Does Slimband Really Work?

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OverviewDoes Slimband Work?

For some people dieting and exercise just doesn’t seem to provide the weight loss results that they want. They sometimes decide to turn to other more aggressive measures like Slimband, but is this the real solution?

The Claim
The Company has a very extensive website where they make several claims regarding their program.They claim that they are offering a long term solution. They are saying that their system helps to curb your appetite throughout the day, and you will feel fuller much faster when you consume your meal. They even indicate that you can lose up to half of your excess weight within a year.

The Hype
The hype focuses around being different in the weight loss world. They capitalize on not being a fad. They zero in on all the things that most dieters detest, like counting calories, buying special foods, or having to take supplements.

The Cost
To find out the actual cost you will have to make direct contact with the Clinic offering this program. There has been on report on the net that one client had the procedure done in 2011 and it cost $16,000.

The Commitment
The first thing you want to do is some indepth research into the type of procedure that Slimband is comprised of. There is a lot of medical data available about this. It is a surgical procedure. There has been a fair amount of bad press about the Slimband and you need to determine for yourself how valid this is. If you make the decision to go ahead with the procedure, then you are going to have to commit to following all of the instructions pertaining to the before, during and after of the service. The Slimband system is a surgical procedure that involves placing a silicone band around the upper portion of the stomach.

There is no shortage of reviews on the web concerning Slimband, both good and bad. There are a lot of things that really have to be considered. In respect to the bad reviews they have to be looked at in their totality. Are some of them written by those who would be considered competitors in the weight loss industry? Are there some written by those who had the service performed but did not follow the instructions that may be needed to insure it’s success? The same criteria for evaluating the positive reviews has to be set. Are some of them being written as ghostwriters for the marketing of the program? How many of them did genuinely have good results, and was there anything specific about them medically that allowed for greater success?

Final Slimband Review

We are going to give the Slimband a risky Try/Buy rating and have not opted to give it a thumbs down for a few reasons. The reason for the risky rating is because of the amount of negative reviews. Plus, there were complaints laid with the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario which is the governing body for many of the medical procedures carried out in this province. At the same time the Doctor who was the object of these complaints has reportedly resigned from Slimband. We don’t feel it is fair to totally discredit the actual Slimband procedure when the fault could lie in the personnel performing the treatment. It is for these reasons we did not give a Thumbs down rating.

Our Recommendation
We suggest that you discuss your thoughts with your health care provider concerning the Slimband program. Make your decision based on their recommendations as they are the most knowledgeable when it comes to medical procedures regarding weight loss. While diet and exercise may not have worked for you then before becoming too aggressive by using surgery as an option, check out other methods like the Tummy Tuck Belt (not the tummy tuck surgical procedure)

What do you think? Does Slimband work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Slimband Really Work?

  1. I had my surgery on 2014. Ever since I cannot eat well. Everyday vomit… my stomach acids make me sick. I can’t handle this kind of pain so I decide to removed this band on 2017. But my pain still haven’t gone.. my stomach acids is really bad, cant really eat anything at night. Sometime, I will vomit if I ate… Once I ate at night my stomach acids comes and it’s really bad. It’s make me can’t sleep at night, whole night will be stomach acids,stomach gas.I try to sit up
    to sleep and see if it’s help. It’s doesn’t even help at all, the acids make my throat burning even I ate early it’s still not help. Once the acids comes it won’t stop until next day. Once it’s come I can’t sleep, can’t eat and even I can’t sit up to sleep. Whole night will be walking around the house with my stomach acids, stomach has, heart burn and throat burn. It’s just like going into hell in whole night.

  2. Hi this surgery is just a west of mony
    I didn’t this surgery 2010 I didn’t work at all and they never pick up or return my call why a Canadian
    Gaverment of Canada pay to remove but they pay to remove make then to remove the band they make 16400$ that what I payed I have aliterate to tell sorry for my English

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