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trendy top reviewTrendy Top is designed to cover your midsection, so you don’t have to worry about having people see your midriff, or sneaking a peek at your panties when you bend over or sit down. It also claims to help cover up the dreaded muffin top condition, so you won’t have to worry about wearing those outfits that don’t flatter your midsection. But does it actually work as depicted in the infomercial, or does it create just as many problems as it solves?

No one can deny that many women suffer from the experiences depicted in the advertisement. Many shirts and tops ride up, revealing the tummy area and also the lower back. The problem is exacerbated by many of the low-cut jeans that we like to wear because they fit well, but aren’t very flattering when it comes to certain areas. So between shirts writing up, and pants riding down, we’re basically on display even though we don’t want to be. The Trendy Top hopes to be the solution so we can get on with our lives.

The Claim
Basically the makers of Trendy Top claim that they cover up important areas that lowrise jeans expose, and midriff revealing shirts show off. It’s actually not a top at all, but is designed to fit around the waist and hip area, staying in place when your pants and shirt let you down. If you combine this with Cami Secret you’d basically be covering up your entire middle to upper body, because they both worked in a similar fashion to covertly cover areas of the body that attract unwanted attention.

They also say that the Trendy Top is super comfortable, which doesn’t really look like it would be seeing how it is designed to wrap around your midsection and stay in place.

The Hype
Although this product does seem to solve a common problem, the problem itself is rather peculiar. Low rise jeans and revealing tops are meant to show off the areas in question, basically a sexy midriff and lower back. The problem arises because many of us buy these trendy clothing items without having the body to pull them off. A better solution might be to buy pants and tops that fit the way they should, and keep these areas covered naturally.

The Cost
For $26 you get the Trendy Top in four different colors, which includes shipping and a special bonus. If you disregard the bonus it’s about $8 or so for each one, which isn’t a bad price and will keep you well stocked with all the different colors they make so you can mix and match with your wardrobe.

The Commitment
You have to be committed to actually wearing the Trendy Top in public, and making sure that it actually looks good and goes with what you’re wearing. Sometimes it looks as if you’re wearing a back brace if you don’t properly covered up with your top, or make it coordinate with everything else you’re wearing.

These are made from a stretchable cotton blend, so you’ll definitely notice that you’re wearing it, it sort of feels like an ace bandage wrapped around the midsection. Since you’re supposed to be breathing with your diaphragm, you’ll definitely notice that you’re wearing this as your breath goes in and out. Some have likened it to a corset, and it’s definitely a little constricting. After a few hours of wearing it you do get used to it, and it’s hardly even noticeable.

Of course there are those that say they didn’t like it, or it didn’t work for them, or wasn’t what they expected, but the vast majority of people that try it out say that they like it, and are happy with their purchase. You can’t please everyone 100% of the time, but it seems that the makers of Trendy Top are trying to do the best they can in regards to providing a quality product at a reasonable price.

Final Trendy Top Review

Trendy Top works as depicted, and their offer is not too bad considering what you get. If you’ve been bothered with some of your outfits, always tugging at the bottom of your shirt trying to keep it where it’s supposed to be, or pulling your shirt down when you kneel down or bend over so people don’t get a peek at your thong or underpants, this will provide relief.

Our Recommendation
Most likely if the advertisement resonated with you, you’ll probably like Trendy Top. We were a little skeptical before trying it out, thinking that it wouldn’t stay in place, and would either ride up just like a tight shirt does, or ride down just like jeans sometimes do. However, with the material they use it does stay in place, without being uncomfortable, and it does cover up the parts that you don’t want others to see.

Official Website: Trendy Top

What do you think? Does Trendy Top work or not?

52 Customer Reviews on “Does Trendy Top Really Work?

  1. I kind of disagree… So I am a size 4, 117lbs and have a very toned tummy, however, I’m 40yrs old and I don’t feel as though a woman (mother) at my age should be showing off her midsection. I have lots of tops that are just a little too short and jeans that creep down when I sit (exposing undies) and this is a great way to hide them. I do understand what you are saying though. If women are looking for a shaping type of solution they should buy a corset and hit the gym instead of blaming their muffin top on this product not working. Trendy top isn’t shoving little Debbie snacks down your throat so if you still have fat rolls while wearing this, maybe that means it’s time to do some crunches. This top is mainly for covering up your mid drift and hiding plumber’s crack, not so much for turning a size 14 into an 8!

