Does Pink Armor Nail Gel Really Work?

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Does Pink Armor Nail Gel work?Pink Armor Nail Gel promises longer, healthier, and stronger nails, and says you won’t break your nails anymore. It would be great if there were a product that you could simply apply once and then forget about for the rest of the week. That is of course if it actually works. Let’s check it out and see if it’s a good deal or not.

For some of us it can be really hard keeping our nails looking tip-top. It seems as soon as you get them done it’s only a matter of time before they’re chipped or broken. Nail strengtheners work to some degree, but if you don’t keep reapplying them they aren’t very effective. It’s also hard to remember to reapply them, which means the results take longer to appear.

Some of them are also made with harsh chemicals so it can be a mixed blessing. The product they have here seems to fix those problems by only requiring a once a week treatment, and only needing one coat. This means that the product would last longer and you wouldn’t have to use as much to get the job done.

The Claim
The creators of Pink Armor Nail Gel say that it your nails won’t chip, they won’t peel, and they won’t crack when you use it. They say you can get the same kind of results that you’d get from the salon, without having to pay salon prices. They say you only need to put on one coat, once per week in order to get the results they show in the infomercial.

The Hype
There is an accompanying infomercial that provides much of the hype surrounding these. They’re also trumping them up by saying that you can get salon-quality results at home on your own.

The Cost
The total cost of your order comes to $25, which takes the initial price of $10 and adds $7 shipping for the first set, another $7 for the second set, and something we’ve never seen before, an extra dollar as an Electronic Processing Fee. The bonus on here can be overlooked, since the nail kits they send are likely very cheaply made overseas and are simply trying to add perceived value. Even if you simply consider that it’s $12.50 per bottle it’s still not a bad deal.

The Commitment
Since you’re only supposed to have to use this once a week for best results, the commitment level is rather low, and the payoff is rather high. If you can have strong beautiful nails with just one weekly treatment it would definitely be worth the price. It could reduce the time you spend doing your nails, or fixing your nails, or even going to the salon to get them done.

When considering a product like this there are a few things that you have to compare it against. The first is doing nothing. Is it really going to provide better results than you’ve been getting by not attending to the problem? The next thing you have to look at is whether it performs better than other similarly priced products that it’s competing against. And the third thing you have to decide is whether it can live up to the promises that it makes, or whether it is simply over-hyping the features in an attempt to make a sale.

What we’re seeing here is that they aren’t making too many outrageous claims, and the idea of strengthening nails is not exactly a groundbreaking concept. Nail strengthening solutions have been around for several decades. They say that this is using a protein-rich keratin gel in order to provide the stated benefits. It’s well-established that keratin is good for nails, so the question then becomes whether they’re using a high grade of keratin in order for it to be so effective.

We found a competing product that gets really good reviews and is priced similarly. IT’s OPI Original Nail Envy Nail, which sells for $27 but gives you 50% more product. Almost everyone that tried it gives it 5 stars. It’s important to note that you can’t return the items once you open them and use them, since they aren’t able to be resold. But at least you have user feedback to base your decision off of, and you’re not going in blind.

Final Pink Armor Nail Gel Review

We’re giving the Pink Armor Nail Gel a Risky Try rating. This is because their 30 day money back guarantee is only on the price of the product. If it does what it says you’d be on your way to stronger, healthier nails at a decent price. But if it doesn’t live up to its claims you’re going to be out $15 plus return shipping charges. That means you’re shouldering a lot of the risk here, and there’s really no way that the manufacturer can lose, because no matter what they’re going to make $15 less actual shipping charges and product costs.

Our Recommendation
If you haven’t been able to find a nail strengthener that works for you, it may be worth taking a chance on this, or you can try to buy a similar product that offers the same type of benefits but for a lower cost, or less upfront risk. They could easily fix the glitch here by offering the product for $20 plus $5 shipping so that their money-back guarantee actually means something, but as it stands it’s not a consumer-friendly offer, and we recommend taking a pass on it.

Read user reviews on Pink Armor Nail Gel

What do you think? Does Pink Armor Nail Gel work or not?

67 Customer Reviews on “Does Pink Armor Nail Gel Really Work?

  1. I have been a life long nail picker. This product is amazing! With this product, I no longer pick and enjoy the compliments that I get on how nice my nails look.

  2. I’ve been using this gel and has been wonderful. It’s given back my nails after using acrylics and biting them. I highly recommend this product. I tell my friends also.

