Do Thermal Aid Packs Really Work?

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Does Thermal Aid work?Thermal Aid is a line of special stuffed animals that serve as heating and cooling pads for kids. They say they were developed by the medical field to provide therapeutic relief for your child, but how well are parents saying they work in real situations?

Kids can come down with all sorts of illnesses, infections, bumps and bruises, and it can seem like they’re often in need of some sort of comforting or treatment. Keeping an ice pack handy is a good idea, and having a go-to heating pad is a must, depending on what the current condition calls for. Here is a product that hopes to provide both, wrapped up in a stuffed animal your child will prefer over standard cooling and heating packs.

The Claim
The makers of Thermal Aid stuffed animals say that whether your child needs a heating pad or a cooling pad they’ve got you covered, as these can go either way. They say that these stuffed animals provide therapeutic relief from a myriad of different ailments that kids can experience as they’re growing up. They say that these products have undergone university testing and that they’re approved by doctors, and it wouldn’t be hard to see why they would be, since it’s not as if they are introducing an entirely new concept to the market, just an enhancement on an already well-known product.

The Hype
There is an infomercial that goes along with this product that shows it being used, and shows kids feigning discomfort for the cameras. Of course they need to create a believable scenario to try to sell the product, but it does exaggerate things a bit. As a parent you don’t really need to be reminded of what it’s like to have an ailing child because you likely remember the last time quite clearly and see the value in a product like this.

The Cost
It’s $31 for two Thermal Aid zoo animals. We like that you’re getting a two-pack here because you’ll want one in reserve so that if the heating pack gets cool you’ve got a pack up, or if the cooling pack starts to get warm you’ve got another one ready right away. Having to take the pack away from your child and wait for it to get hot or cold again would be a real deal breaker.

The Commitment
This should make it easier for you to help your child, and also make them more likely to keep the heating or cooling pack on the affected area. Since it’s using the microwave to heat it, and the refrigerator to cool it, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in to keep it going.

The concept behind Thermal Aid packs is a solid one. You take a proven winner with kids, stuffed animals, and you integrate a time-tested product like heating and cooling pads, and it’s a recipe for success. One thing you might want to watch out for is the eyes and nose of the stuffed animal and how they respond to being heated in the microwave. They should be alright, since that is what the product is designed for, but it’s best to double check before giving it to your child.

When your child is running a fever, a nice cool stuffed animal is going to comfort them in more ways than one. It will be soft to the touch but also cool and soothing on their hot head. When they have body aches and pains the stuffed animals is the natural choice for a heating pad, and it will be easy for them to want to use it and keep it in place.

It’s awesome that these are filled with corn, as you’re getting an all-natural stuffing that you can feel good about your child getting up close and snuggly with. The corn is designed to hold both heat and cold for long periods, so you won’t have to continually recharge it, and it should provide long-lasting relief.

Final Thermal Aid Review

We’re giving Thermal Aid our Thumbs Up rating, which is our highest rating, due to the positive feedback it’s gained, as well as the design of the product and how it was manufactured and thought out. The price point is right on with these, and we like that you’re getting two of them. We like that you get a wide selection of animals to choose from, but it would be better if they let you choose two different animals rather than having to get the same one. Although it is good because you can simply swap out the same animal so your child might not even notice, but it would be nice to have an option at the time of purchase.

Our Recommendation
We recommend picking up a pair of these because at the price point of about $30 you get two of them delivered to your door, and you simply can’t go wrong with them. A nice thing to do when your child outgrows them is to donate them to charity as another child would definitely benefit from them after washing them. Kids are bound to need this sort of comfort, it’s just a part of growing up, and it provides a good feeling as a parent to know that you’re helping to comfort your child and ease them through the growing pains.

What do you think? Does Thermal Aid work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Do Thermal Aid Packs Really Work?

  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could please answer some of my questions relating this product. What is the product used, that is inside the stuff animal? (The heating and cooling pack). Where can I get more info about the pack? If I freeze the product overnight, how long will it stay cool before it begins to warm up again (you guys should include it in your commercial cause now I dont know now I’m fucking pissed off) Your cooperation helps a lot! Thank you!

  2. My toddler absolutely loves his bear. He is extremely clumsy and also seems to sleep much better when he’s cool. I’ve used the bear myself and it’s not by any means uncomfortable. My son HAS to sleep with his bear every night so it can’t be all that uncomfortable to him. We have had problems keeping the bear clean though, as my son is practically attached to the thing on the daily. I did however find a wonderful natural solution though, it’s called dry washing. Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 1 drop of tea tree oil, 1 drop of eucalyptus oil, and 1 drop of lavender oil in a large freezer bag and mix thoroughly. Toss in the bear, shake it real good to coat, and freeze for a half an hour. Remove bear, shake off excess baking soda and wipe down with a warm damp cloth. It’s got antibacterial properties, smells amazing, rids of odor and is kid safe. Also, I’ll add that we’ve been using the bear for a year and a half and the eyes and nose haven’t shown any issues of any kind. I give this bear 4 out of 5 stars. Although it’s amazing in many ways, the fact that it can’t be submerged in water is a huge issue for us. I’d love to just throw it in the wash with my son’s clothes and be done with it, but instead I must take more time to ensure it’s clean by surface washing. We have 3 kids so extra time isn’t something I have much of. Recently, our babysitter submerged the bear in water to clean it. It has a stench that just will NOT go away no matter what I do. I guess that works for the company though as we’ll be likely purchasing more since my son can’t live without his bear right now. To sum it up, all in all thermal aid bear is a great product and works for hours both warm and cool. I’ll recommend them to any parent, any person that suffers from chronic pain or illnesses in any way, clumsy and accident prone people, and anyone who gets frequent headaches/migraines. The uses for this bear are endless.

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