Do Shittens Really Work?

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Do Shittens work?Shittens are a mitten-shaped wet wipe that is meant to cover your whole hand so you don’t get, um, poop on it. But do they actually work, and are they even for real?

The reason many people doubt if these are actually legit is because they first came into public awareness on the Howard Stern show when billionaire Mark Cuban was talking about his role on Shark Tank and they started pitching ideas to him. Originally dubbed Shmittens to make it easier to get onto mainstream airwaves, it seems they’ve kept the original name going forward as a sort of tongue in cheek reference to what it’s used for.

The Claim
Richie Wilson, the creator of Shittens says that it protects your hands from getting poop on them and also has a myriad of other uses, basically any situation that pops up where you need a wet wipe and it makes sense to protect your entire hand. He also says that they’re biodegradable, and that they’re FDA approved for use on babies, adults, and pets. He makes it a point to say that these are not meant to be a replacement for toilet paper, which is the first thought that many have when they first see this.

The Hype
Because Richie Wilson works on the Howard Stern Show he has access to media channels that other inventors don’t have. He’s able to create a buzz for the product and has named it in a way that will get people talking, even if they are calling it a ridiculous product with a ridiculous name, at least they’re talking about it and eventually admitting it’s not a bad idea.

The Cost
The cost of Shittens has yet to be announced as the product is just now being produced and is only in prototype form. They will likely be priced to compete with other wet tissues and cleaning products. Basically it is aiming to replace the wet tissues that you are currently using, as they serve the same exact purpose but simply cover your entire hand.

The Commitment
This would likely reduce the amount of times you get poop on your hands and fingers, which would definitely be a lifestyle upgrade for many. If you’re a parent or pet owner you’ve probably thought to yourself countless times how gross it is that you actually got some on your hands or fingers, and you wished there was a better way that would leave you cleaner. This may be it.

Whether this was a real product that they hoped to sell or just a prank by the Howard Stern Show to prove that people will buy anything, the fact remains that it appears they’re going to release this to the public and see if there are any takers. There will likely be a lot of Howard Stern fans and followers that will buy it and keep them handy, if only for a laugh.

There really are a lot of uses for these when you stop to think about it. You could use them on your pets to clean off their paws or clean off their bottoms. You could use it on babies so that you don’t have to try to grip the wet wipe, which typically results in poop on your hand. Since this has you covered and you can take it off without getting anywhere near the affected area, you won’t have to worry about messy hands anymore.

What’s really interesting is how far they are going to pull off the hoax if it is indeed one. The Howard Stern crew is known for coming up with ridiculous stunts and doing crank calls and in person phony interviews. The ultimate prank would be to actually get the product made and start selling it. If the creator can make money or even get rich off of the idea, that would be the biggest laugh ever, all the way to the bank.

Final Shittens Review

The concept of Shittens is a solid one, and if they ever get it mass produced they’ll likely work like a charm. If you don’t like the name just sit tight because someone will come out with a similar product soon that has a name you can say in public. One of the major wet wipe manufacturers may even jump on this and come out with a new version that serves the same function. We’ll see how well they’ve protected the idea and whether or not any copy cats come along.

Our Recommendation
If you like the idea of a mitten-shaped wet wipe then you’d definitely like these. We’ll keep an eye on the shituation to see how far they take things. in the meantime you’ll just have to make do with whatever system you have in place.

What do you think? Does Shittens work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Do Shittens Really Work?

  1. Bought this as a gag gift at Christmas. Well, my mom loves them and asked me to get more. They’re currently unavailable but she says they work GREAT!

  2. I have to admit, when I first clicked on this product to see it, I couldn’t stop laughing. In no way do I think this is this a serious product I would ever see on the shelves of my local grocery store! I find it obvious this product was intended as a gag gift, one that would certainly make a less refined crowd left begging for more.

    On the other hand, as Claude said, it is practical for campers, and as I love to camp I could see these coming in handy. This product may very well soon be marketed in a more serious light, with some success. As a mom with small children, I know this would be a great product to use if they were flushable! It would help to keep small children clean who are just getting used to the practice of cleaning themselves after using the toilet.

  3. While I do tend to agree with all of the previous comments above in a way, it is also worth noting that the name is, in fact, catchy and the product could be useful to some. The audience it is geared towards is probably the Howard Stern crowd in terms of gifts as gags (a huge demographic by the way), but I would imagine other people would use this product as well. Two reasons that come to the top of my head are camping (where no toilets are available) and, well, the prevention of pink eye due to uncleanliness. Some people just haven’t mastered the art of properly wiping, and then in turn can be left with dirty bottoms or worse, get some on their hands and then eyes afterwards, which is a leading cause of pink eye. While it can sound absurd, it is without a doubt an actual phenomenon. So while this product may be geared towards the Howard Stern demographic, a similar product will probably soon come out with a more family-friendly name. Either way, I just can imagine the looks the cashier would give when they scan the product. But as an avid camper, I can see it being useful beyond giving the gift as a gag.