  2. I have a drawer full of shirts for all seasons of the year that are long enough to cover up my behind when I bend over. I do not understand the need to layer on this item unless you absolutely cannot get a hold of tops that are long enough. But with the vast selection available these days, and people always updating their wardrobes, it does not really make much sense to me. I, personally, would not waste my money on this, but I can see how it would be a worthwhile investment for some.

  3. OK here is the long and short of this thing. It works if you are basically a stick-figure with no curves and I am not one of them. I am shaped like an hourglass with curves; this is how we get an hourglass. If you are shaped like a woman then do not expect this to work and stay in place comfortably because it wont. It does itch a bit because I live in a hot Florida climate. They will hide the bottom half and then expose other areas should you lean forward at a table. Not good for a first date.

  4. The Trendy Top is a handy tool. I bought this for my daughter because I was tired of seeing her bend over and everyone could see her ‘crack’ along with her panties. The jeans the girls are wearing are low and the t-shirts are short. This is needed for these reasons alone. The Trendy Top comes with options of four colors which I purchased one of each so my daughter would also have something to match. The price is reasonable too. If you’re tired of seeing someone in your family’s panties or ‘crack’, then give them the give of Trendy Top. You won’t have to see it anymore.

  5. Seems there is a bit of a heated discussion going on! I love fashion and being able to be flexible with what I wear. I’m not sure I like this product. It seems like it would only be great for wearing t-shirts or tight fitted tops. It definitely would not be great for any tops that are sheer because you would see the seam lines. Also, it seems like this product would make you hot and sweaty. Women don’t need anything extra to make us hot! I would personally rather just put on a longer length tank top. It would be more universal if it was a tank top or a bandeau top that also helps to shape.

  6. Dnt buy these! I’m 127 and am of average size….all they do is ride up which is wat it says it prevents. And it tears so easily. It really pees me off when I have to keep adjusting them just like my shirts. POC product!

  7. I am fat and i right ect however im on depo and it keeps me chubby.. i cant find anything to hide my waist…will this help? Im 5’3 and 150 lbs but i have hips and a butt bcuz of my 3 kids..but they also left me a tummy 🙁

  8. Hi Mary (see comment I made on Lori Armstrong’s). I totally agree, it is too lose (the 0-8 size) and I’m an 6/8! Thought too that maybe it would shrink when i wash it but haven’t tried yet. Did you?

  9. I agree Lori…i bought this, excited, hoping that it would fit snug and smooth away my ‘muffin top’ a little bit at least…however, it does not! It isn’t tight enough around my waste and I got the size 0-8 and I’m an 8. Not sure how this will fit snug on a size 0 person! I even checked the instructions to see if maybe it will shrink when I wash it but does not say it will. Needless to say, very disappointed.

  10. I’ve been wanting to by these for awhile. I’m a teacher and I do alot of standing, bending, reaching, sitting…all day in front of a blackboard. I’ve always had a problem with tops and sweaters being too short, i’ve always been tall and in between sizes. I think this product is good, but takes some getting used to, as it really does feel like a tube top that has slid down to your waist. But it’s not bad, at least everything will now be covered when wearing a shorter top. Before wearing these, I’d have to literally hold my shirt down to keep it from riding up when bending and sitting. To the lady above that mentioned cheerleaders wearing them, that is a great idea! I teach in high school and in most of my classes I see these cheerleaders sitting there with their entire midsection showing in the rear (those tops they wear are way too short!!) and whenever they reach up and raise their hands all I see is stomach showing. They must be so cold, however none of them ever seem to mind, it is strange. But I’m always hassling them about covering up, maybe i’ll be a cool teacher for once and suggest trendy top to them…its trendy!

  11. I have a hourglass figure, that is the problem. This item isn’t hourglass it is a straight tube, the top bags on me and the bottom digs in at the hips. This maybe a alright product for those who do not have a pronounced waist or hips but for those of us that do, not so much.

