Does My Booty Belt Really Work?

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Does My Booty Belt Work? The first thing that is really important to clarify here is not to get confused with “My Booty Belt” and “Booty Belt”. They are two different products. My Booty Belt is a product that is worn almost like a half belt to keep your pants and jeans from creating a gap when you sit or bend over. The question is just how important is this to your appearance?

Most of us will show some interest in any gadget or accessory that is going to make us look just a little bit better and have us get the most out of our clothing purchases which we spend a lot of money on. A lot of us buy the designer jeans because they look and feel good, and with the right type can make us look a little slimmer too! One big complaint with jeans and pants is that often a gap is created at the back when we go to sit down or bend over. It’s like there is a little too much material that gathers there. This can get annoying, so the producers of Booty Belt feel they have solved the problem by creating what looks like a half belt that clips to the back loops of your pants and jeans. This holds that excess material in place with any of your movements so you don’t have that gap appearing.

The Claim
The Company claims that by using My Booty Belt it quickly and easily fixes the problem of gaping pants. That it can save money from having to have the pants altered for the perfect fit. This product according to the Company makes it easy to address the gap problem.The Company also claims that to be sure that the product will fit all your jeans and pants you should get all 4 of the different sizes available.

The Hype
They hype for this product has to be pretty innovative because there really are other solutions for the gaping pants problem. What the promoters are focusing on is first the embarrassment that this type of problem creates. Then how annoying it is. Then finally how it is the solution to not having to get your pants altered to get the perfect fit.

The Cost
The As Seen on TV site is offering this product for ordering at a cost of $9.95.

The Commitment
There really is not a big time commitment as the product appears to be really easy to use. It is just a matter of choosing the pants or shorts you are going to be wearing then clipping the My Booty Belt into place. It would be a whole lot easier doing this before you put the pants on.

One of the best ways to really evaluate a product is to really take a close look at it and see if it is addressing a real need or is it blowing a potential problem out of proportion and creating a need. In this case we have to admit that the gaping pants really can be an annoying problem for some people. The question is it is aggravating enough to pay $9.95 for a solution? This seems a small investment even if there is the risk that it isn’t going to be the ideal problem solver. However, the Company is recommending that you buy all the different sizes, which there happens to be four of. So now you are looking at 4 x $9.95. Apparently you may need all four sizes because of the different sized belt loops that jeans,shorts and other pants may possess.

Final My Booty Belt Review

After giving this product a really fair assessment we have no choice but to give it a risky try/buy rating. There are just too many negatives that outweigh the positives. Having to buy 4 different sizes just to be sure the product is going to fit is a big factor. Then you have to consider the color as well. My Booty Belt comes in 3 colors, black, grey and tan. While these are neutral colors don’t forget they are going to be in full view at least from the back unless you are concealing it with the top you are wearing. In that case you could just as easily wear a belt as a solution.

Our Recommendation
It has to be recognized that there really are a lot of people who just cannot get the perfect pants and do have the gaping pants problem. So there does need to be a solution. A better buy may be a similar type product like the Hollywood Hip Hugger Navy available at Amazon for just over $10. It is a little narrower than the My Booty Belt so you probably wouldn’t have as much of a worry about the variation in the size of the belt loops. Another potentially good alternative to tackle the problem in a slightly different way is the Trendy Top. We did a review of this a while back so check it out.

What do you think? Does My Booty Belt work or not?

Customer Review on “Does My Booty Belt Really Work?

  1. I have purchases this product in one size and it works for all of pants. This product has saved me costly fees in having a seamstress fix my pants. I tried on one pair and after $40 later the waist fit but it was hard getting pants over my hips. I give this product a thumbs up. Great product for great price.

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