Does Squeem Magical Lingerie Really Work?

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Does Squeem work?Squeem says that their lingerie is magical, because it makes you look good, but also helps you slim down. They say that they are bringing beauty and health into the same product by making a waist cincher that is part of a bra and panties ensemble. But does this really help with you lose the waist, while also making you look sexy in the meantime?

Most body shapers out there go for function, and don’t really care how they make you look. Many of them are far from sexy, and you wouldn’t want to be caught with one on if things start to get intimate. You’d have to excuse yourself and go take it off really quick for fear of being seen with it on. So it makes sense that something has come along that can give you the same sort of benefits, keeping everything in place and constricted, but also that helps you look sensual and inviting.

The Claim
Squeem has the tagline of Magical Lingerie, and when you first see it you might think it’s just lingerie. If you look closer you see that it also includes a body shaper and slimmer, which can cover up parts that you’re not exactly happy with, but that doesn’t make you look like a wrapped up mummy.

They say that his not only contorts your body into the right shape, but that it can also help correct your posture, and helps you lose weight. They say they’ve been making products in Brazil for over 40 years now, and use a special fabric that produces the magic.

The Hype
Body shapers have been getting a lot of attention in the last few years, with companies like Spanx making huge amounts of cash. The big draw is that you can have a slimmer appearance almost instantly, which can make you more conscious about your body, and naturally lead to healthier lifestyle choices.

The Cost
Squeem ranges in price depending on which product you go with, and where you buy it from. As an example, one of their more popular and well-reviewed products is the vest, and that goes for $78 at on online retailer. So it’s perhaps not the cheapest option out there, but it’s definitely the best looking of the bunch, so you can expect to pay a little more to look good.

The Commitment
These should reduce the amount of time you spend fretting about the way you look in just a bra and panties. It strategically covers one of the most stressed over parts of the body, the midsection, without making it look like you’re trying to hide something. The reason this is such a novel idea is that most competing products don’t go to any length to disguise what they are. You don’t have to wear this indefinitely either, as you start to slim down you will find that you start feeling better about wearing ordinary lingerie. You can always go back to it if the pounds start creeping on.

These sort of body shaping products are also designed to reduce the time it takes to start getting compliments on your physique. If you wear this under your clothes you should appear slimmer, and taller, and people will notice the changes. This can give you instant gratification, and may lead you to eating better, and working out more to get that sort of response all the time.

Squeem are designed well, and made to last just as long as well-made lingerie products you’d normally buy. Be sure to get the sizing right, because the few complaints that this does receive are from those that ordered the wrong size. It’s not the hardest problem in the world to fix, so we’re not sure why people give it negative feedback for something they could fix. Most people report being really happy with the way it fits, and the way they look in it.

Stop the Embarrassment
When you consider the alternatives: ordinary lingerie that makes you feel self conscious, or an ordinary body shaper that makes it look obvious that you’re trying to cover things up, this is not really a bad idea. This is one of those products that you can wear, and not be embarrassed if someone sees you in it. If you are wearing this out on a date, and things escalate from there, you don’t have to be a quick change artist or feel awkward in them. If you are already in a relationship, this will likely be something that will turn your partner on, and you both can be happy with.

Final Squeem Review

Feeling sexy is really important, and Squeem can be shortcut to get you there. We’re not so sure about the claim of helping you to slim down, but it can definitely hold things in until diet and exercise have their effect and you don’t need to use it any more. We recommend feeling good all the time, and this is something that can make you feel good right now, so you don’t have to wait months while your lifestyle changes start paying dividends.

Our Recommendation
If you were initially intrigued by the Squeem line-up, we recommend giving it a try. Worst case scenario you’ll have a new piece of lingerie that you like. Best case scenario it will actually be a catalyst to getting you to slim down with a proper diet and exercise. Either way, it should help you find your sexy, and feel better about yourself.

What do you think? Does Squeem work or not?

11 Customer Reviews on “Does Squeem Magical Lingerie Really Work?

  1. Hi, I have the Sqeem. It comes in black, nude and sometimes beige. I really like it, makes me look better and slims my waist after long term usage. Helps flatten out my back fat folds. I have been working out and eaten less and healthier for a month and the sqeem helps my belly to get tighter. Also my posture is better. It smells very strongly of rubber when its new, kind of like new gym-shoes. But the smell goes away after a few days. They do say on the package that you should wash it first. I would recommend it. I wish there was more than 2 rows of hooks because for most people they need to buy a size smaller after 4-5 weeks because it makes their wasíst slimmer. I think the reason they only have 2 rows of hooks it to sell more products. Cannot blame them though for wanting to sell more.

  2. I have to say it actually does look good. It reminds me of a lighter version of a corset. If anything, I’d have it as a fashion accessory as I really like how it looks. Does it come in other colors apart from black?

    You can see the woman in the video automatically looks slimmer when she wears Squeem, giving the appearance that she’s lost weight.

    Good luck trying it, EllaKillah 🙂

  3. My sister uses something similar to Squeem but the brand she uses discontinued the model and I was looking for something similar until I found this. She liked the product although she doesn’t really know if it helped her lose weight. She did mention that it helped her correct her posture though. It worked for my sister so I think it’ll work for me. We’ll see 🙂

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