Does Silk’N FaceFX Beauty Solution Kit Really Work?

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Silk'N faceFX Beauty Solution Kit Work?Many people that are really keen on keeping their skin looking young and beautiful don’t mind spending money on products and devices that work. When they are offered both of these types of resources all combined in one kit then it can mean paying less and more convenience, provided the beauty kit lives up to it’s promises.

The Silk’N FaceFX Beauty Solution Kit is an extension of the Silk’N FaceFX device. It is a gathering of products such as FX Face Device,Renuva Face Mask, FaceFX Cleanser,Dead Sea Cream, and DermaBeaute. This beauty kit is being offered at the Shopping Channel website.

The Claim
The promo material at the shopping channel claims that the FaceFX device works at helping to stimulate collagen production and producing radiant skin. Then for each of the products included in the kit the Company claims they will provide various benefits such as adding nourishment and protection, a healthy look and feel to the skin,and a product that aids in exfoliation.

The Hype
With this being a beauty kit it has allowed the promoters to cover the majority of the wants and needs of those who want to take care of their skin, and have high expectation of the proposed results. Most everyone interested in these types of beauty products want products that are going to help to keep them looking young which means less wrinkles, good moisture, and a good appearance.

The Cost
The cost of the Silk’N FaceFX Beauty Solution Kit at the shopping channel goes for $199. which includes free shipping, and there is an option to purchase the product in 4 easy payments of $49.75 each. Now when we looked at the actual Silk’N face site we were not able to find this actual kit, but there was an offer for the FaceFX unit for $199. which included free shipping and a free Dead Sea Mineral Cream. So it seems like the Beauty Solution Kit may be a better deal.

The Commitment
Anytime you are buying anything in a kit it normally means numerous products and this beauty kit is no different. To put it to it’s maximum use you are going to have to develop a skin care regime that incorporates both the Silk’N FaceFX device as well as all the other products included.

We were really interested in this Silk’N FaceFX Beauty Solution Kit because we had actually done a review on the Silk’N FaceFX device before. We checked back to see how it was being rating and found that on our review it was getting half thumbs up and half thumbs down. To explore this further we took a look to see how it was faring at Amazon. Here it was being offered for $179. but did not include the Dead Sea Mineral Cream as it did with the offer on the Silk’N website, or any of the multiple products included in the beauty solution kit. As far as ratings go out of 45 reviews it was receiving a 3.1 out of 5 star rating. However as we are really focusing on the whole beauty solution kit it is only fair to take into account the other products as well.

Final Silk’N FaceFX Beauty Solution Kit Review

We are going to give this kit a solid Try/Buy Rating. We are not going to go with a Thumbs Up because of the mixed feed back we received about the Silk’FaceFX unit itself, but we feel that with the additional products that it may very well enhance the individual results that the user could get with just using the unit as a stand alone product.

Our Recommendation
Taking an overall look at the Silk’N product and device line they seem to get an overall good rating, so it adds to the credibility that the products contained in the Beauty Solution Kit would be just as credible and most likely would extend the benefits that the Silk’N FaceFX unit is promoted of providing.

What do you think? Does Silk’N FaceFX Beauty Solution Kit work or not?

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