  12. I finally bought this product. My mistake. I have issues with not being able to find long enough tops. My job requires a lot of reaching high and twisting. Shirts ride up and I am tired of wearing huge XL band tees and such just to get enough coverage when stretching my arms up. Fashion tops even those not intended to be showing skin tend to be too short (and I’m only 5’6″) for any actual movement.

    OK on to this product. In theory it should work. But since I am not tube shaped, I have a waist and hips it digs in at the hips and sags around my waist. Also it isn’t long enough. The model on the box must be incredibly petite as this shows the top being over her bellybutton and down to past the point of her hips. I purchased the large size (10-14) and normally I wear a size10 jean and I don’t get near that much coverage.

  13. My college bookstore sells these! It’s sooo cold sitting in class with a bare back showing. The good thing is that you can kind of bunch them up, so it’s not super long under a sweater or tee. Or you can pull them down midway on your butt for a long tee look. I adjust mine so it covers the waist of my jeans about an 1/2 inch or an inch over. If i’m like sitting in class usually I can feel my back showing a tiny bit still between the trendy top and my jeans, but its much better than having 4 inches of skin exposed, much warmer too.

  14. I also bought and wearing trendy top right now.
    My purpose of wearing Trend top is especially when weather gets chilly , i always feel my butt get colder than other parts of my body. So i wear this for warming my body as well.
    It seems little thin to wear for warming your body in winter time, this spandex fabric is very flexible like you wearing ties on but it is really warm. i do highly recommend this product.

  15. I bought these for my daughters who are 14 and 17 as a gag type gift for their birthdays. It was funny and none of them wore them until last week. They cheerlead for HS and always wear their uniforms consisting of a short tank top style vest and skirt. My youngest daughter complained after school one day that she needed to find a shirt the same color as her cheer outfit to wear under her vest to school, and that her back is always exposed. I jokingly said “try that waist top i bought”, well she wore it and actually liked it (good job mom lol). And now her whole cheer squad wants one too. She told me that they stay in place really well when moving and jumping too. My oldest is too “cool” for them, go figure.

  16. These really do work. I wouldn’t consider myself overly tall, about 5’6, 110lbs but I do have a long middle section it seems. I like to wear fitted shirts and sweaters because I hate baggy loose tops. Problem is they end up too short and since high school I’ve just gotten used to my low back peaking out. I also don’t like wearing “shirts under shirts” at all, i always just wear my tops and sweaters without anything underneath, just a bra-I’m not into the layering look. Usually I’ll wear a pair of dress pants and a short sleeve or sleeveless sweater to the office. Occasionally I’ll put a cardigan over it. Most days I could always feel my back showing a bit while sitting there, didn’t really bother me. One day I got chilly, reached around to cover up a bit and felt my underwear strap showing!! That kind of freaked me out…didn’t want to have that type of look in the office. So I bought a few of these and no I wear them all the time. It’s much more comfortable knowing that you are covered. No more cold drafty feeling during the winter too..

  17. A layered look without a bulky/hot tank- I am in! I watched so many reviews it was exhausting. You had the only video etc worth viewing. No one else spoke about the material moving as they sit. You mentioned it happened in your car, I was wondering what it would look like during class? Thank you for being so detailed ;o)

  18. Um, it would be nice if we all COULD buy “plain old Levi’s at the local thrift store” but not everybody can.

    I get stuck with low rise jeans, not because it’s exactly what I want, but because it’s 1. what i can afford, 2. what fits my ass and 3. isn’t TOO long on my 5′ body.

    I’m still hoping that a good pair of boyfriend style can be popular again and stores will start restocking THOSE, but since I refuse to pay over $25, I’m stuck with whatever is popular….

  19. first frosty fake bizitch is just a hater…… Second… Thank you for the video review…. I am not concerned about the tummy tuck property….. I am 5’11 and it is hard to find shirts that are long enough…. this might be the answer to being able to wear a lot of shirts I can’t because they are too short. YEA!

