Does The Aqua Stone Really Work?

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Does Aqua Stone Work? With several months of cold weather still ahead of us, which means being stuck indoors then anything that is going to make the air a little more pleasant, like not being so dry may be a good thing. Is there a quick and simple and inexpensive way of doing this? Maybe the Aqua Stone has the ability to do this, so let’s find out.

The whole idea of this product is that as small as what it is, it is supposed to be able to put the humidity back in a room. It is based on a decorative stone that looks much like an egg which will absorb the water that you add to its base. It then releases the water into the air to moisturize an entire room.

The Claim
The Company claims that their product is the all natural way to add moisture to a room. Simply by the rock absorbing the water placed in the base it is able to dispel the moisture it has absorbed into the air. They state the secret is in the stone’s porous sphere. The promoters state that the Aqua Stone is just as effective as a standard electrical humidifier.

The Hype
It is somewhat difficult to come up with some unique hype for adding moisture to the air, because there are tons of products on the market that can do this at all different price ranges. What the promoters have done here is focus on two interests that a consumer of a product of this may have. One is how it lends to the decor of the room where it is going to be used in, and secondly the fact that it can be placed anywhere because it doesn’t have to be plugged in.

The Cost
The price that is set for this at the moment is about $30. which includes shipping and handling and if you pay another $9.95 to cover the shipping of a 2nd one then you will get it free.

The Commitment
It isn’t going to take much effort to use the Aqua Stone except to remember to keep adding water to the base so it can do its job. This simple item isn’t going to require a lot of cleaning, which is something that cannot be said for a lot of other humidifiers out there. A lot of times those units get calcium build up and require regular cleaning.

What did people do before all these electrical air moisturizers came out on the market? Or what is a cheap way now of doing this? Many people will just set a pot or can of water over their heat vents and let the moisture evaporate into the air. It may not look very attractive, and there is a chance of the water getting spilled, but it does do the job. So is it worth $30. to buy a rock that is going to do the same thing? It is worth looking around to see if there is anything similar to this and what kind of attraction has it gained. Interestingly we came across an almost identical looking product advertised on Amazon as a Set of 2 Non Electric Humidifier for the price of about $25. but it didn’t indicate the shipping price. It only has had one review so far, and it was fairly favorable. At the same time we came across some USB mini humidifiers. Then we took a look back at what we have seen in the past when it comes to air quality products. We did a review on one that was just the opposite to this product.  This was DampRid, whose main job was to take excessive moisture out of the air, which is the exact opposite of the duties of the Aqua Stone.

Final Aqua Stone Review

We have given the Aqua Stone a borderline Try/Buy rating which is a step up above our Risky Try/Buy. What was causing us a bit of concern really is the price. However, it seems that there is a real interest in this type of product when you look at the USB types and the good ratings some of them are getting. It takes away any concerns about whether something as small as the Aqua Stone could really be effective.

Our Recommendation
If you really hate having to plug in your humidifier, and you are only looking at an average sized room being dry and needing some moisture, then go ahead and choose this product. You don’t have to fuss about cleaning it, and there are no filters to deal with as it is not an air purifier.

What do you think? Does Aqua Stone work or not?

80 Customer Reviews on “Does The Aqua Stone Really Work?

  1. I used distilled water in my electric humidifier, I’m not using it right now and it hasn’t any mold. I’m using distilled water for the Aqua Stone as well. I believe it makes a huge difference.

  2. I live in Phoenix, AZ. In the summertime it can get up to 120 degrees and the air quite dry due to running the A/C 24/7. During that time I use tap water in 4 small aqua stones placed around a room about 225 sq. ft. They really help to keep the air humidified, which helps me sleep. I usually have to refill the bowls at least every other day, if not every day due rapid evaporation from the heat. Using tap water I have never had problems with mold developing but I do develop problems with calcium build up. I just pop the globes into really hot water from the faucet for about 5-10 minutes and the calcium drops right off. Because of my breathing problems I have tried all sorts of humidifiers over the years and found I love my stones the best.

  3. Yes it really works. I am so proud of mine. I use them religiously in the fall & winter time. When you first start using them, you may have to refill every 12 hours until the moisture gets built up in your room. In large rooms like the Den or Living Room, you might want to use 2 large ones. You will be surprised at the difference in your family’s health, especially if you have children.

    I gave my children one & grand kids one and they dearly love it. They are on sale right now at Collections Etc. where you get a large one & a small one for $6.99 for the 2. You cannot go wrong with these. I have used electric humidifiers & all I did was clean, clean, clean to keep them from molding. With my allergies & breathing problems, I wouldn’t use anything else.

  4. I’ve gotten two different sized stones from the thrift store, at two different times. Neither one was over 3$ I love them! Like others have said, add essential oils and get spectacular scent, and the added benefit of more moisture in the air. Living in an arid climate, these things are a life saver! Not sure I’d buy them full price if I didn’t already know they work, though. The first one I bought just because i like spheres…

  5. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and have had no mold. If you use hot water and table salt it will stay clean. The salt leave a film on the too but I clean it off every 3 days. But salt keeps molt away. My son has bad nose bleeds but since I bought this stone he has not had any nose bleeds since. Love it.

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