might appear” I do not want Idrotherapy” else it will be added to your cart (which happened to me) I received my sample quite fast actually 3 days If I remember clearly , and I didn’t know that I had to call to cancel. To my surprise, I got charged for another supply 10 days later so I called and was informed that it is a trial before you buy offer and that you had to call to cancel. Like everyone I got furious as I felt not informed but then the lady there advised me to check my order confirmation which apparently had their Terms. Anyways, they offered a partial refund+ some 30 Dollars promotion which sounded more reasonable to me to pay so I accepted it along with the partial refund. The bottle is enough for more than 3 months if you use it only on your face

  104. I really like this product. This really suits my skin. I am using this for quite sometime now. It’s very effective for my skin. Guess what they also have oil for cooking. I am using it as well. Great product!

  105. One day when I was surfing online, an add popped up, would you like to try this for the price of the shipping, I thought to myself, why not try it? , its free and cheap. placed the order and received my Order confirmation , 4 days later my product. Then I called them to say that I don’t want to get anymore, but their officer said that it is a trial before you buy offer and then you need to send it back to cancel or keep it as one time offer, then she offered me a trial extension to have the chance to try it. I mean I paid for it right? there was also this promotion they talked about, for 29.99 which I personally have been on for the last 6 months. I’m overall satisfied with it as it is flexible and I can choose when to get my orders. Anyways to sum it up, they are good and friendly and even though I did notice it late , their Terms were sent to my email since day 1, just NOTE, this is TRIAL BEFORE YOU BUY OFFER. After 14 DAYS you get charged (as per their Terms). IF you get billed and you are within 30 DAYS , then you get refund without Shipping fees. Last but not least, you can only cancel via CALLING

  106. This product is amazing. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks now and I really see my skin glowing and looks younger. I really love using this oil. I also used this for my hair. I got a lot of benefits in one product only. It’s worth the price.

  107. I love this product. I’ve been using this for a month now. It really works for my skin. The price is worth. Best recommendations.

  108. I only need two or three drops of argan oil to moisturise and tame my frizzy hair every morning. One good thing is that it doesn’t leave my hands greasy or sticky after application! I also have dry skin and this oil has been a life saver. Normal moisturizer does not last very long but using this argan oil on my face is good. No more frown lines on my forehead. I have also used it to remove make up.

  109. I have been using the oil for 4 weeks now and have seen a marked improvement on the condition of my hair and skin. My hair now looks more healthy and thicker. My face has a natural glow and the backs of my hands look so much younger. I have dry skin and patches of eczema and this oil has really helped keep it more supple and moisturised without the heavy sticky feelings you get with creams and lotions.

  110. It’s really effective. 100% pure organic product. I am using this for the skin as moisturizer day and night. This make my skin look younger and healthy glowing skin!

  111. After I signed up, I read the terms and wanted to cancel. After thinking about it, I went ahead and decided to try. It may seem a scam at first, but once I tried? I love it! I even recommended the product to my mom and friends. I am happy I tried it and wich all of you would and see how good it does on your skin 🙂

  112. I bought this sample argan online and got billed for it. I then called and wanting to find out why they
    debited my account. The representative explained to me and good thing is they give me a free 1 shipmet
    as a gift. She had this promotion called Dollar A Day, I then availed it every 2 months supply.
    The oil is very good for me. Thank you Essence of Argan!

  113. The best oil I’ve ever used, not sticky. All my friends noticed the difference of my skin, I love it!

  114. i had dark spots and some fine line started to appear on my face , i am using this product for a couple of months now and the dark spots starts to fade and fine line are getting lighter , very happy with result

  115. it really works,, using this oil for almost a year and all i can is this is the best beauty regimen for me!.. u can actually it all over your body to moisturized and no side effects.

  116. If you want to have a smooth skin and healthier look . Then argan oil is your thing! order it and you will never regret

  117. I’m so glad I risked for the trial. Now I am enjoying their Dollar a Day Promo for my wife. she loved the product. It made her skin smooth and can really feel the difference

  118. I have a sensitive skin but Argan Oil really helps me a lot maybe because of Argan Oil is a100% pure. Its amazed me cause I can definitely use Oil all over my body. It is not only for the face, I normally applied oil when I have rashes, used it in my nails as well. Best oil ever.

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