Are Silkies Really Comfortable?

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Do Silkies work?Silkies is a line of pantyhose and shapewear. They feature an extensive stock of plus wear items, which are relatively hard to find, especially for good quality items. But what most really want to know is whether or not these actually feel good when you have them on. More and more shoppers are looking for a good value for their dollar, and want to make sure that the clothes they buy will hold up to repeated use.

These sort of undergarments are becoming more popular than ever, with all sorts of new fabrics and materials that are supposed to look good on you, feel good, and give you a more slim and sexy look. Some even say they can help you lose weight, but Silkies seem to simply give you a bit of a slimming effect, and then only with their Sculptz line of shapewear. Other than that they mostly just stick to more traditional hosiery and leggings.

The Cost
This is where Silkies seems to shine, and they are going after the more cost conscious consumer. They have a $5 section that features hosiery you can pick up for five dollars or less. Even their more expensive shapewear items clock in around $40 so you won’t break the bank. When you consider that these are mostly undergarments you don’t want to be paying a fortune, so it’s good that you’re able to shop in private from the comfort of home and still get a good deal.

The Selection
They have a pretty wide range of items, which means they are trying to cater to a broad spectrum of visitors to their site. What’s nice about having everything in one place is that you can get multiple items and save on shipping costs. When a site has a limited selection you have to get separate items from different retailers and the shipping costs can really add up. Here you can buy inexpensive hosiery, shapewear and more all from one place which makes it very convenient.

Comparison to Spanx
The site is often compared to Spanx, since the items that are sold are pretty similar as well as the prices. For every McDonald’s there’s a Burger King, so it’s no surprise that one of the most successful companies would have its share of competition. There’s definitely room for both, since some people complain about the comfort level of their Spanx purchases, and there’s a big difference in the styles that are presented at each site.

Sites like Silkies have a lot going for them. They’re totally based online, so they can cut down on a lot of the overhead that would be involved if they had to maintain a brick and mortal retail location. Their major costs would be storing their inventory in a warehouse and having people ship it out as it’s ordered. This allows them to put their primary focus on customer service, which has proven to be a successful business model for many companies that are set up like this.

Mal Pearson talks about shapewear:
Plus Sized Options
If you’re plus sized you know the chore that is trying to find something that is sexy, that fits, and that is well made and comes in styles that you’d actually want to wear. What’s nice is that many of the regular sized items also come in a plus size, rather than having a separate section with different styles. This allows you to shop through the site, and simply filter out items that don’t have a larger size. They say that exchanges are easy, so it’s not too much pressure if you choose the wrong size you can always get it fixed.

Final Silkies Review

We’re giving Silkies a Solid Try rating. They do a good job of providing quality clothing items at reasonable prices, which anyone can appreciate in this economy. It’s all about value, and it’s almost unanimous from those that have tried these products that they do the job of making you look more slim, without sacrificing comfort, and without going too far. Instead of going for a drastic slim job these give a subtle slimming effect that can be just what you need for a boost in self confidence.

Our Recommendation
If you’re looking for items that not only feel good when you wear them, but also make you look good at the same time, these are definitely worth a try. A common complaint with products like these, especially for shapewear, is that it’s uncomfortable and looks like you’re obviously trying to slim yourself down. These items do a good job of making it so that you are comfortable but can also look sexy all at once. When you’re looking for a good bargain, they also make a good choice, especially some of their $5 or less deals.

What do you think? Does Silkies work or not?

9 Customer Reviews on “Are Silkies Really Comfortable?

  1. I opened a new package of Silkies this morning to wear them to church. However, the top of the panty hose does not have adequate elastic and they very soon started to roll down. By the time I got back home, they had rolled up beneath my butt. Not a good thing! I liked them otherwise, but would appreciate being able to keep them up.

  2. I have been a long customer of The quality of silkies’ hosiery is great. My only complaint is the shipping and handling charges for a small pack not weighing a pound is $6.95, which I consider excessive. In addition, they have member rewards to allow customers to choose “gifts” based on the amount of points earned but once again, the S&H charges are excessive. For example, if you want to get a gift card, they charge you $6.95 to send you the gift card. If they want to keep their customers, they should be more competitive.

  3. So far so good. Everywhere I’ve read about Silkies the product is receiving very good reviews and that’s good news because they make very affordable shapewears. Hours are getting slashed, bonuses are getting phased out, and there’s a lot less cash to go around, so we all have to save every penny we can.

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