Does the SuperSwitch Really Work?

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Does the SuperSwitch really work?The SuperSwitch is a special outlet that can be controlled by a remote control switch so that you can turn lights on and off from anywhere around the home. But how well does it actually work, and can you rely on it?

The Claim
The makers of SuperSwitch say that you can control things from up to 60 feet away, and that it works like WiFi so it goes through walls and floors, meaning you don’t have to be near what you’re trying to turn off and on. They say it works best for lights and lamps, as well as lighting used for security or during the holiday season. They further state that you can use this on any standard wall outlet, and that it doesn’t require any special tools or electrician skills in order to use it. They say it can handle up to 1250 watts, making it able to be used with a wide range of electronic items.

The Hype
They have “Handyman Bob” as their spokesperson for this, and he’s listed as an “NW radio personality”, and it appears that he has his own blog and radio show. He does a good job of selling the product in a way that doesn’t hype it up, but rather just goes over its features and benefits.

The Cost
The SuperSwitch comes to $22 which includes shipping, and that’s if you buy just one unit. They give you the option of doubling your order by paying an additional shipping charge, and if you go that route your order total will come to $29 and you’ll end up with two of them, plus two of the stick and go lights as a bonus. In this instance it seems like you end up with a lot more for your extra $7, but of course if you go that route you’ll end paying nearly as much for shipping as you will for the actual product, so if you end up returning it according to their 30 day guarantee you’ll only get the $15 back and be out $14.

The Commitment
All that you’ll need to do to start using these is plug in the device of your choice into the outlet, and then start using the included wireless controller to turn it on and off. Once it’s set up and ready to go you simply need to press the button on the remote, which can save you time and hassle compared to your current method.

If you have that hard to reach, or out of the way light or device that is a pain to try to turn off and on, the SuperSwitch is going to be very handy. They bring up holiday decorations as one potential use for this. When the power outlet is located behind a Christmas tree it can be really hard to get to, but with this gadget in place you can turn it off and on by remote. Or what about keeping the controller on your nightstand and using it to turn a lamp on or off without having to get out of bed.

You can also use this to turn outdoor lighting on and off, and that’s nice because then you don’t have to go outside to do it, a special bonus during the cold winter months when you just don’t want to step outside.

Final SuperSwitch Review

The SuperSwitch is getting our Thumbs Up rating based on the design and the ability to work through walls and floors so that you can turn something off without having to walk right up to it. This allows you to turn off a light or a TV, even if you’re not in the room anymore. If you saw this and thought it would be useful in your home, there’s no reason not to get it. It will likely serve the purpose you have in mind for it, and since they let you decide whether you want to buy one or two, it’s a solid offer.

Our Recommendation
This is a great product to go with if you’ve ever considered getting The Clapper or similar device, and it gives you the power of a remote control for any light or electronic gadget in your home that you don’t want to have to turn off and on with its own switch.

What do you think? Does SuperSwitch work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does the SuperSwitch Really Work?

  1. I’ve had my super switch for at least 5 years, but today all the lights on the tree went out. The super switch had burn marks where the tree lights plugged into it. One brand new strand of lights was ruined. We only used this for our Christmas tree, not anything else. So I wonder if it could have started a fire? I loved this thing, but now I’m cautious, and want you to be too.

  2. I have two of the original ones that I use for indoor Christmas lights. They are about 4 years old. Just this year, the push button on one of the remotes popped off and cannot be reattached. It’s useless now. I suppose it lived past it’s warranty and I should be grateful. It’s made in China so you get what you pay for.

  3. Well, it worked for a couple of years, and now it won’t allow the light to be turned OFF!!! Being that it’s the holiday Season I just bought the same type unit for Christmas Trees for $3 at the big box store, probably cheaper than a battery for the unit too.

  4. Yes they work I have had several on the past five years.
    They have a code on the back of the remote and the switch where you can use different ones in different rooms.
    The price you have quoted is extremely high suggest you go to

  5. Yes superswitch really work I have had one for over a year now the only way it get off track is someone manually turn the lamp off or on then you must reset the switch and it go right back working as before.

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