Does the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener Really Work?

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Does the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener Work? There are lots of choices of can openers around, ranging from manual operation to simple to use automatic. Then added to this there are lots of jar openers as well. The Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener seems to be able to do both, plus opens bottles too! but the question is how well does it perform all of these functions?

There is one common problem that can occur with some consumable products that you have to open. We are talking specifically about jars, cans and bottles. These all have to be super sealed to protect their contents, but they can create a real challenge to get them open in a safe and convenient manner. It seems that the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener has taken on this challenge. This product is being touted at being able to open jars, cans and bottles, with great ease, in a safe manner and fast too.

The Claim
The claims that are being made for this product are really quite impressive, if they are valid. The Company claims this product can open any size bottle, can or jar. They are boasting of its safety feature of beveling the removed lids so there are no sharp edges to get cut on. They claim that the stainless steel blade can easily be cleaned in the dishwater so it remains sanitary and clean.

The Hype
The marketers of this product have chosen to hype their product by appealing to the potential problems that a consumer faces when using a product such as this. Similar products are either manually used or are electrical. Most only perform one of the three jobs that this Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener does. So the 3 in 1 use of the product could potentially remove the need of having 3 different types of openers. Another big feature that the hype addresses is the ease of use. Almost every senior will tell you that more often than not they struggle with having to open jars, cans and bottles even when using an electrical opener. Then finally the marketers have targeted a big safety feature. It is too easy to get cut on a sharp lid even when they are removed with a standard electric can opener and extra caution is taken. With this product being able to bevel the edges the marketers have capitalized on this.

The Cost
Looking at the total cost you are going to be paying about $36. What you are going to get for this is the one Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener, plus a second one free. The actual cost of the opener itself is $20,and the rest of the cost comes from the 2 shipping fees. One for the original opened, and the 2nd for the bonus opener. You will get a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, but that will be minus the $16. shipping fees.

The Commitment
You are going to have to keep in mind that you have this product sitting in your kitchen drawer each time you need to open a can, bottle or jar. At first it will be a habit to just grab your original opener because it is what you are used to. Make sure that you put this new product within easy reach until you get in the habit of using it.

To give this product a true evaluation it meant looking at the alternatives. Everyday new convenient products such as this are hitting the market. The most intriguing feature about the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener is its capability of opening the 3 common types of products.When first researching similar products it seemed like there were some very similar products. A closer look at them revealed that they didn’t offer all of the features that the Smart Touch does. Here are some examples:
The Jokari Magic 3-in-1 Beverage Opener. Now the 3-in-1 here is pull-tab, twist cap or standard type-bottle cap,plus it is usable for jars. But as you can see it can’t handle lids that don’t have a pull tab.
Looking at one designed for ease of use for cans probably the closest you could come to the Smart Touch would be the Touch-o-Matic. It too is a hands free can top remover with the built in beveled safety feature.It is cordless and runs on batteries and sells for about $15. plus shipping. Again though it is restricted to just opening cans.
So when you take into consideration the limitation of these similar products, the potential that the Smart Touch has is very significant. It is the quality that has to be equally important and all indications are that the product is well made.


Final Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener Review

We are going to give this product a thumbs up rating. We really like the fact that it provides the solution for opening three types of containers. This is a real convenience and money saver. It makes it a easy opening method for all age groups ranging from youngsters to senior. It is hands free for the cans so those who in the past have struggled with trying to open lids manually it eliminates a lot of problems. The only negative aspect that we can see is that the marketing material does not indicate whether this is battery operated. Even so, if it is, we still feel that this is an ideal product.

Our Recommendation
Part of our decision to favor this product has been based on the performance of a similar product that we reviewed. This is the One Touch Can Opener. We were impressed with that product and this Smart Touch product has stepped it up a notch with its additional benefits and features.

What do you think? Does the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener Really work or not?

7 Customer Reviews on “Does the Smart Touch Automatic Can Opener Really Work?

  1. Create a product which requires an engineer and specialized tools to get the back off to change batteries and then have the NERVE to advertize for people with arthritis!

    Needs batteries. Screws removed. Product manual sent by company does not match the realities. Maybe a defective production run? One can hope for their sakes.

    It has been thrown into the trash.

  2. I have been able to easily open cans with this. Because I have arthritis, so far I have been unable to remove the blade for cleaning. I may be doing it wrong. Just FYI…the lid is not sharp after opening the can, but the top of the can is. This doesn’t bother me.

  3. purchase a smart touch from a retail store online after I google and youtube the device about the product and the device is useless back to using manual can openers. This smart touch can opener isn’t worth it had trouble opening can wouldn’t fit around can to the point it wouldn’t spin

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