  3. I knew from years back when I first started using this gel that it was all hyperbole but liked the pinkish tint it applied to the nails. As time went by it became clear this foreign-made gel was highly doctored with much less pink with far more deceptive ads and marketing.

  4. I just bought it so we’ll see. It goes in smooth. I was hoping it would help with the ridges in some of my nails (don’t know what causes that) . I bought mine at Walmart though. Glad I didn’t pay 25.00!

  5. My nails are incredible….I love this product….never had better nails. I get compliments from everyone!

  6. This stuff is awesome!!! I love it! I’ve tried everything from SallyHansen to expensive nail gels and nothing worked. My nails were dry brittle and break easily. Finally I gave Armor Gel a try and my nails grew fast and long. Now I can show off my nails. Before I used to try to hide my hands because my nails were so ugly. My nails are stronger and do not chip at all. I recommend this product,even tho in one review I read that this product has certain ingredients that can cause cancer. A little afraid of this. But other than this I LOVE this product.

  7. This stuff is worthless. It’s awful. I broke 3 nails using it. I had been using nail envy and it definitely works a whole lot better. My nails still break at the quick. They never break anywhere else. It’s frustrating and painful so I keep them shorter than I would like it OPI Nail Envy definitely works better than the pink armor. Save your money.

  8. This product does NOT work, waste of money, I purchased hoping the hype was true, chips off with in a day, nails peel and the color is ugly.

  9. One day after applying Pink Armor, it chipped off and my nails are peeling and breaking as usual. Of course it hasn’t had time to work since it didn’t stay on my nails. Waste of money.

  10. Not even worth one star. Worn it for a month. Nails still brittle chip and peel and break even faster. No work it. I guess that it is true a sucker born every minute cause I was a sucker!

  11. i agree with IceCapadesQueen…tell us your results after “actually testing” the product.

  12. I don’t know if it works or not. I ordered from their site in March 2018 and never received the product or a refund after contacting them numerous times.

  13. This is the best product ever I will give this product 100 stars if i could i had a terrible time with the worst gel false nails ever who absolutely ruined my nails its taken almost ayear but thanks to pink armor worked within a few weeks couldnt believe the results AMAZING will recommend it to everyone worth every penny please buy i even gave my friend a bottle and she was over the moon

  14. This stuff is amazing! My nails are longer and stronger than ever! You have to clean and dry nails then apply 2 coats. It does not chip and last until I remove it every 5-7 days.

  15. I have this and have used it by itself under and over polish and it’s not any better than anything else on the market., it peals off and my nails still peal and break. I won’t be buying this again but thanks anyway.

  16. I sent off for this, believing all the hype. It is no better than any of the others I have tried, and in fact seems worse. It flakes off within 24 hours, giving me rough edges that are not actually the nail, but the gel paint. I really think it is a waste of time, and wish I hadn’t bought it.

  17. After all the positive reviews on FB
    I thought I’d give it a try, truthfully I am so very disappointed. Firstly I waited 5 weeks for delivery, and sadly it really doesn’t work for me, it peels off after a few hours.
    Would definitely not recommend

  18. I’ve been using pink almond since it came on the market. Initially it worked like a miracle and my nails were beautiful. Now I find it is no longer effective as it peels and chips. I think there must have been some changes in the formula. I will not be buying it again.

    ON 09-24-2017 I TOOK A PICTURE, TODAY IS 10-18-2017


  20. This was the BEST nail product 2 years ago. It worked as directed with promised results. Unable to find it last year – except on clearance at places like ROSS. Now, it is back in drugstores in a weaker-not as good results- lighter pink version! What happened?

  21. Pink Armor Nail Gel disappeared from the store shelves for a short time . .. when it came back it appears less pink. less thick, and seems to not-work as well as it did before … sorry I am very disappointed because it is one of the very few things that helped my thin nails …. it used to keep them from chipping, pealing, tearing, etc. . . . Not-so-much any more.

  22. Where can I buy this? I purchased some two years ago at Walgreens and now I can’t find it anywhere. I have tried Targets, Walgreens, CVS. I live in Dallas, Texas. Help.

  23. Love this polish it definitely is the best polish I’ve ever used. My nails grew and rarely chip .I’ve tried every polish out on the market and this is by far the best!!!!

  24. Being a nail technician for the last 14 years, I can say I have tried so many professional strengtheners and Pink Armour by far, has exceeded all my expectations! It’s especially good for life after acrylic or gel damage. It is the best!! Highly recommended

  25. This product is amazing. I had an ugly big toe that was discolored and would crack and I was very ashamed of. I started using this product 3 years ago and I was able to restore my toenail. I never thought this would be possible. No the results weren’t over night however if u stick with it I believe anyone could have my results.

