Do Slim T’s Really Work?

Do Slim T’s Really Work?
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Do Slim T's work?Slim T’s are specially designed shirts for men and are supposed to be able to make you look slimmer in a matter of seconds, just by putting it on. There are plenty of body shapers and compression shirts for women, but the male market has been sluggish, as it’s a tougher pitch for guys. So do these tees have what it takes to win men over to the idea of wearing them?

While exercising and eating right is still the best way to improve your physical appearance, in many cases the results come slowly, and it can be weeks or months before anyone starts noticing the changes and you start getting the sort of compliments that can keep you motivated to stay on with your efforts. What a shirt like this represents is a way to get the aesthetic you want without having to put in the time to get it.

The Claim
Slim T’s claim that it is their special fibers that work the real magic, making this something that slims your appearance, without constricting you or making you burn up while wearing it. They say it gives you a slimmer look and helps to reshape your upper body right when you put it on.

They say that the end result is you look like you have a firmer and younger body and that the shirt won’t be noticeable when worn as an undergarment. They go on to say that the benefit to all of this is that you don’t have to change your lifestyle at all by gong on a diet, exercising more, taking risky diet pills or signing up for a membership at the local gym.

The Hype
Ever since Spanx became a billion dollar company selling shirts like these to women there have been several attempts to swing guys over to wearing something like it as well. The benefits are the same, it’s not like one gender gets fat and the other doesn’t. But many men are a little reluctant to wear something that hints at being a corset.

The Cost
The price of Slim T’s is $28 for one shipping to your house. They also have a buy 5 get 1 free offer, which brings your total cost per shirt down to $18.33, and a total cost of around $110. It might be a good idea to just get one first to see how you like it, and then come back and get a 6 pack at the reduced prices.

The Commitment
All that would really be required on your part is putting this on. That’s why it’s important to get the sizing right. If you screw that up you’re either going to have too hard of a time getting it on and staying comfortable in it if you go too small. If you go too big you are going to miss out on the whole compression function of the shirt and it will fit more like a regular tee.

Slim T’s get a pretty mixed response from those that try them. The overall consensus seems to be that they work best for guys that are just 5 to 10 pounds overweight, and not guys that have a big beer belly or are very big. If you just have that last little bit of weight to lose, this can help get you there now instead of later. But most people are saying that if you are trying to go from big to small it isn’t going to happen.

We like that the ordering process is not complicated, and how they don’t go overboard on the claims. Either you see the value in having a shirt like this, or you don’t. There’s not a gimmick like buy 1 get one free just pay shipping, and they feel pretty confident that you’ll be back to buy more at the discount if you try one out.

Final Slim T’s Review

Slim T’s are getting our Try rating, but only if you fit into certain parameters. You shouldn’t by these if you think they are going to give your body a complete overhaul. These are designed more to give your appearance a slight but noticeable improvement so that you can get that boost in your confidence, that pep in your step, and feel supported in your upper body, instead of feeling like everything is just hanging freely.

Our Recommendation
If it’s that last bit of belly fat that’s driving you nuts because it won’t go away, this would be something that you might like. Just be sure that you don’t set unreasonable expectations for it and you should be happy. You can use this as a way to feel better about yourself right now, and it can become a catalyst to get you to make better eating choices as well as exercise more. By wearing it and feeling like you’re lighter and tighter it can help motivate you to see real improvements by making small changes in your life.

What do you think? Do Slim T’s work or not?


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Logan August 21, 2012 at 3:56 am

Oh man it’s a little embarrassing but I’m really digging this shirt. You can’t stop time and eventually your age catches up with you. Unless you got a great job that allows you to have many more free hours in a week than your average American, the fact of the matter is we have very little time to exercise after we’re done with the day’s chore. So here I am at age 40 and slowly getting fatter and fatter. I’m not obese and I’ll never let go of myself that badly, but let’s just say I could use some help from this shirt right about now.


Prrston. Ctayton October 3, 2015 at 2:40 am

Do not have one


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