Does the Magic Steamwave Really Work?

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Does Magic Steamwave Work?Most of us make good quality purchases when it comes to our kitchen appliances and this includes our microwaves. This also means we want to make good use of it, and when there are additional accessories that we can use to make the food cooked in this appliance taste all the better, then we don’t mind making a few additional investments. Let’s take a look at the Magic Steamwave and see if this is one of the worth investing in types of microwave accessories.

Overview The Magic Steamwave is a a plastic dome shaped cover that is meant to be used on top of dishes that you are heating or cooking in your microwave. It is supposed to be the solution of keeping just the right amount of steam contained that is necessary to maintaining the right amount of moisture in the various dishes. Without this many of the foods cooked in this appliance come out dry and tough.

The Claim
The Company has focused on the ability of the Magic Steamwave to be used for reheating foods so it locks in the steam to prevent moisture loss. They say it can heat the food evenly and lock in the moisture. They even claim that it will taste like it just came out of the oven.

The Hype
One of the biggest complaints that many people have about re-heating food especially in the microwave is that it always comes out hard, tough, and dried out. the Company addresses all of these complaints. What is interesting is the lists of foods as examples that you can use this product with which includes salad greens. Basically they are indicating that you can turn your microwave into a food hydration machine if using the Magic Steamwave.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $10. plus about $6. for shipping and handling and as a free bonus you will get the Steamwave Caddy but be prepared to pay an extra $6. for this to cover the shipping.

The Commitment
There are a few things you are going to have to remember to do and one of them is simply to use it wherever possible when using your microwave. Plus you need to add some water to reservoir that is on top of the lid to help produce the necessary steam. For cleaning you will probably be able to give it a quick wipe unless there are some food splatters to deal with.

This is such a simple item that we really wondered if that many people would be interested in it, but sure enough when you research a comparable product like the Plastic Microwave Plate Cover Steam Vent Food Lid there are lots of people that have left some favorable comments about it. Now you can buy this one for much less, but there are conditions so you may not end up with as big a bargain as what you think.

Final Magic Steamwave Review

We are going to give the Magic Steamwave a solid Try/Buy Rating. Even though it is priced a little higher then our example. This particular product allows you to add water to the reservoir to ensure steaming, and its technology is patent pending. To patent something is not cheap so obviously the makers of the product feel it is worthy of doing so.

Our Recommendation
A lot of people will use different types of wrap to try and lock in the moisture of the food and this is not always a good thing. Often these wraps are not microwave safe and you could be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that have been infused into the food because of the wrap. We enjoy bringing various microwave accessories to our reviews because some of them really can help to extend the use of your microwave and a prime example of this is the Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler.

What do you think? Does Magic Steamwave work or not?

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