Does Up Your Mass Really Work?

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Does Up Your Mass work?Up Your Mass is a protein supplement that promises to add solid pounds of muscle to any physique, even those that have trouble gaining weight. But what are actual users saying about how it works?

There are different body types out there, and for some it can be hard to put on muscle. Others seem to put it on quite easily by just working out and eating more high-protein foods. That’s why there are products for both types, ones that help you gain muscle but keep the fat down, and others that help you to bulk up without so much attention put on weight loss.

The Claim
Up Your Mass, quite frankly and in the title, says that you can increase your body mass by taking it as directed. They say that years of research have gone into the product, and that the end result is a powerful formula that is designed to get you the results you’ve been trying to get by using other products.

They say it can provide results in as little as 5 weeks, and that it’s formula is based on science, which is what makes it so reliable.

The Hype
The bodybuilding world is littered with hype because all you have to do is tell someone your product will get them what they’ve always wanted: more muscle. It’s an easy promise to make, but harder to live up to. It seems that any product that shows even the slightest bit of results will get people talking about it, and that seems to be the case here.

The Cost
The cost for a 2 pound bucket of Up Your Mass can be as low as $14, making it one of the lower-priced supplements available. When compared to other products in this price range that are promising the same or similar results, we’ve seen much higher prices, even those that are twice the price.

The Commitment
Like any weight-gaining supplement you’ll want to be sure that you’re lifting weights and pushing your muscles to the max in order for them to repair themselves and get bigger. You’ll want to commit to the product long enough to properly evaluate it and to give it a fair shake. It would be good to take objective measurements before you start so that you have something to compare it against later. Taking a “before” picture will also be helpful so that you know exactly what you looked like when you started.

Up Your Mass contains a time-released protein formula that is designed not only to add muscle to your body, but to make that muscle the kind you really want, dense and lean. It does this by feeding your muscles for a solid 8 hours with each dose.

The reviews for this are pretty stellar for a bodybuilding supplement. Most of the times you will see split feedback, with equal numbers saying it works or it doesn’t. This has a definite slant towards those that say it works, tastes good, and helped them reach new levels of muscle.

One important factor to consider when using any type of ingestible supplement is how good it tastes. Simply put, the better it tastes the more likely you are to take it, as well as stick with it, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not taking something that tastes like sawdust. From what we’re seeing Up Your Mass has high flavor reviews, with most people complimenting it on its taste, regardless of if it worked for them or not.

Final Up Your Mass Review

Despite it’s somewhat off-putting name, Up Your Mass actually gets the Thumbs Up rating from us. The overwhelming number of positive reviews it gets from third party forums, as well as professional critics of bodybuilding supplements make this a definite try. At this price point it’s very easy to give it a go for a month and see what sort of results it provides. With a very low number of reported adverse side effects, and social proof saying that it works for the majority that try it, this product is something you don’t want to pass up, or foo foo it away.

Our Recommendation
When it comes to putting on muscle, and finding products to help you in your pursuit, you have to remain diligent, even if something has worked out for you in the past. It’s a process of trial and error. The fallacy lies in thinking that the top bodybuilders, or even those guys in the gym with muscle-packed bodies, got it right the first time when they were choosing a supplement. In all likelihood they are using a combination of products in conjunction with each other, and they went through the process of figuring out what worked for them, and what didn’t.

What do you think? Does Up Your Mass work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Up Your Mass Really Work?

  1. One of the things you have to be careful with are these types of powders. If you don’t have a proper routine to use in combination with these, you going to get some really unexpected results. One of them is ending up with huge beer belly along with your muscles. Even though you might look stronger, like Andres mentioned: it’s all going to end up around your middle. So if you want to get muscular these are not something you should heavily rely on especially if all that muscle is covered with fat. Be careful.

  2. This is a decent price for what it is, which is essentially a massive amount of concentrated calories. So, taking any supplement that sells itself as a mass builder, is giving you protein, which your body needs to repair and grow new muscle tissue, but it is also giving you an enormous dose of sugar and carbohydrates. If you lift weights regularly and take the supplement regularly, what will happen is your mass will increase. This does not mean you will look like an underwear model, because you will have a pretty big belly. Yes your chest and arms will look bigger, but trust me, the real size is going to be around your middle.

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