Does the OneTouch Can Opener Really Work?

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Does the OneTouch Can Opener work?The OneTouch Can Opener is supposed to be able to open a can all by itself, with just one touch required on your part. If you’ve ever twisted your wrist the wrong way using a manual can opener, or cut your finger on the sharp lid edge left behind from an ordinary electric can opener, you’ll appreciate that someone out there is trying to fix this small but recurring problem. So did the OneTouch company get it right with this, or does the search for the perfect can opener go on?

Opening cans has long been a problem that companies have tried to solve, with spotty results. For a long while all that was available was a manual can opener which required a lot of wrist strain and effort, and would often leave jagged edges on the lid. Next came the electric can opener, and most people thought that this finally solved their problems, as you just needed to press and hold the button down while your can rotated and the lid was removed.

Then another generation of can openers came out that said they were better because they didn’t actually punch into the lid, they undid the seal and took the lid clean off. They said this was a better way to go, because it was safer by not leaving sharp edges behind, and also because it didn’t cause pieces of metal shavings to enter the can, and contaminate your food. They also said it was healthier because there wasn’t a chance for the lid to fall into the can, getting whatever bacteria was on the top of the lid into your food.

The Claim
The OneTouch Can Opener claims to be an automatic can opener that can be used with literally one touch. They say that you won’t have to struggle to open a can anymore, and that the unit itself moves around the can, and knows when to stop. This is an opener that undoes the lid, so you end up with no sharp edges, and no metal bits left behind. Because it only uses two AA sized batteries, you can opt to use rechargeable batteries, saving you money, and helping the environment.

The Hype
The hype is that once you see this thing in action, you kind of want one. It is a pretty novel idea, and solves a lot of inherent problems with opening a can either manually, or with an ordinary electric can opener.

The Cost
The OneTouch Can Opener retails for $20, but you can get it for a bit less at Amazon.

The Commitment
The major pitch here is that this is one of the easiest ways to remove the lid from a can. It should pretty much take you out of the equation, and let you get to other things going on in the kitchen. It’s a great thing to have when you’re making something like chili, that requires many cans to be opened all at once, you can set it on one can, go do something else you need to do, and when you hear it stop, you can put it on the next can.

After seeing a friend of ours use the OneTouch Can Opener we just had to try it out for ourselves to see if it really works that way consistently. Now that we’ve given it a full review, we are pretty happy with the results and can give it our thumbs up. Other users also sing its praises, and the ones that don’t seem to be reviewing a totally different product altogether. It’s important to remember that some companies out there are unscrupulous, and will send off to places like China to produce identical replicas of the product, and try to sell them at a lower price.

There’s simply no way that the model we tried could get negative reviews, or have people saying that it doesn’t work. Just be sure that you go through an official sales channel when you get this, and don’t try to save a few dollars by getting it at a suspiciously low price. The original model works great, and does its job just like you think it would. As you can see from the video above, it works just fine and popped the lid off with very little interaction on our part, and without making a mess by dropping the lid into the broth.

Final OneTouch Can Opener Review

We’re pretty pleased with the performance of our OneTouch Can Opener, and are giving it the nod of approval. When you review as many products as we do, you get a knack for spotting the real from the fake. This product is made well, and has a lot of technology built into it for something so small and relatively simple. The device actually “knows” when it’s on the can, and gets ready for action. It then somehow knows when to stop, and knows how to crawl around the can without tipping it over and causing a big mess.

Our Recommendation
If you’re struggling with something like arthritis, or you just can’t get the same amount of torque that you could from your hands, you definitely want to grab one of these for around $20. You’ll never look back, and you won’t have to stress about opening a can ever again. It may seem like it solves a small problem, but be surprised at what an upgrade this really is.

What do you think? Does the OneTouch Can Opener work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does the OneTouch Can Opener Really Work?

  1. I have had mine for 5years. It worked great. Gave as gifts to Grandparents.

    My problem- Itried to open a can today, not realiizing it was damaged on one side.It stopped and I can’t get it started again or remove it. What can I do to fix problem?

  2. I love it so much I’m going to buy another for the cabin! Works great, no sharp edges, very reliable. Only drawback is that it’s hard to open to change batteries.

  3. I bought the One Touch Can Opener and I have yet to figure out how to use it. I have tried and tried and I can’t get it to open a can completely. No matter how I try I can’t get it to work. I don’t know if it is defective or if it is just me, but it hasn’t opened one can for me yet. I can get it started, but it never completely opens the can. I threw it in the junk drawer and it has remained there ever since.

  4. For those that are intimidated by manual openers or have weak wrists that may opening cans a challenge, this may be for you. It’s a bit slower than I would have liked, but it does appear to work with little ease. The advantage of having a magnet is nice so you don’t have to go fishing for the lid and the fact that it dulls the sharp edges is nice so that you avoid cutting yourself. It’s approximately the size of a manual opener, so in terms of space it doesn’t seem to compromise much. There are many products now, however, that have opted to you plastic or glass over tins, so if you don’t buy many this may not be as useful. Also, there was no feedback on how well it works on different sizes of cans – for example smaller cans of tuna or large cans of beans. This seems to come down to personal preference and ability as it does appear to work as per the claim.

  5. I’ve had problems with other electric can openers leaving metal shavings, so I decided to try the one-touch can opener. It looked super easy and it was. I really love it. One press and it cuts the lid effortlessly. One issue is that it takes a long time to remove the lid – probably 30 seconds or so. It seems like it keeps going and going before it finally stops. Also, my battery has run out and I still haven’t figured out where the batteries are located so I can replace them. But overall, I would definitely recommend this item.

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