Does Shrink Solution Really Work?

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Does Shrink Solution Work?If you have ever had a favorite cotton or wool item that you ended up shrinking, you were no doubt devastated by this. What about if you could have reversed this mishap with a product? Would you have used it?

Shrink Solution is a product that you can use to help you reverse the shrinking of your items that are made of cotton or wool. You just simply add the solution to a pan of water then soak the shrunk item in this for a period of time. Then let it dry and it should be back to its normal shape and size.

The Claim
The company claims it only takes a soaking of thirty minutes to get that shrunken garment back into its original shape and size again.

The Hype
Items that can easily shrink are often items that can be quite expensive. Cotton or wool attire is usually comprised of quality fabrics which need to be given extra laundering care. It is easy to make a mistake and toss them in with the regular laundry which means they end up shrinking. Perhaps this has happened to you and you have ended up having to throw or give this favorite item of yours away. Now with Shrink Solution you may no longer have to do this the next time a cotton or wool item shrinks on you.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $9.95 for a super sized bottle of the Shrink Solution plus $6.95 for shipping and handling for a bottle of the wool solution. If you add a second amount of $6.95 then you will get a free bottle for the cotton solution. It doesn’t give the size of the bottle or how much of the product you have to use for one application. In the promo video it almost looks like you have to add a full bottle of the solution to the water. This would mean that one bottle only serves for one application.

The Commitment
First of all you are going to want to have the Shrink Solution on hand just in case this sort of mishap happens. It is unlikely you will want to face this problem then have to wait for several weeks for the product to arrive.

While there is no doubt that this problem really does exist there may be a at home remedy that will work equally as well. Some people have found that using hair conditioner is the problem solver. The procedure is basically the same. You add about 1 tablespoon of a good hair conditioner to a bucket of water. Then soak the garment in this for about a half hour. What this does is relaxes the fibers so they can be gently stretched back into their normal size and shape. Must the same concept as the Shrink Solution.

Final Shrink Solution Review

We’re going to give the Shrink Solution a risky Try/Buy rating. There is nothing in the promo material that indicates what the product ingredients are. There is no indication of the size of the bottle. There is no explanation as to what makes the wool product different from the cotton product.

Our Recommendation
You really may want to consider the at home remedy first before investing in a product like Shrink Solution that you may not even need. If this first attempt fails, then you may want to consider ordering the product. Another big laundry day problem is clothes that come out of the dryer full of wrinkles. For help with this you may want to check out what we thought about Wooltastic.

What do you think? Does Shrink Solution work or not?

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