Does a Cafe Cup Really Work?

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Do Cafe Cup work?If you’re tired of paying top dollar for those one-cup-at-a-time coffee makers, the Cafe Cup is presenting itself as the solution. They were also marketed as Klever Kups, and the idea is that you use can use ordinary ground coffee in these machines, no longer being forced to by special K-Cups made by the manufactures of the coffee makers. But how does the coffee actually taste, and does it even work?

Single service coffee makers have been all the rage the last couple of years, and many people have embraced it as a way to make coffee as needed, without having to brew a whole pot just for a cup or two of coffee. They’ve also been noted as making good tasting coffee, as well as being able to switch up with different flavors to suit whatever mood you’re in. But they do limit you as far as what coffee you can have, making you choose from their flavor offerings, and having to basically ignore all of the wonderful ground coffee that’s out there.

The Claim
The makers of Cafe Cup claim that you’ll be able to start using them instead of the more expensive K-Cups and other pre-packaged pods that go into the various machines. They say this can bring your total cost per cup of coffee down to 5 cents each. They claim that you can expect to pay upwards of 70 cents per cup with the traditional way to go, so this is really a significant savings if you go along with their calculations. They are likely using the cheapest possible ground coffee to get to 5 cents, and using the most expensive K-Cups for the 70 cent example.

The Hype
This product is basically riding on the success of the single cup coffee makers, and the overall impression that while they might be more convenient, you end up paying for that convenience in the form of a higher cost per cup. There will likely be other products that are similar to this, and you might even see Keurig start to offer a competing product if this becomes successful and starts cutting into their bottom line.

The Cost
You get a double Cafe Cup set, which is a total of four cups and two scooping spoons for $25. This might sound like a lot of just a couple of plastic cups, but the big draw is being able to cut down on your daily cup of coffee costs, which could really add up in a short amount of time, if you’re a daily coffee drinker. If you drank a cup a day and were able to find K-Cups at 50 cents each you’re looking at a monthly total of $15 a month, and if you get your cost per cup down to say 10 cents a cup with this you are looking at just $3 a month.

The Commitment
This should allow you to make a cup of coffee faster than you would with a traditional coffee maker, but is going to require just a bit more effort than if you used a pre-packaged K-Cup. Overall, you’re still getting a quickly made cup of coffee with less fuss and less waste created.

The Cafe Cup is a smart idea and it was only a matter of time before a product like this was introduced to the market to fill the need of a cheaper way to use these one-serving coffee makers. They point out that they are not affiliated with the Keurig company, but we all know that these are the brand of machines that are most popular, and what you’d be using these for. They also mention that there’s no affiliation with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a K-Cup maker that would likely suffer if these Cafe Cups become mega popular.

The part that might be overlooked in all of this is that this is a sort of green product because it reduces the amount of waste involved with using K-Cups. Obviously the Keurig company doesn’t want an idea like this to catch on because they’re making big recurring profits by selling the coffee along with the coffee machine. But contributing extra waste to the planet unnecessarily is something that none of want to do, and if we can get a product like this that allows us to have the same result without the extra trash it’s a welcome idea.

Final Cafe Cup Review

The Cafe Cup concept is a sound one, and early reports are saying that it does function the way it’s supposed to, providing the results you’d expect, namely a freshly brewed cup of coffee in no time. Users have said that they especially enjoy the ability to change up the coffee and try different blends that can be found at every supermarket. You can even try gourmet blends if you’re looking for flavor and not so concerned about the cost per cup.

Our Recommendation
If you enjoy a daily cup of coffee and have found yourself complaining about the cost and wastefulness of the K-Cups that make it work, you’ll likely enjoy this solution. It’s especially true if you prefer the taste of a certain blend of coffee and have been missing it since switching to a one-cup coffee maker. This is a way to brew your favorite ground coffee one cup at a time, without creating excess waste, and without paying extra for the privilege.