  26. I have used this product, Pink Armor, yes it help and for 3 months I had the most beautiful long awesome nail, then they started chipping and breaking, my nails got very hard and the slightest bump would just break my nails. Now I am starting again and giving this product Pink Armor, one last chance if it down not work properly this time I will never purchase this product again and I will be telling all my friends what a horrible product this is.

    Mrs S Elliott

  27. I will tell you this i was iffy when i first got this stuff, been over a year and still use it. Each bottle lasts me about 4 months or so since i do my nails every week. I use the pink armor as a base coat and finish up my nails. I will tell you my nails have grown a LOT longer and i notice a difference after one week use. They are a lot stronger, last a lot longer, and don’t break as easily.

    I know everyone is different, but i ALWAYS tell people to try this product out.

  28. People have different reactions to different products. My nails are amaizing becuase of this product, I told my cousin about it and the chipped ugly nails became some thing beautiful. So it works, just that people need to understand that it will not work on every one.

  29. I have been using Pink Armor for almost 2 months and I love it ! Without the Pink Armor my nails are soft and they grow wavey and bend towards my palms. I haven’t had a chipped, split, or broken nail since I started using this product. I tell everyone I know about this stuff.
    Thank You Pink Armor

  30. I got this product at Wal-Mart for about $10. One of my friends recommended me trying it. I’m at the end of this bottle and I’ve truly haven’t seen the different if made to my nail being stronger, healthier, chipping or cracking. My nails were constantly breaking and chipping at the side. Not only did my nail broke the polish would start peeling from the top on my nails. Yes I did like the shiniest
    UV appearance my nail got but that was the only thing that I likes about this product.

  31. Have you ever tried putting alcohol on a cotton ball and rubbing it on your nails before applying the first coat? I use this product and it did the same thing to me the first time. That was, until I used a toothbrush and cleaned my nails really good. Dry your nails completely! Take a cotton swab with alcohol on it and rub it all over your nails. Let dry then apply 1 coat for the first week. After the first week, remove the polish, use the alcohol on your nails again, let dry. This time, try 2 coats. Then apply 1 coat every few days! This will PREVENT CHIPPING! See if this works for you! Waiting for your reply!

  32. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! My natural nails are thin. They split, peel and are generally horrible. I am on my second bottle of Pink Armor. I bought it at Walgreens for $9.99. My nails are strong, and they don’t split or peel anymore. This is the first product I have ever used on my nails (outside of acrylics) that really works!!!!

  33. I have had weak and brittle nails my whole life…I have tried just about everything (fake nails which are bad for your real nails, gel polish, all of Sally Hanson’s products and even the OPI product mentioned) and NONE of them helped my nails. I tried this on a whim ($10 at Walgreens) and it has made my nails super strong, doesn’t flake or crack and is way stronger than the gel polish kits I spent so much money on. The best $10 I ever spent! Glad I don’t have to spend $30 a week to have decent looking nails anymore.

  34. I was a skeptic But I saw it in office depot for $9.99 bought it and have been using it for 6 weeks Love it! Had soft thin nails that split n chipped. Not anymore I am still a little leary of the formaldehyde but I remove n redo weekly moisturizing my nails for a couple of hours with olive or tea tree oil n massage my cuticles. My 14 year old son just asked me were my nails real! He said they looked really good…well that s proof enough for me 🙂

  35. Incredible product. My nails look salon fresh every day. I have been using Pink Armor for 4 weeks.

    I was really disappointed that you never reviewed the item only the price and guarantee. Why didnt you actually review the product?

    Well here is my review

    I have used Pink Armor for 4 weeks and absolutely love it. I apply it with the alternate directions as I like color on my nails. I do two coats of the gel and let it dry. The two coats of whatever color I like and let that dry thoroughly. Then I top it off with another coat of pink armor nail gel. They look beautiful. The next day I do another coat. Then if I want later in the week I can do another coat or even two. I don’t know how it works that I can have that many coats oif nail polish on and they still look thin enough and perfectly fresh. I have found the biggest secret for me to keep them from chipping is to be sure on those top coats to take the gel all the way to the tips with a downward stroke. I lay out a piece of paper towel and try to stroke the nail in downward motion that will actually get a bit of the gel on the paper towel. Then I know for sure that I got the edge really good.

