Does Tava Tea Really Work?

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Does Tava Tea work?Tava Tea is a weight loss tea that mostly relies on green tea. It says that it’s 100% organic, so can this really be a pretty healthy way to go about losing the weight? Many different weight loss products claim to be all natural, and this is one of the few we’ve seen that says it’s organic, so we’ll take a closer look and see.

When you go about losing weight, you really have to consider whether or not you want to take a product that has a lot of man made chemicals and synthetic substances. In recent years there have been more and more herbal diet pills and solutions coming out. At the same time, there has been a lot of talk about the wonders of green tea, and how it can do everything from warding off cancer to helping you lose weight. It’s been established that EGCG in green tea can help boost your metabolism, and thus lead to weight loss.

The Claim
Tava Tea says that you won’t have to work out in order to lose weight with their product, and that you won’t have to cut out your favorite foods, or follow any special diet either. They go to to state that you won’t have to take a lot of diet pills either, because this is a tea based system and only involve brewing and drinking tea.

They also claim that their blend has 3 different tea types, all organically grown and certified.

The Hype
This is a green tea product, and green tea is always making the health news headlines for some new benefit they found. There are so many studies being conducted on it, it’s one of the most studied and reported health foods on the planet. Plus it’s been around for thousands of years, so it has the hype of being really old, but also being validated by medical studies.

The Cost
Tava Tea is $40 for 20 bags of it. You can get the price down to $30 a pack if you get a 6 pack of it. It’s important not to size this up to the green tea you’ll see for sale on the tea aisle of the supermarket. That’s just ordinary green tea, not organic, and it doesn’t contain the three tea blend that this does. At roughly $2 per bag the price is comparable to whey protein shakes and other health foods.

The Commitment
Compared to other diet plans and programs, this seems relatively easy. Making tea of any kind is usually a pretty soothing experience, and with this you simply brew it an drink as you would a normal tea. They say that’s all you have to do in order to see the results.

Tava Tea seems like it would be a good thing to drink, even if it didn’t cause you to lose weight. The reports have long been in on drinking green tea for your health, and this contains all of those important ingredients, and by combining three different blends of tea into one drink, it is not hard to imagine that there is a synergistic effect and weight loss would be the byproduct of it. If nothing else you are getting the effects of EGCG as well as the antioxidants from the different tea leaves.

We like that it is organic, because this means that you are not putting any unwanted chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides into your body that other products could contain. It would be a good idea to drink an organic herbal green tea every day just for your health, putting aside any weight loss benefits, but since this helps you lose weight as well it’s like a double bonus. This is something that you could continue on with for the long term with zero worry about harmful side effects over time. That’s something you can’t say with most diet products.

Final Tava Tea Review

Tava Tea is getting a solid Try rating from us. It’s hard not to want to give this a try. Some of their claims might be a little much, but if you just stick to the fact that this is a healthy thing to do for your body, then you can’t go wrong. Also, they have a pretty remarkable 6 month guarantee on their product, which to us shows that they don’t want you to keep it unless you’re really happy with it.

Our Recommendation
We’re recommending this, with one condition. Even though they say that you don’t have to follow any special diet or do any crazy exercises, we’d still recommend incorporating this green tea into an overall healthy lifestyle. We agree that you shouldn’t have to follow a strenuous diet, but just eating sensibly and with proper portions would suffice, and getting more active, even with just a daily walk while you’re drinking the tea will really increase the results you see, and improve your overall well-being.

What do you think? Does Tava Tea work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does Tava Tea Really Work?

  1. The Chinese have been drinking green tea for thousands of years and they haven’t had much health problems in that country until western foods started to creep into their diet. I know tava tea is raved by reviewers and regular people alike, so that’s a plus but still, it makes you wonder just how effective it really is. The price is a little hefty, but for someone as busy as me, it is a very attractive product.

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