Does Testofuel Really Work?

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Does TestoFuel work?The makers of Testofuel says that it’s undergone plenty of research, and that it can provide the sort of testosterone boost that steroids provide, without the harmful side effects. There is definitely a link between testosterone and muscle production, so the question is does this work to boost your levels?

The recent trend among bodybuilders is to make sure that they’re getting enough testosterone. It’s been understood that this is a key component in having enough energy in the gym to give it your all, and there has been plenty of use of steroids and other supplements designed to get you to lift more than you typically could, sparking more muscle growth than you could achieve naturally.

The Claim
The main claims made on Testofuel is that it can help your body produce more testosterone on its own. This would mean that it’s coming from a natural source, and not just a matter of adding a synthetic testosterone to the system. They say that the result is that you’ll have more growth than you otherwise would, larger muscles, and more energy. They also say that after working out you’ll be able to recover more quickly, leading to less down time, which only speeds up the results even faster.

The Hype
Anytime you promise more muscle to guys that want to get bigger, you’re involving some hype. That’s a strong desire, and often leads to a purchase as long as you have an attractive product. In this case the product comes in pill form, so it makes it very easy to take, and the thought of getting bigger muscles just by taking a pill is one that a lot of men can’t resist.

The Cost
One month of Testofuel is $69. They have it set up so that the more you buy at one time, the less you’ll pay per box. The best prices can be found by getting four boxes at once for $209 which breaks down to $52.25 per bottle, which also nets you some bonus items like a t-shirt and some e-books.

The Commitment
All that you’ll need to do is take the pills as directed, and then go work it out in the gym as best as you can. Some users have said that the results take a few weeks to kick in, so it’s important not to jump the gun on this one and start looking for results too soon. This is a 3 pill per day regimen, so you’ll want to make sure that you don’t miss any doses so that you get the full effect from your efforts.

Getting accurate feedback on a product like Testofuel can be tricky, because bodybuilders are generally taking more than one supplement at a time, so it’s hard to establish which one is providing the results. Also, it’s not as if there’s a control group involved when you’re looking at personal experiences. It’s just one person saying whether or not it worked for them. Not very helpful, since there are too many unknowns.

One nice feature is that this is stimulant free, so while it may help you to lift more in the gym, you won’t be left lying awake at night wondering why you can’t get to sleep. The claim that it helps to reduce the amount of body fat, even around the stomach area is interesting, as many times a spare tire is thought of as something men develop as they age, and could be a sign that your testosterone levels have dropped. They also state that you’ll be able to revitalize your sex drive, and this is often brought up as a side benefit or the main benefit of improving your testosterone levels.

Final Testofuel Review

Testofuel is getting our Solid Try rating. It’s worked for some, but not for others, which is to be expected when you’re dealing with so many different body types, and so many different expectation levels. The fact that it worked for some users is reason enough to believe that it can work under the right conditions. Of course we did not factor in the obvious bogus reviews from those simply trying to make a referral commission, and only based our decision on real user feedback.

Our Recommendation
There’s no one product out there that will get you the body you want, which is why so many strength trainers are using a combination of products to produce the desired results. It’s really a matter of finding out what works for you and your body type in relation to your goals. Keeping safety in mind at all times is important, and the ingredients used in this product are naturally sourced, leading to less of a chance of a negative reaction, but it is still possible. Always check with your doctor before starting this or any other supplement.

What do you think? Does Testofuel work or not?

49 Customer Reviews on “Does Testofuel Really Work?

  1. Read reviews before I bought it and now after 4months taking every day and working out hard 4times a week..good solid diet,,they didn’t do anything for me.dont believe some pics and comments of people saying after 2-3weks they were so different from before..bit disappointed too say the least..still have a few boxes left from my second batch as I really wanted them too work..I’m sure any slight difference in how I look is purely down too my good diet(calorie surplus)of. Carbs and protein..good fat..but no matter what you think..or feel like giving up..don’t..because your always going too be better than you were when you started!👍

  2. Do not purchase this product!!! I purchased the 4 bottle pack and took it for 6 weeks. I lift 5 days a week and am very careful about my diet and water intake but I had splitting headaches every day from the first day to the last that I took this product. The day I stopped taking it was the day the headaches stopped. I wasn’t worried though because they have an “iron clad guarantee” right? Not so much. When I contacted customer service I was told that the guarantee was for people who bought 90 days worth and had used it for 90 days. Because it gave me migraine headaches for 6 weeks I was not able to receive the refund. They did agree to refund the unused portion minus a $35 “processing fee” as well as shipping costs. So after it was all said and done I would have gotten about 25% of my money back. I saw no noticeable positive effects from this product, only headaches. Their “guarantee” is worthless. Save your money and buy some creatine and quality protein and you will be much better off.

  3. My buddy at the gym told me about this stuff so I decided to try it out for myself. Some people say that testosterone boosters do nothing but when you are over 30, you need all the help that you can get, even if its just 5 – 10% more.

    Ingredients are all natural which I like. Price is a bit expensive. Shipping was fast. I bought a 4 month supply.

    For the first few weeks I didn’t feel much. It was around week 3 or 4 that I really started to see the difference, I was lifting more in the gym and when I was in the gym it just felt right, every session was a good session and it helped to keep me motivated and actually go. If I’m paying for this, I want to see results.
    Overall, I saw some strength and muscle gains and lost a bit of fat. This stuff works but it isn’t steroids.

  4. This product is a scam. I used it for 3 months straight and saw no deviation from my previous rate of muscle/strength games. Its all mind games for the company to just make more money. Lets see if this review is even allowed to be published.

  5. I am ex military, during my time in the forces the and the guys were always trying out new supplements, some in them were even on the gear. I found that only a few of these supplements really worked, creatine and pre-workouts were my fave. Then I gave testofuel a go because of the D-aspartic acid, oyster extract and vitamin D. Within a few weeks I noticed the difference, my lifts are stronger and I just feel at the top of my game. This is definitely worth the money, over the other crap that is out there.

  6. I bought 2 boxes of this and used it for 2 months, I noticed saw some good results, quicker muscle gains and more energy. But it is a bit pricey to take all year round. Next time I want a boost I will buy the ingredients separate and take them, hopefully that will have the same effect.

  7. This product is a rip off, its a total scam!

    The company is based in Panama which raises red flags straight away any one putting a product into their body wants to know how and where its manufactured. There is a total lack of real reviews online, everything is faked or someone has a direct monetary gain from a review.

    I would stay well clear of this over priced under developed scam product.

  8. I have to agree with you. Why would anyone spend so much money on this product? My nephew is a body builder and never uses anything. He tells everyone the key to gaining muscle and staying lean and fit is to eat right and to exercise. There are so many products on the market claiming to do this same exact thing, but the reality is if you want to gain muscle and stay fit, then you have to put the effort in doing so. There isn’t a magic pill or shake to do this for you.

  9. I can’t imagine any one would want to buy this product given the massive price. The field of testosterone boosters has exploded recently, and there are numerous studies out there that claim to show how well these products affect athletic performance. But it is very hard to get a report that wasn’t funded by the company selling the product! I know lots of body builders who have experimented with all kinds of supplements over the years, including testosterone, and they all say the same thing. If you want to stay natural, then the only thing that works is a clean diet and time. It can take five years to put on 10-15 pounds of lean muscle. Everything else is a gimmick designed to make money.

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