    The directions on the box specifically tell you that after you apply the first coat of Pink Armor that every other day you should apply it again. I have no chipping issues at all. I wonder why the directions are quite clear about taking it off after one week and starting again. Buy the end of the week my nails still look great. I went two weeks with acrylic nails and wonder why I shouldn’t with this gel? But I have followed the directions so far so that I would know whether or not it works.

    And for me it does. I haven’t broken one nail in the 4 weeks that I have been doing this. I love it. My 82 year old mom loves it too and after seeing our nails my sis wants to start wearing it too. My nails have never ever looked prettier and they certainly are hard with the gel on and feel really hard when I take it off at weeks end to start over. I think I will be able to have long nails without all the fuss and chemicals and all of the time spent at the nail salon. Perhaps that is where all the negative comments are coming from – nail techs who don’t want to lose their customers to Pink Armor. Cos once you have this simple solution there is no reason to ever go back.

    I love this stuff! My nails look salon fresh every single day!

  36. This is the Best stuff ever. I had my nails done in a French manicure and had them use this as my base and top coat. I have cleaned house and worked in the yard and it has been almost 2 weeks and I still have no chips. I have been telling all my friends about this. Great stuff !!!!

  37. Pink Armor Nail Gel works great for my nails. I put mine on once a week and it lasts all week without chipping. I found mine at Walgreens for $9.99. I’ve been using it for almost two months and I have a little still left. That would be only $5.00 a month. You can’t be that price especially when it works great. My nails look good and are getting stronger!

  38. Oh yeah! I agree with the cost and the bargain part. I have worn acrylics since I was 16 and I am 44 and just stopped. Why? One, my job means I have to type fast and my other job is in health care so bye, bye acrylics! I have been left with paper thin nails that after petting my dog, are filthy and short and peel…yuck! So I gave it a whirl and I tell you I wish I could upload pictures because they look awesome. For me, they took about a month and also I tried the Sally Hansen brand and this knocked it out to of the ball-park!

  39. This product worked GREAT for me. My nails were weak & thin from years of wearing acrylic tips. After almost two years if natural nail wear my fingernails were still constantly splitting & chipping. I have been using Pink Armor for about a month and my nails look fantastic. They are bright strong & a nice length. But I recommend not ordering the product by mail. It us less expensive at Rite Aid, CVS, or Bed Bath & Beyond.

  40. This worked great for me, even after one use. For being such a young age, 17, my nails crack, and split. Pink Armor works wonders for me, and it does not crack/chip off. In my opinion, only used it once every 5 days. Only apply ONE COAT per use, or you will not achieve the “perfect” nail .This product is for you to achieve the nails that you’ve always wanted, not for them to look completely perfect when not used with a polish.

  41. If you haven’t already, try using only one coat the first day instead of two, because some people put on two coats and they have the same chipping problem.

  42. I love it. I find it makes My toes look cuter. I use it alone or when I need some xolor I apply a coat then my nailpolosh then a top coat again and walla…my toe nails tend to be very thin and usualy after leavingin a polish for more thsn a week my nails brake but I just took it off after 2weeks and my nails have never looked it.

  43. Women complaining about there nails take a vitimain called biotion 5,000 mcg it fixes the probelm promise i take it my nails are so hard they dnt bend or crack or peel. Its natural an healthy for upur hair skin and nails.

  44. I bought this on a whim at Kmart for 9.99. I had just taken off my acrylics and my nails were in horrible shape! I’ve been using it now for about two months and my nails have grown in stronger and I have people tell me all the time how nice my nails look 🙂 Yes, it does chip along the edges, but only after a few days and only if I’ve had my hands in water a lot. I easily take it off with regular polish remover, wash my hands with mild soap and then re-polish – two coats. If I want color, I put one coat of Pink Armor, one coat of my color and then another coat of Pink Armor. I really like it!

  45. I saw this product at Walmart and was very skeptical but decided to give it a try. Very glad I did – it’s worked wonders for my nails! I’m surprised by the negative comments, especially those about chipping. I’ve been using this for about a month or so and have yet to have a nail chip. Before I began using Pink Armor my nails just wouldn’t grow and if they did manage just a little growth they would inevitably peel, crack or break. I can honestly say I have not had that happen to any of my nails since I began using this product. Very happy I found Pink Armor Nail Gel!!!

  46. I too was excited abt this product but alas! This product was available at Sears for $9 a bottle. Furthermore, after following directions & using it twice it really sucked! My nails seemed dried out & broke with a shatter instead of the usual crack from dry nails. Plus, my nails peeled like mad & this product kept peeling. Stick to good ole’ standby products from Sally Hanson. I shall!

