Does The Jump Manual Really Give You Ups?

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Does the Jump Manual really workThe Jump Manual has gotten the attention of a lot of people, mostly due to what it claims. It says it can add several inches to your vertical leap, and has a lot of video documentation of people jamming basketballs, supposedly thanks to this system. So can it really give you the kind of jumping ability you thought was only reserved for NBA stars and NCAA hopefuls?

In basketball nothing will get you more respect than being able to dunk, and do so with style. The number one factor in how well you can do this is not your height – just remember Spud Webb, and it’s not your weight because there are several big men that can dunk even with a large frame. It’s how high you can jump that really makes the difference. And this ability can be worked at, trained for, and enhanced in dozens of ways, many of which people don’t really know about.

The Claim
The claim is easy enough to spot, they shout it loud and proud that they can add 10 inches to your vertical leap. They not only claim it but they guarantee it. This is a pretty impressive claim. If you are 6 feet tall your arm reach is another foot or two, you only need to jump about 2 feet up in order to touch the rim. This means that if you can already touch or grab the rim if use the Jump Manual it should give you the clearance to get the ball over the rim and dunk.

The Hype
The hype is that most every guy on the planet would love to be able to dunk. It’s just about the coolest thing you can do, even if you’re not an avid basketball player. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, skinny or fat, this is one desire that’s pretty much universal.

The Cost
Jump Manual is $67 and is downloadable so you don’t have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. Since it consists of both video and an ebook you can get started with it moments after you buy it.

The Commitment
If you’re an avid basketball fan, you probably won’t need to work on your commitment level here because the desire to dunk, or if you already can dunk to be able to do some trick dunks, will be off the chart. But you have to keep that enthusiasm up because the results can be slow at first but they build on each other so you should be in it for the long haul, set your own personal goals and don’t give up until you achieve them.

There are other jump courses that we’ve evaluated, but we haven’t seen one this comprehensive before. They’ve come up with angles that we never would have considered when thinking about jumping ability. Before checking this out we pretty much thought that it was just a matter of doing things like squats and lunges, and practicing your jumping. But the way they come at this from multiple angles really sets it apart. You aren’t getting something that just gives you the obvious short-sighted techniques. This is really well thought out.

The workout charts, while sounding simple, are actually invaluable. We recommend printing them out so you have a hard copy, and something you can work with in the “real world” that gets you off of the computer and out where the magic happens. Be sure to keep detailed records of your progress, as it’s hard to see how far you’ve come without being able to look at where you started. We also suggest taking before and after videos as you go along, as these are the best way to remember.

The Jump Manual creator discusses how he developed the idea:
Probably our favorite part is that they allow you to do plenty of the exercises without needing to join a gym or have a weight room available to you. It sucks when you get a program like this and then find out that most of what they’re showing you requires you to join a gym, and worse than that a gym that has a specific piece of exercise equipment. In order to insure that you’re going to be able to do what they recommend, and keep this going for the long run, you need to be able to do these exercises from anywhere, any time you get the inkling to.

Final Jump Manual Review

For purchases like this you have to consider your other options, and the other products that are competing for your hard-earned cash. Is this the best value for your money and time? You don’t want to get this and then find something better down the road that you should have gone with. In our opinion this is the best vertical jump program being sold right now. When you consider the alternative of teaching yourself, or just training using free videos and free tips from forums, it’s the better alternative.

Our Recommendation
You owe it to yourself to at least try out the Jump Manual program and see the results you get. Put them to the test, see if they really can get your vertical jump to increase by 10 inches. If you only get to 8 you can get your money back with a clear conscience because they guaranteed 10. But the only way you’re going to truly know if it does what it says is to stop contemplating, test it out, and measure the results you personally get.

What do you think? Does the Jump Manual work or not?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does The Jump Manual Really Give You Ups?

  1. This has to be one of the most niche items I have ever seen. At what point do you think to yourself, “You know, I really would like to be able to jump higher.” What are we, reaching for low-hanging fruit?
    But no, I get it. It just made me laugh when I saw it.
    But joking hides pain, right?
    I played a lot of ball when I was a kid and could never quite dunk. I satisfied myself with the fact that all the real work happens on the rebound, but I was kidding myself. I wanted to be able to dunk, just ‘Like Mike’.
    That being said, this still feels like an unbelievably strange thing. Do some lunges. Do some squats. Could there possibly be more to it than that?

  2. Ive been on the program for a month and a half, it recommends three workouts a week but since I also play basketball I can only do it once or twice a week. That said I have gained almost 4 inches since doing the program and I am going to continue to do it

  3. If I wouldn’t of stumbled on this blog… I would of never heard of this Jump Manual!!!?? Crazy cool product. I’m definitely goin’ to have a few homies pitch in for this one! Maybe I should just get it for myself and flex my dunk skills. Either way, I’m checkin’ for this! Dunkin’ is definitely not easy and if this helps me get an edge, I’m in! Anyone here try this??? Curious to hear if it really works.

  4. This manual has gotten my attention too. I really want to gain some inches. I definitely must try it. Thanks!

  5. I am always a bit hesitant when I hear about such claims, but you’re right, when you test it and really try and you don’t reach the promised goal, you can always get your money back. I agree with you that it’s worth giving it a try. You just have to really want it though and not buy it and never do anything with it.

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