  4. I can’t imagine ever using these on myself, my children, or any being other than on my pets as another type of poop bag. But even then I’m not really sure I see the improved of a function than using a regular poop bag or plastic bag for that matter. I have never had any problems picking up poo before, I don’t know why I’d need mitten. I suppose if the bags are inexpensive and are somehow marketed with some cool or kitschy container then I could see myself buying them for the fun of it. But in terms of practicality I just don’t see the point.

  5. I am with the rest of the people whom have left comments on here – I haven’t used the Shittens and I probably won’t. I suppose they do serve a good, practical purpose, however it is simply just too gross for me to even fathom trying out on my own. I personally want to use the disposable options that I have. Perhaps those looking for a gag gift could benefit with these, as I am sure that the name alone will get plenty of laughs within the home. And, think about it. Is anyone going to take anything that Howard Stern is promoting very serious?

  6. Yeah, I agree with Mike, and the other commenters. I feel like the only people who would buy these are people who think the name is funny. Otherwise, you can just use a wet wipe. There’s not really any need to cover your whole hand. If you’re clean and careful, you should be able to get away without getting anything on your hands. I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem.

    Maybe it would be good to use when changing diapers, but when you have babies and pets, there’s always messes that you have to clean up. You get good at not getting it on yourself. This seems silly, and people wouldn’t buy them except for a joke.

  7. Wow. That’s a catchy name.
    “Mum, what does Shitten mean?” “Nothing honey, it’s just a silly name.”
    I can’t see parents with young, inquisitive children being thrilled by that potential conversation.
    Having said that, I am a devoted advocate of wet wiping. And not just for babies. It strikes me as odd, in this day and age, that we can carry around a device in our pocket that can access the entirety of human knowledge instantly, yet on the whole, we will wipe ourselves with hand-fulls of dry, wadded paper.
    I just don’t get it. Wet wiping is the only civilised way to deal with the situation, and any product that assists in the proliferation of this belief is fine by me.
    Even if it does have a rubbish name.

  8. I agree with Mike and Amber on this… This is absolutely a stoner’s dream come true. Why do I say that? Because stoners, and anyone else otherwise deemed as “high schoolish” would even consider buying these things because it was made by idiots for people who are idiotic enough to believe they are real. I mean, come on… Howard Stern? Enough said about that. Any well reserved, educated American would see this as a fake from a mile off. This can be offensive to most of the Southern market of consumers. If I saw this on the shelfs, I would take a picture (because I can resist snapping a photo), and keep moving along, and pray that my young sons don’t try to sound out the word lol… Anyways, what a total waste. No pun intended.

  9. The name is hilarious, the song is catchy. Shittens. Shmittens. Try to say either without laughing. When I first heard the name I thought, “No, it can’t be…” Strangely I was right on in my effort to predict exactly what was coming at me. Though laughable, I’m not quite sure how anyone could take a product with a name like Shittens seriously. Yes, I said it again. Shittens…and I still laugh every time I hear it. If this is truly an attempt at a tangible product, I can’t imagine it being successful. Sure, everyone may buy them as gag gifts for friends, but the novelty will likely wear off.

    I don’t know about you, but I have never had an issue where I would think of a product like this, let alone need one. That’s saying a lot. I have three sons and have changed countless diapers. Even if you were to struggle with an issue Shittens (or Shmittens) may address, wouldn’t a box of rubber gloves and a pack of baby wipes suffice? Who would be brave enough to buy Shittens for the real purpose? I’m doubting you’ll find eager people. I can’t say I’m not glad an attempt was made, whether real or fake. The amount of laughter was worth the cost of never seeing mittens the same way again. Not in this lifetime. While the creator may not be caught with brown on his hands, I’m thinking they won’t be filled with green either.

  10. Let me preface this by saying that I have not purchased this product. Additionally, I have no doubt that they do indeed work. Nevertheless, I have a few reservations about this product. First of all, I realize how ridiculously tempting it is to call them “Shittens,” but any businessman worth his salt will realize you can’t name it this. Come on, Richie Wilson, you’re better than that. And “Shmittens” is no better! When your product comes to notoriety on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show, you’re not getting to the right market of consumers. You don’t want the name of your brand to connote excrement or feces at all. How about “Tidy Wipes,” “Tidy Gloves,” or anything without a four-letter word in it?

    Also, if these are not meant to replace toilet paper, when do you use them? Is it strictly for parents with infants? Do you take these with you on a daylong hike or camping? And do you really use them on pets?? These are the things that keep me up at night, which is probably when the R-rated commercial for these airs. I do believe that all your crap will end up on the Shitten or Shmitten or whatever and not on your hands. Then again, I tend not to get excrement on my hands as a rule, and I’ve largely succeeded without owning this product.

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