If you don’t want to order from the manufacturer and pay those ridiculous S&H fees, you may want to check out the Solofill Reusable Cups.

What do you think? Does a Cafe Cup work or not?

44 Customer Reviews on “Does a Cafe Cup Really Work?

  1. Four units cost less than $10 and I use mine since Starbucks charges $12 for 12 K-Cups I buy the pound or so of beans for the same price. grind them and fill the four using them. The savings is tremendous. I think I get close to 50 K-Cups from a single bag. That less than 25% of the price. Also, what is nice about these units is they drop right in like a K-Cup without taking the machine apart.

  2. If the big “scam” complaint is simply regarding orders placed with the TV offer, I just stumbled upon the perfect solution! Rite Aid Drug Stores are selling them with a price labelled $9.99. But, you’re right about that not being the real price when they ring it up. It comes up a dollar less!! (Of course, plus whatever sales tax your state charges, if any.). Obviously, there are no hidden handling or shipping charges. I haven’t made coffee yet though. I just bought them today and that will happen tomorrow morning!

  3. Kris, I wish I had seen your review before my husband and I went to purchase our Keurig Reusasble Coffee Ground Filter. (The official name escapes me.) We spent at least $17 on one little cup. And while it works just fine it can be a little difficult to get all of the coffee grounds out of it and cleaned properly. With the hassle it gives, my husband and I find that we keep turning back to the more expensive K Cups just to avoid the headache. I wish I had at least tried the CVS ones. Three extra cups and a spoon? What a steal!

  4. This is a pretty good idea because I’m an avid coffee lover, but I’ve never really enjoyed coffee made from the prepackaged cups. I thought they didn’t taste fresh or that rich. I don’t own one, just tried a couple cups from my friend’s coffee maker. Maybe I just didn’t try the best kinds, but every one I’ve tried have tasted a little stale. It’s a great idea to make a device to use the coffee machine but still use fresh coffee.

    My only issue is that heated plastic is really bad for you. This is another reason I don’t really like these single-serve coffee makers because it puts all sorts of bad chemicals into your coffee. I don’t know if this one is made of plastic, but I assume so, and that’s not really healthy. Personally, I prefer a regular coffee maker that doesn’t use plastic containers.

  5. Been waiting for these to come down in price – Walmart sells them now. Yay! Have found Keurig’s version, but they are pricey compared to these.

  6. I bought these at retail for $9.99, four cups and a scoop. I had the My K-Cup previously, which cost much more for just one, was an absolute pain to use, made weak coffee, and let enough grounds through that I would need to floss.

    These Cafe Cups are the real deal. They are much better on every account: easier to use, easier to clean, they make better coffee, and no grounds escape. Skip the sketchy “seen on tv” customer service and hidden fees — buy them at CVS or Kroger.

  7. Does anyone have the telephone number for them? I cannot find it anywhere and I cannot get an e-mail address or get anything to work when clicking on the track order link on the confirmation e-mail I received and I need to cancel the order because it went on my card and was double what I thought I was ordering.

  8. I purchased 4 cups and scoop at Walgreens for 9.99 I can’t wait to try them. I also have the Keurig brand one to but hate having to pull the piece out for this to fit in.

  9. I was given a Keurig for a gift. Gotta get it right for the perfect cup of coffee you enjoy. Water amount vs coffee type pod, or ind. reusable for your own coffee. THANK YOU for the reviews!!! I would have been a victim of cafe cups SCAM! I did purchase the Keurig reuse cup $17.98 at Target. Seemed like alot of money but figured in the long run it would pay itself off. We drink alot of coffee throughout the day. It is a hassell to use and doesn’t hold enough coffee for the taste we enjoy. So i am on my way to CVS and dollar stores now to test others. I want to return the Keurig. We already know why they didn’t keep it simple and lower in cost!?! They are making a fortune off of our hard working money (if we are fortunate enough to work). In times like this company’s such as these cafe cup, and all the other unrelated rip offing scams should pay their dues, pay us back, and be ashamed of their greed. BECAUSE GOD IS WATCHING US! Sincerely, plm in CT

  10. Just received my Cafe Cups… i was also dooped into the double your offer.. with no way to escape. Cost me $ 44.95 for the 4 cups and a scoop.. Will definetly check this website BEFORE i order anything else… now i am just hoping that they don’t start calling me..

