Do Sleggins Really Work?

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Do Sleggins work?Sleggins claim that you can have the appearance of having lost a minimum of two sizes without having to go on a diet or do any exercise. But how well do they pull off this feat?

There are several of body shapers and slimming leggings on the market these days, if you need proof just look at the success of Spanx and their founder Sara Blakely, the world’s youngest female billionaire. But there are so many different kinds to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming. These are leggings that are focused on the lower body, so if that is your major problem area they’d be a good choice to go with.

The Claim
The main claim for Sleggins is how much of an effect they can have on your appearance, giving you a slimmer look instantly without much effort on your part. They say there are 3 main reasons why the product works: First there is an abdominal section that works on the waist area and is specifically aimed at slimming the tummy and doing something about those love handles.

Next, they have control bands that run down the legs to make sure that your saddlebags don’t present a problem.

The Hype
The main hype for leggings and body shaping garments is that they’re popular and fashionable, and everyone is buying them these days so there is an industry-wide demand for them. This creates a sort of buzz around these kinds of products in general, so when you come across one that says you can look 2 sizes slimmer it’s just adding hype to an already trumped up product line.

The Cost
Sleggins are $20 each if you pay for them all at once because they give you free shipping. They give you the ability to break up your payments into 3, but then you’ll have to pay shipping so it comes out to about $23 each with the shipping included. When you opt for the payment plan your first payment will include the shipping, so it will be $30 for the first payment and then two $20 payments on subsequent months.

They also give you the ability to add a Dreambody body slimmer to your order for $20.

It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you choose to pay all at once you’d get the full amount credited back to your card, and only need to pay to ship it back. This makes it much like buying them locally in the store. If you go with the payment plan you’ll be out the $10 for shipping plus return shipping costs, making it a bit more risky.

The Commitment
The lack of commitment is where they make their strongest sale, saying that you don’t have to do much of anything aside from putting them on. Some slimming products like this suggest that they be worn during exercise to amplify your efforts. But these are saying that you don’t have to do any exercise in order to wear them and benefit from them.

Sleggins are getting good feedback from users that say they fit right, not too tight but definitely slimming. They say that they materials used are of good quality and while they can feel them slimming all the problem areas, they don’t feel constricted like a pack of sardines. That’s important because you want these to be comfortable or you’ll only wear them once before tossing them off to the back of your underwear drawer.

One nice feature is that if you choose the wrong size during the ordering process you can exchange them for free, you just have to contact customer service so they can set you up with free return shipping. This means you don’t have to get totally worried about the ordering process and can just do your best to follow the size chart and determine where you are. If you get it wrong you’ll know if you need to go up or down and you can make a more accurate choice after you receive the first pair.

Final Sleggins Review

Sleggins are getting our Solid Try rating based on the track record of the company that makes them, the feedback they’ve gotten from satisfied customers, and the pricing being right on point for slimming leggings like these. With so many different brands out there it can sometimes be hard to choose, but these are the right price, with a payment plan in place if you don’t want a bigger payment up front, and a return policy that allows you to try them out and see how you like them before making your final decision.

Our Recommendation
At $20 each these are a good buy and you’ll get them in three of the most popular colors so you can wear them with just about anything. For the price of one pair of slimming garments you can have three with this, and they’re still good quality and help you out in the most popular problem areas common to many women.

What do you think? Does Sleggins work or not?

4 Customer Reviews on “Do Sleggins Really Work?

  1. This product is definitely interesting. I agree with the above, that they are making a huge claim. I work in fashion and if there’s anything that’s a known fact, it’s that LEGGINGS SHOW ALL! They show every nook, crevice, and crater on your body! The sad thing nowadays is that a lot of women wear them as pants, making it even more gross! If there was a product that would slim, the last thing I would want is a “slimming” pair of leggings. Your legs have to already have some sort of nice shape to get the leggings to work for you. I will not be trying these!

  2. That’s a really good point that the fact that they raised the bar so high is why it’s disappointing. If they just claimed to slim you, people would be very satisfied, but they show really extreme differences on the commercial that aren’t realistic. The only way someone could slim down that much from a pair of leggings is if they were so tight you couldn’t breathe at all. Or they would create bulges and lumps from trying to squish you so much.

    I feel like the times I’ve felt the most slim is when I don’t have clothes that try to suck me in, but actually flow off my body a bit. I can see that slimming undergarments work by sucking you in, but all that has to go somewhere. It either makes me feel uncomfortable or it bulges up elsewhere.

  3. As a woman I have done my fair share of trying different slimming garment products and I agree with what Rhonda said. Yes, it definitely makes you look slimmer but there is no way it can make you look like you have dieted and lost two sizes without a second a exercising. That’s a pretty broad claim to make and I’m afraid they may have stretched the Sleggins ability a bit far. If they had marketed it as a slimming legging, I would have been more pleased with the product but they set the bar pretty high and then failed to reach it. Overall, I would rate it a 7 out of 10, if only because of their broad claims.

  4. The Sleggins does make you look thinner. Does it actually make you look like you have dieted and lost two sizes? I don’t think so. The black color the body shapers do succeed in the illusion that you are smaller. They are comfortable. They don’t fit tight and snug. The cost is too high. You can get a black pair of leggings and for half the cost and get the same results. There isn’t any pair of pants to make you look like you’ve been dieting and lost two sizes, but a black pair of leggings can make you look thinner. If you don’t mind the high cost, then you can get them, but you can save money by purchasing a pair of black leggings at your local department store.

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