Does the Cuisinart Advantage Knives Really Work?

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Do Cuisinart Advantage Knives Work?Good knives to work with in the kitchen are important at any time of year, but during the festive season and other special occasions they are even more important. There are lots of good knives to choose from but are any of them any better than the Cuisinart Advantage Knives?

The Cuisinart Advantage Knives come in a set of 12 different  that are brightly color coded for easy identification of their size and best purpose. The blades are stainless steel and are coated so they won’t stick to the foods. Included in the set is the knife guards and the handles are ergonomically designed for ease of use.

The Claim
The promoter claims that the  Cuisinart Advantage Knives have been color coded to help prevent cross contamination with the foods. For example, if you are using one knife to cut raw chicken then you don’t want to use that same knife on your veggies.

The Hype
Cuisinart doesn’t need much hype as it depends on the popularity of its brand to do that for them. Most people will trust almost any product that has the Cuisinart name on it because of their experiences with other products produced by the company.

The Cost
If you are going to buy the Cuisinart Advantage Knives on Amazon as this collection of 12, then it will cost you $24.95.

The Commitment
You just have to remember the color of the knife you are using for what, if you are focusing on the prevention of cross contamination feature that the knives offer. Other than that taking care of them by storing them properly with their included knife guards will be important too.

The color coding is a really good idea for the Cuisinart Advantage Knives, however the promo material only shows six knives and the indications are that the suppliers are counting the six knife guards as part of the set, so that is where the twelves pieces come from. Also, if it is the color that is attracting you keep in mind that when you sharpen the knives the color may be removed from the blades and the stainless steel will show through. This won’t affect the color of the handles though.

Final Cuisinart Advantage Knives Review

We are going to give the  Cuisinart Advantage Knives a Thumbs Up rating. Partially because of the Cuisinart name, but also because of the mostly positive feed back from users of the product. It is rated as a number one seller on Amazon with a good number of comments. The price is reasonable, and the color coding is a good idea. Even if it doesn’t appeal to you for the cross contamination features they do add a pretty touch to your kitchen.

Our Recommendation
We have done a small selection of various knives in the past. We talked about the Aero Knife which is designed totally different and so far it hasn’t stirred up much interest. The Miracle Blades have gotten a little more positive feed back. If you already have a set of knives that are your favorite but could do with a decent knife sharpener then you may want to take a look at the Edge of Glory Knife Sharpener.

What do you think? Does Cuisinart Advantage Knives work or not?

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