Does Synergy Worldwide Really Work?

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Does Synergy Worldwide work?Synergy Worldwide offers both a way to make money, as well as a product that is supposed to help with cardiovascular and overall health. Most people are asking whether this is a business opportunity to get in on, and whether the product is worth taking.

There are many companies out there that come up with a health product, and then choose to sell it using multi-level marketing, or MLM. The idea is that you sell the product, but you also recruit other salespeople that are placed under you, becoming your “downline”. You get paid a small percentage on all of the sales your downline makes. So the goal is twofold, earning income with direct sales, and expanding your team so that you rely less and less on your own efforts.

The Claim
The claim here is that you could make enough money from this to earn a part-time, or full-time income, and achieve financial independence by selling the product and getting others to join as well. This is not a claim that is exclusive to Synergy Worldwide, it’s the basic claim made by most multi-level marketing organizations.

They claim that their flagship product, ProArgi 9 Plus, can help you with your heart health, can give you more energy, and may even be able to boost sexual performance. It uses L-Argenine to achiever these claims. Research into this amino acid has shown mixed results, but it does show promise in treating stress and regulating blood pressure.

The Hype
The hype for this comes from how much money they say you’ll be able to make, as well as all of the reps that try to get you to join under them. Finding third-party reviews on how well this opportunity really works is a challenge, because most people expressing their opinion have some sort of involvement with the company.

The Cost
There is a membership fee of $25, and you’re expected to buy the products to use them yourself and to sell them to others. They assign a point value to each product you can order, and you have to meet certain point levels in order to remain eligible for the full compensation. There may be additional membership fees that we were unable to determine at this time.

As far as buying ProArgi 9 Plus, you can get a 10 ounce tub at Amazon for around $50. By most accounts this is pricey for a supplement, which if you do decide to sell it would be one objection that you’d have to have a really good rebuttal for. It might also limit the amount of repeat buyers you’re able to maintain for the long term, as they might not be able to justify staying on it for long.

The Commitment
All businesses require some sweat equity when first starting up, and you have to avoid buying into the idea that this is going to be a cake walk. If you want this to replace your full-time income it’s going to take a full time effort, which means you’ll have to work your full-time job during the day, and spend the rest of your time getting this off the ground.

The Synergy Worldwide opportunity is very similar to others out there that are based around a health supplement. Yes, it could be possible that you’d try the product out, get passionate about it, and make a strong effort to pitch it to those that you know. The real question is how big of a part of your life are you willing to make this, and are you prepared to possibly alienate those around you by treating them like prospects.

The insidious idea behind network marketing is the one where if you just recruit enough people into your downline you’ll be on Easy Street and they’ll do the work so you don’t have to. The other one is that you’ll be able to get paid again and again from repeat business, so you’ll be earning passive income. But both of those phenomenon require a large amount of upfront work, which most people aren’t willing or able to put in.

You also have to consider at what point you’re getting into an opportunity like this. Are you one of the early people, or are you part of a massive downline with everyone hoping you’ll make sales so they can get paid. Systems like this always work out for the people that get in on the ground floor, but if the business is more mature you might find that everyone that wants the product has it, and has already been pitched on becoming a rep.

Final Synergy Worldwide Review

Synergy Worldwide is providing a product and an opportunity that some might have success with, but many wouldn’t. The product they sell gets relatively good reviews, with one common complaint being that it’s rather expensive. So if you’re able to overcome this objection, you might find that making sales is not very hard. Everyone is concerned about heart health, so there should be a large enough pool of potential customers.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for a business opportunity to get involved in, network marketing might be it, but you have to understand all that it entails before signing up. Will you be harassing your friends and family to buy your products? Does it involve a lot of recruiting? A real business would let you sell the product online to strangers, and wouldn’t put a big emphasis on recruiting more members.

What do you think? Does Synergy Worldwide work or not?

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    Research heart attack causes and you will find that plaque build up and inflammation of the artery walls are the main cause of heart attacks.
    I totally recommend Proargi 9plus to anyone with heart disease or as you age you need more nitric oxide

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