Does Secrets to Dog Training Really Work?

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Does Secrets to Dog Training work?If your dog has become unruly lately, or you’ve yet to invest in proper dog training, Secrets to Dog Training says that it can help turn your dog’s behavior around, and put you back in control. Sounds like a great idea, especially if your furry friend has been driving you nuts lately, or is consistently embarrassing you in public. But is this really something that can help you avoid the cost of obedience training, or one-on-one lessons?

Many owners believe that once their dog reaches a certain age they’ve missed the window on being able to train them. But this is not the case, and even old dogs can learn new tricks, or at least learn to obey your commands. Of course, it is easier to train your dog at the start, because when they are puppy they are forming a lot of their behavioral habits that will last well into adulthood. The important part is you make the effort, and stay consistent with your training so that they learn who the real boss of the house is.

The Claim
Secrets to Dog Training says that it can teach you how to train your dog to be well behaved around you, other people, and even other dogs. They even say that you’ll learn how to keep your dog obedient even when you are not there to enforce the rules. This sounds pretty remarkable, since most dogs depend on constant supervision, and a stern warning if they start getting into trouble. The thought of a dog behaving itself with no master in sight is definitely something that will get most owner’s attention.

The Hype
Any time someone tells you they can take your seemingly possessed dog and turn them into the angel you want them to be, you have to take that with a grain of salt. Every dog is different: a different personality, a different age, a different background, so of course there will be those dogs that won’t respond to instruction. The way to go about this is to give it your best shot, but realize that it might take time, and be patient with yourself and your pet, and don’t get caught up in the hype of seeing an immediate turnaround.

The Cost
Secrets to Dog Training is $40, and is an instant download so you can begin studying right away. It also sold through ClickBank, which is an online merchant that keeps your credit card information safe and secure, and also makes sure that you have a full 60 days to try out the product and see whether or not you do learn enough to get your dog under control. You should definitely be able to see some marked improvement within two months time which will make it an easy decision on whether to keep the system or not.

The Commitment
Even though they make a lot of claims about what you’ll be able to do with your dog once you learn how, you still have to be the one to take the time to read through the information, learn the tricks and techniques, and then apply them effectively for your specific dog. You’d be surprised how many people buy something like this and then don’t even read it. Add to that the number of people that buy something like this and read it once, and then don’t actually follow through by trying out what they’ve learned. If you want to see results, you have to be sure not to become that statistic.

It’s not your fault that you don’t know how to interact with your dog. This is not something that they teach in elementary or high school. Using something like Secrets to Dog Training can be a way to get past that learning curve, and get the foundation for how to communicate with your dog and also get some insight into how your dog is viewing you as the owner. The part about this training that is perhaps most revealing is the part about you becoming the alpha dog of the home. You have to lay down the law so that your dog knows who to listen to, and knows that you aren’t going to take any guff from them.

Final Secrets to Dog Training Review

It’s good that you are taking the steps necessary to find a solution to your dog’s lack of obedience. Whether it is Secrets to Dog Training, or some other obedience training program, the important thing is that you are taking action, and not letting the problem get worse than it already is. If you just let your dog have the run of the place, it’s only going to get harder and harder to keep them in line. The nice thing about this program is you can buy it, fully evaluate it for 60 days, and if you don’t feel like it is worth keeping you can request a refund.

Our Recommendation
When you consider the high cost of obedience training in your local area, it is nice to think that you might be able to solve the problem on your own by reading a guide at home. While you could go to your local bookstore or Amazon and find a book on how to train your dog, this presents a more comprehensive system that will show you several different angles on how to approach the task of flipping the script on the dynamics you have with your dog.

What do you think? Does Secrets to Dog Training work or not?

34 Customer Reviews on “Does Secrets to Dog Training Really Work?

  1. Oh dear. I thought I had found a website that would give me some good information on products I might be interested in. Having worked with dogs professionally for over 20 years the review of Secrets to Dog Training caught my eye. Clearly you do not do any research into the subject you are reviewing. Becoming “Alpha Dog” is an out-dated, unscientific, and dangerous method of “training” your dog. I use quotes because training should entail teaching and learning, not using fear and compulsion to get your dog to do what you want. Yes I am sure the methods are couched in all kinds of language that make it seem innocuous, but I guarantee it is not. Do your homework and learn about scientifically sound training methods based on learning theory.

    So while I obviously will not buy this product, I will also never be able to trust any reviews on this website due to your obvious lack of research.

  2. I’ve given up trying to train my dog on my own but I don’t really want to spend so much money to send to my dog to dog school. The problem with my dog or to be fair because of the lack of training experience on my part, he gets too wild when I take him for walks and he ends up tangling my legs up with his leash. At home he doesn’t behave around dinner time and sometimes I have to kick him outside just to have dinner in peace. For 40 bucks is cheaper than dog schools and it does have money back guarantee, so I think it’s a go.

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