Does Shoes Under Really Work?

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Does Shoes Under really work?If you’ve got so many shoes you have troubles storing them, Shoes Under might give you the space-saving solution you need. It’s not to hard to accumulate a shoe collection that outgrows your closet, especially if you have a small closet. But is storing them under your bed the way to go, and does this work the way it’s shown to on TV?

Shoes just seem to get in the way and take up a lot of space. Currently there’s not a really good way to store them. The most popular way is the over-the-door pocket system that holds all your shoes on the back of your closet door. But this isn’t a perfect solution, as it tends to jut out off of the door, getting in the way, and it doesn’t hold every style of shoe, and it’s not good for heavy shoes, or boots. There definitely is a need for a good shoe storing system, but lets see if Shoes Under is it.

The Claim
They say you can easily store up to 12 pairs of shoes under your bed or at the bottom of your closet, and quickly and easily retrieve them and slide them away when needed. You’ll be able to protect and take better care of your shoes, while freeing up extra space and bringing some organization into your life.

The Hype
The hype is that this is just a product that stores your shoes, so it’s not like it’s going to change the world. It might change your world though if you don’t have to have the hassle of having shoes everywhere any more. Of course they dramatize how bad the situation is. It would take more than 12 pairs of shoes to feel like you’re swimming in a sea of them.

The Cost
If you order direct from the manufacturer you’ll end up getting two units, and be able to store up to 24 pairs of shoes, for $24 which includes shipping. They compare their product with a shoe closet that you could end up paying over $100 for.

The Commitment
You’ll have to load up your Shoes Under with all of your shoes, and that’s really it. Just use it as shown. It will help by clearing out all of your old shoe boxes, which aren’t the best way to keep your shoes when you’re not wearing them, and it should automatically free up some space.

Shoes Under started with a basic concept, a storage unit with a low profile that can keep your shoes protected from dust and a clear cover so you can see which shoes are where and easily get to them. However, it seems that they didn’t follow through and execute on this concept. It appears that the prototype they came up with for the advertisement is not the same product that arrives at your home.

This is often the case with As Seen on TV fails. They’ll come up with a working model for demonstration purposes, but the cost to create these would be too big, or they just get greedy and cut corners on the actual unit that ships. Luckily we’re in the day and age where we can complain about products and warn others about them, and people are pretty vocal about this being a bait and switch.

Final Shoes Under Review

Sometimes products with a simple design are the ones that work, but not in this case. In the ads it looks as if you are getting something that functions like a box. But in reality what you get is something more like a bag that shifts and moves around while you pull it and push it.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a shoes storage and retrieval system that actually works. Until then, keep on doing what you’re doing and try not to get overwhelmed by your shoe collection.

Our Recommendation
Take a pass on this one, and continue your search for the perfect shoe storage system. The over-the-door method isn’t very good, but it’s better than Shoes Under. Perhaps if it were the actual product as shown in the infomercial it would be a good buy, but the common complaint is that this is not the same thing.

What do you think? Does Shoes Under work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does Shoes Under Really Work?

  1. Review sites to the rescue once more! I was going to buy one of these for my girlfriend as we only have a one bedroom apartment and she has more shoes than God. But from reading these reviews I will at least look to another brand. I was even going to get one for myself. Not because I have lots of shoes, but I was going to use it to organise my collection of antique porcelain cat figurines. But upon finding the storage unit to be of very flimsy construction, I felt as though it would not be adequate for my needs. A shame, as it looks great form the advert.

  2. Oh that’s horrible that they would advertise it as a box and it’s actually a bag! I wouldn’t be surprised if they are no longer in business…I hope enough people complained about this. And the fact that it doesn’t fit anything except the thinnest shoes is disappointing as well. What I use to store my shoes is a combination of conventional shoe racks in my closet as well as a vertical hanging organizer. It has ample space for each pair of shoes. It fits most types of shoes except some boots….those go on the shoe racks.

  3. Sucks really bad. Bought this at Ross for 7$ it IS just a bag it falls flat and doesn’t protect my shoes from Jack! Don’t buy it its a waste of money and it gets you excited for nothing. The ad totally makes it look like a box but it is not.

  4. This sucks, big time!
    i’m one of the people that bought in to this product thinking it looked like it did a fantastic job and solved such a common complaint.
    However, i’m also one of those people who didn’t seem to get the same product as in the advert.
    The advert makes it look rigid and well made. The actual product might as well have been made from wet paper!
    As the article says it’s very much like a bag, with some separators. Not as expected!

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