Does Scrub Daddy Really Work?

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Does Scrub Daddy Work?For those of you that watch Shark Tank then there is a good chance you know and have heard about Scrub Daddy. So was it one of those products that made it or flopped?

This is basically an all purpose cleaning sponge but it really has created a lot of interesting. It seems to get the job at hand done, but won’t scratch the surface it is being used on. It is soft when it is wet, and firm when it is dry.

The Claim
There are a lot of claims that the promoters are making with the scratch free qualities being one of the biggest. It apparently really does rinse clean and doesn’t cling to debris.

The Hype
The fact that it appeared on Shark Tank is one big boost, but even better is that it really caught the interest of the investors. It turned out that Scrub Daddy has been one of the most successful products to appear on Shark Tank. According to all the hype surrounding this product it truly does work and makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

The Cost
The Scrub Daddy is available at many different locations including Amazon where you can pick it up for $18. for a package of four. Now this may seem a little expensive if you try to compare it to similar products. It seems though, that it far outweighs the other products with its benefits and features that it has to offer.

The Commitment
The Scrub Daddy is not going to do the work it is capable of by itself. You are going to have to pick the applications that you want to use it for, then put it to the task.

There are far too many reasons why a product such as this would be needed not to consider it. Just think of the multitude of jobs that you have around the home that it could be used for. One of the biggest short comings with a lot of cleaning products like this is that they might get the job done but they harm the surface they are being used on. This is the big bonus with the Scrub Daddy in that it performs without creating this damage.

Final Scrub Daddy Review

If we were to give the Scrub Daddy any less than a Thumbs Up rating then we would be going against the instincts of the Shark Tank investors. Being as these people know how to make money it would not be wise to challenge their instincts. There is no doubt that the users of Scrub Daddy aptly support the validity of this product. Just on Amazon alone it has receive 2,222 reviews giving a 4.5 star rating. Now that is pretty impressive for such a small item.

Our Recommendation
If you add up the cost of all the similar products that you have bought that just don’t give the results you are looking for, it probably amounts to far more than what you will be paying for the Scrub Daddy. We suggest that you give them a try, and if you get the indicated results that are put forth about this product then you are going to be well pleased with your choice. Now we also talked about another “Daddy” name product in the past called the Grill Daddy. So far it hasn’t generated much hype, but there is no indication that this is related in any way, shape or form to the Scrub Daddy.

What do you think? Does Scrub Daddy work or not?

20 Customer Reviews on “Does Scrub Daddy Really Work?

  1. It took me awhile before I was willing to pay almost five-bucks for 1 sponge, but when I finally did, I love, love, loved it! Unfortunately, I now hate, hate, hate it…[LOL] because I eventually learned that the scrub daddy basically disintegrates [falls apart] after 21-30 days of everyday use. I am now on my 4th and last sponge.

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