  11. I was going to order the famous cups so both my husband and I could save on our favorite coffee. I live it strong and he likes it flavored (hazelnut) Thank G-d for this site!! We can’t afford to be scammed (we are retired!).
    The suggestion to go to CVS is very much appreciated. I did not know they have it. I was planning to then go to Bed Bath and Beyond but I don’t know if they have it available yet. However Best Buy is a little expensive for my “taste”, so I will take the trip to CVS today. I can promise you that, from now on, before I buy a pack of needles, I will check your site. Thank you very much. Happy holidays to all who wrote and all who read the reviews.

  12. I just bought a set of these at CVS for $9.99, Comes with 4 cups and a spoon. Works better than the one provided with the machine. Don’t like having to take the machine apart and no loose grounds in the coffee like the original one provided by Kuereg. Much better price at CVS…

  13. I bought these at Dollar General. Yes I already had the Keurig version that came with my maker, however that one you have to pop out the bottom of the k cup holder, and coffee grounds always seem to get in my coffee. With the Cafe cups, they fit right in like a regular k cup. I like them better, and I am saving a fortune with my coffee.

  14. OK people….Keurig has it own cup for those of us who want to use their own coffee (I like Folgers)…I found this at Best Buy for 17.99…. Just go the Best Buy site and in their search engine put Keurig – My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter and voila… more rip-off, and 18 bucks is quite cheaper than the Cafe Cup…..Hope this helps

  15. I also Googled cafe cup and came across the reviews and the ripoffs that were claimed….have not been to the actual site, but I plan to look at it, (just won’t order)….How could two small scoops/filters cost $50.00 and up? Not sure who is doing their shipping, but they need to look elsewhere because that is ridiculous…..

  16. I bought the item month and half ago and I haven’t recive nothing plus they charge me and they still got my money , no manager for spek plus the said I got to wait 2 more weeks! Its going to be 2 month for get the item ! It’s more than clear that they got a SCAN going on

  17. I just bought 4 of these cups in a pack at my local CVS drug store for $9.99…overall sounds like I didn’t do too bad with that. 🙂

  18. Absolutely agree. My experience went from 14.95 to 75 dollars when you accept the offer to double it at no cost. And there is no option to cancel the order. The phone number leads to an apologetic person who tells you to refuse the package when it arrives because the order is “in the system”. Two days later the first of ten phone calls per evening start to confirm the order and to get a recording of you with “the shipper” (closer) for an automatic renewal program (in addition to the money they have already scammed). I thought the various state attorney generals had put these guys out of business, but it seems they are back.

  19. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! Google “ reviews” and you’ll see the RIPOFF REPORT.COM claims against this company. All say that when you order, there is no confirmation page and they charge you $50-$75 for a product that’s supposed to be less than $20. DON’T BUY THIS SCAM! I almost went to buy it, but I read the reviews first, glad I did, just passing it on to you.

  20. This is not a new solution. When I bought my keurig I also got two separate cups that are sold to use with the keurig that do exactly this. The ones I got come with a reusable little filter inside that you clean an reuse. Not sure why this is a hype now!

  21. I downgraded from Starbucks to Dunkin, then Dunkin to K-cups, and I was thinking of going back to instant coffee because even K-cups felt like I was paying too much for a cup of coffee. I have the machine so it felt like a big waste to never use it again, but it looks like I might have come across the perfect solution. We’ll see how it works, but for now it’s looking good.

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