  20. if you are size 1-5 DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!! it is way too big. & it stretches out so much! it stays in place to work out and why not but it does not make you look thinner! It is so plain cheap cotton. not worth 10 bucks…get a shirt you don’t want anymore and cut it! 🙂

  21. I purchased this trendy top, at Walgreens it was $10 so that was not so bad and they give you two one black and one white. I purchased the small which is supposed to be for sizes 0-8 well if you are a size 8 maybe is ok but if you are a size 4 is a bit large on top but I guess that is not so bad I’m hoping after I wash them they my fit better (I hope) but for what they say that if you bend down yes it covers what you don’t want to show and it is comfortable I don’t see any issues about that, I would recommend this product just for the purpose of covering what you don’t want others to see. My only issue with this product is that they should have broken up the sizes better if they needed to go to an XS they should have but, pairing up size S with M together I think it was a mistake but all in all is a good product and good concept

  22. I have a trendy top and it works amazing! It stays in place all day and looks great with my shirts. I got the black and white ones for $10 and its definently payed off. they also claim you can use it as a cami, but it doesn’t fit so well there. my only complaint is that i wish they had more customized sizes cause im petite so the small/medium is a little big, but my shirt covers that so its not a big issue.

  23. Lmfaoo all of you are dumb ! Why are you paying for one third of a shirt ? I don’t understand . Go and buy a damn tank top , or wear jeans that cover your ass or get in shape. You’re getting ripped off . This product is a joke .

  24. try the hip-T… better quality and made in the USA– also longer than the trendy top- better colors and fun prints too!

  25. This concept is idiotic. Why are people putting up with paying sometimes $100s of dollars for jeans that don’t fit?? And then buying this on top of it?? Stop buying low rise jeans, most people don’t look good in them. If we all vote with our pocketbooks the clothing companies will be forced to stop making clothes that don’t fit like they should. Try buying plain old Levi’s at your local thrift store instead of trying to dress like a 13 year old 90 pound girl.

  26. I would have loved these when I was super skinny. I’ve always had that part in the back of my jeans that sticks out, because of the way my back dips in. I never could find anything, plus being tall made shirts seem too short. Then if I got them long enough, they were too big around the shoulders and everything so they’d hang off. Although I’ve had my second child, it seems I still have this problem. I’ve lost a lot of weight, but I still have a pudgy belly and these would be great. I’m in between sizes, and have been wondering about whether these worked or not. I opt to wear the bigger size, not too tight. So, I have to cinch up the belt a lot and still get the pants going down in the back and they are not low rise either. I really don’t like the idea of bending and chasing kids with everything hanging out. I usually wear much bigger cloths just to make sure I’m all covered up, but the problem is that now shirts are too big in the shoulders and pants can only be cinched so much until it’s time to go down sizes. Trendy Top sounds like a really good solution, especially if you’re not one of the lucky people whose belly goes right down flat after pregnancy or can afford a tummy tuck. I exercise tons, eat right, and chase my kids around all day, plus home business where I’m up on my feet a lot, and I help with some other kids who are older and even more active. So this is not just something for “lazy fat people.”

  27. I wore it for the first time today. Only for two hours, to a simple wine tasting. Got up, sat down, bent over two or three times. It did not stay down! I am not happy! I have a normal, slim figure.

  28. I love how “real” your review was!! Thanks so much! I’m still intrigued with the product. 🙂

  29. Hello Everyone ,
    This product you either really love it or really hate it. I really dont like the trendy top for me i went out dancing and thing would not stay in place . I kept pulling it down after it rolled up on me all thru the night. It was more than a pain the good i would rather just wear a little longer shirt then wear the trendy top . When i ordered it online it to wanted me to buy a second order of them it said something about upgrading for a better trendy tops . I must of hit the wrong button when ordering because it had me ordering a second purchased of them. I called the telephone number and it rang and rang no answer. i called my bank they said the company had to cancel the order . Finally i got the second order canceled . It took me a month for me to get my Trendy tops in the mail they were on back order. I”m not saying you wont like the trendy tops i just dont really like them for me.

  30. Yes, a sizing chart would be great. I’m a size 14 or 16 depending on the style. I can’t decide if I need to order L or XL. I would really like to try this! 😉

  31. I bought these and I am a size 10, not much bulge do to a tummy tuck I had over 15 years go. I didn’t feel like the material stretched enough or even vaguely resemble why they depicted on tv. If mine stretched that much I wouldn’t be complaining. There just wasn’t enough elasticity to the material .