  47. My hands broken out in a terrible rash and bumps.I went to the dermotologist and he said I was having allergic reaction to rash start right after I started using pink armor. I have never experienced anything like this.this product has some very bad ingredients in it.DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

  48. I loooove this product. I paid 9.99 at Walgreen’s, worth it, I have tried other products in the past and have never gotten the results I am experiencing. Over 2 months now and my nails have not split, snag or broken. In fact, I had to shape them down because they got longer than I expected and I like active length, another thing I never experience as well. My nails are gorgeous and haven’t been this length except when I had acrylic nais. I no longer go the salon and don’t need to. I love to see my nails painted and always postng them on my facebook to show them off. If you’ve tried others with no results I would recommend to try this. This is my staple product for my nails. Oh meant to mention that in the beginning I was putting on everyday because of habit but now I apply once a week. Still use as a base and top coat, that’s another thing my polishes are long lasting.

  49. I have been using this product for a couple of months now. I love it my nails used to always split down the middle of all my nails and never grow. Now all my nails are growing and i don’t need to go to a nail salon anymore.. I follow the instruction on the bottle. You need to take the old nail gel off after a week and reapply it. My nail have never been so long…

  50. I love nail polish, but I hate using it because any brand that I’ve tried chips and breaks usually within a day..then I’m reapplying and reapplying constantly. I have a little one at home and honestly don’t have the time to constantly be touching up my nail polish so, I quit using them altogether! Then I discovered Pink Armor…and my world has changed! I applied my regular nail polish and used Pink Armor as a top coat. It’s been 5 days now and not a single chip!! I am absolutely thrilled and look forward to tell (and show) my friends about this amazing product.

  51. Made all the nails I had brittle and break. Not a good product in my opinion waste of 10$

  52. I seen my nails started to get stronger! XD and that shows signs that this product is going to work and it chips a little then I reapply it on then my nails,feeltmweirdmbut strong so I tried to bend it a little and my nail,can bend. Btw when I was at school and I accedentily dropped my juice on my nail and the gel hardly chip but my nail didn’t break :)’I’m Impressed…

  53. This is seriously the worst product I’ve ever used for my nails. It chips hours after applying it to my nails. I’ve seen dollar store products work better than Pink Armor. My dermatologist told me the best way to strengthen nails is using a very good skin cream like Cera Ve to moisten the cuticles and top it off with Jojoba Oil found in any health food store. I’ve done reviews on the nail cocktail and it has excellent reviews. I quickly learned the hard way of course that infomercial products are so over-exagerrated thanks to ridiculously high-paid actors who probably think that suckers like me only fall for crap like that. And with that said, they’re definitely doing their job.

  54. Pink Armor contains formaldehyde which is a cancer-causing chemical. My order arrived yesterday. I placed the order o 12/4/2012. It was processed on 3/20/2012 and arrived 3/29/2012. I immediately read the ingredient list (off the bottle …with a strong magnifying glass, I might add, because there was no paperwork enclosed other than the Shipping Copy) and discovered the chemical. i thought the FDA had taken cosmetic products containing this dangerous ingredient off the market. A very unusual mail order company …

  55. Absolutely no good. My nails are in much worse shape after using this product for 2 weeks. I used this product in the hope it would make my nails stronger so they wouldn’t break so easily. Not only did it NOT keep them from breaking, now all my nails are peeling as well and in horrible condition. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!!

  56. It worked for about a month, then all my nails split, with the polish (gel)on. I took it off so my nails could breath and heal.. Not a good product, I’m so disappointed.

  57. This polish has made my nails break and peel worse than they were before. Not worth the $10

  58. Pink Amour can be purchased at all of the commercial drugstores, as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid. At 9.99 it worth buying for one of these stores. I have used it for 2 weeks and it has helped my nails grow out and become stronger I bought mine at Rite Aid, and glad I did instead of the website, as it’s still cheaper this way

  59. So far, I am NOT impressed. It chips almost instantly. So I need to remove it and reapply….that can’
    t be good for my nails either!

  60. Maybe consider actually TESTING the product when writng a so-called “review”. This is no review, it’s a page elaborating on whether someone ought to try the product. It’s filler.

  61. If we do the math, I pay 25 dollars to get to get 2 pink armor nail gel. I’d probably get a good month use of each bottle, so that makes it 12.50 per month, which is bargain. So if it works, I could potentially save about a hundred a month of manicure and pedicure alone. It’s a risky trial alright, but I think the potential benefit far outweighs the risk.

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