Does the Showtime Petite Rotisserie Really Work?

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Does Showtime Petite Rotisserie really work?If you’ve ever wanted to try a product endorsed by Ron Popeil, you might have considered the Showtime Petite Rotisserie. But does it work like he makes it seem, and is this the product you should try out as your first forray into Showtime products? Let’s find out.

Ron Popeil is a legend in TV marketing, infomercials, and the products behind them. He’s promoted everything from spray-able hair to giant indoor rotisserie grills. He’s famous for coining the term “Set it and forget it.” in reference to the original Showtime Rotisserie Grill.

So when he came out with this mini model it was no surprise that people wanted to know if it works or not.

The Claim
The claim is that you’ll be able to cook healthier meals for yourself and your family, in just 15 minutes. They went with the same set it and forget it catch phrase, and claim that all you have to do is load up the machine and it will do the rest.

The Hype
The hype for the Showtime Petite Rotisserie is already built in. Because it is a follow up to an already successful product launch, it is designed to entice those that were on the fence with the larger original version. If you couldn’t justify spending the money or devoting the space to the larger version, this product was uniquely poised to fill the market gap created by the original.

The Cost
You would expect the cost of the Showtime Petite Rotisserie to be less than its larger predecessor. This isn’t really the case. You can pick up either model from sellers on Amazon for around $100, including shipping.

So the choice is yours, whether you want the bigger sized one, or the smaller version. What it really comes down to is how much space you have on your countertops, and how many people you’re trying to feed.

The Commitment
If you already do a lot of cooking at home, this product will dovetail nicely into your routine. If you’re buying it in hopes that you will cook more homestyle meals, you really have to ask yourself if this is the case.

You should never make a product responsible for making changes in your life, because oftentimes you will just end up using as a scapegoat. First make the commitment to at home eating, and then go through with the purchase once you establish a nice routine.

The unit itself is about the size of a giant toaster. It includes a cooking basket that holds the food, a grabbing tool so you don’t have to stick your hand into while it’s cooking, or when it’s finished, a drip pan to catch all of the grease and fat that comes out of the food as it cooks, and a turning rod to keep it all turning.

Does Showtime Petite Rotisserie Really Work?

It works as shown in the infomercials. You really can set it and forget it for most foods. There’s only one thing that you have to concern yourself with, and that’s how long to set it for. It’s sort of like an Easy Bake Oven in that it only has one temperature no matter what food you’re cooking.

It’s hard to believe that a machine that looks and operates the way this one does can produce the high-quality results similar to what is seen on TV. They may use some doctoring of the foods on the commercials to get it just right, but you can expect results that are at least 90% similar to what you’ve seen.

There are some negative reviews online, and the way the product is manufactured, there may be some defective units. You can’t fault the company for these bad units, as surely they would replace the product if possible, and they can’t guarantee each one to work perfectly when they’re mass produced in a different country.

Our Recommendation
If you have the counter space for it, and you’ve always wanted to try the original machine, you should pick up the Showtime Petite Rotisserie. You’ll likely be glad that you did, and you can enjoy your favorite food like burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, and more without having to babysit them, and without nuking them in the microwave, which is rather unhealthy.

What do you think? Does Showtime Petite Rotisserie really work?

4 Customer Reviews on “Does the Showtime Petite Rotisserie Really Work?

  1. After finding a “Showtime Petite Rotisserie” in our storage room, I called my Mom to ask if this item belonged to her. The Petite Rotisserie did belong to my Mom (she stores some of her “holiday gifts” at our home because she doesn’t have enough space to store the gifts, especially when her Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren come to visit.

    Luckily, one of the “Showtime Petite Rotiisseries” belonged to us. The very first meat we cooked was a Pork Sirloin Roast. The Roast took about 15 to 20 minutes in the Rotisserie to cook; and, it was done and ready serve. This pork sirloin roast was one of the most tender, moist, delicious meats we’ve cooked. To date, we’ve cooked just about every type of meat in our “Showtime Petite Rotisserie,” with the exception of Hamburger Patties — and I’m loading Hamburger Patties now. I am sure it will be as delicious as all of our other meats we’ve cooked.

    I highly recommend the “Showtime Petite Rotisserie!”

    Lynn in South Carolina

  2. looks like the George Foreman one I got rid of, cause it took too much space to store when not in use

  3. Oh my goodness my grandmother has had one of these for as long as I can remember. Many, many a family dinner or get together has involved the Showtime Peite Rotisserie and I doubt that it will end anytime soon. The meat is easy to insert and attach, and each piece is easy to take apart and clean. The meat is always evenly cooked and kept sufficiently moist on the inside while crisping the outside. I would purchase one of my own but I’m going to continue letting Grandma run the Rotisserie show on her own. In the meantime, I recommend!

  4. Ron Popeil hasnt been around this long for pushing bunk products. Based on the recommendation I think the product is a worth while one. My concern would be the durability and longevity of the product seeing how its mass produced outside the country and the review has no clear warranty stated.

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