  32. Some of us are taller than others, making it EXTREMELY hard to find shirts in a length to cover our whole torso and arms or pants that are long enough. I am considerably tall for a woman and find it VERY difficult to find shirts that even meet the top of NATURAL RISE pants!! It is offensive to me that someone would judge others for find ways to wear cute, CONSERVATIVE clothes that fit correctly (or at least appear to). Not everyone is built the same, gotta do what you gotta do…

  33. I just ordered a set of four today. For the record, I’m 5’9″ and 127 lbs. I do not have muffin top or belly fat. I got these because I’m somewhat tall and have many shirts that aren’t as long as I’d like. You sound a bit ignorant Frosty.

  34. I tried to order one set today. Rather than 10 for the set and 7.95 for shipping and handling as advertised, the order totaled 58.75. It included a second set of 4, which I did not want, for $7 and a total shipping and handling charge of $41.75. There is no way to contact the company to cancel the order, and while returns are allowed, the shipping charge is not returned. The only solution is to dispute the charge through my credit card company when the charge is placed (i.e., when the order ships).

  35. uh hello frosty….some of us ARE in shape and just don’t want our underwear or butt crack hanging out for everyone to see as we bend over. Not to mention some people who are average fat percent wise still have baby fat they don’t exactly want people seeing. You kind of sound like a man or a girl who is naturally skinny, no offense intended…just that your comment showed a lack of understanding for why someone would want this product.

  36. I think the comment above is kinda offensive there. That this product is only for fat people or for those who don’t dress right. ??? but whatever
    This looks interesting to me. I have a humongous chest size and shirts never seem to go long enough. Bigger shirts don’t work because I need longer not wider. I usually wear maternity for the length but there are only so many choices. Especially now that I am prego!
    I wear a lot of tank tops but we are now living in Vegas and layering its just crazy in 100 degree plus heat.
    Anywayyyss great product idea! Hope it works, I will be buying some today.

  37. I seen the commercial and was on a mission to buy trendy tops after that. It was just what I needed after having my second child. I’m always bending over and don’t quite fit my skinny or fat cloths. I bought the buy two get two free plus the extra 4 colours with tax and shipping for a total of 8 tops came to $42. I can not be happier with my purchase, they fit and feel great. The site also said shipping would take 2-6 weeks and I got my order within one week. For sizing I heard you should go a size smaller then you think you should buy, i bought the s/m and I am currently a size 8 which fits great, plus as an added bonus I feel like I’m getting a bit of a tummy tuck with my left over preggo belly. I would recommend this product to all my friends.

  38. I can see why you go by frosty. I like this product for my tween. not everyone was blessed with an hourglass figure or the budget for a fitness program. Shame on you for putting judgement on others!!!

  39. I have a couple of trendy tops (one black, one white) and they’re fab. I’m not fat and don’t have a muffin top, but just don’t like it when my panties show when i bend over – and with having small children i bend over a lot! I’d rather not have guys checking out my rear just because i choose to wear low-slung jeans. Trendy tops rule!

  40. Does anyone know where i can find a sizing guide? I can’t find anything other the the size M, L, XL but it doesn’t tell you want kind of waist/hip size these fit in inches? I’d like to try one of these out but not sure which size i need to go for?

  41. Great site and helpful video! It’s great to have a live action overview of the product. I’m not really big on cover-up products though I guess they can be purposeful depending on the application.

    I’ve never hear of the Trendy Top before reading your review which was quite valuable and helpful to weigh the pros and cons. They’re very affordable – what do you have to lose right? THX for this post!

  42. Can’t help but think this is making it acceptable for women to be fat and out of shape. You wouldn’t want to hide your mid-riff if you were thin and toned right? I say take the money you’d spend on this and put it in the a fitness program instead and make a long term fix.

  43. Not 100% convinced with this. not because it doesn’t do what it says, but i’m not sure how that could be comfortable to wear for long periods?

    I guess i’ll have to order one to find out – god knows i could do with hiding my mid-riff sometimes 🙂

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