Does Urcinol Really Work?

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Does Urcinol work?Urcinol is presented as an all-natural remedy for gout, and says that it can help with your uric acid levels and diminish the symtoms that come with gout. But what do real users think?

Gout can be a very debilitating condition, and preventing flare-ups is key. While it’s always best to consult with your doctor regarding your gout, it doesn’t hurt to seek out a natural solution so that you don’t have to resort to taking prescription medication. In addition to watching what you eat and avoiding foods that can trigger a flare up, taking an all natural supplement seems like a very smart way to go. As long as it works, of course.

The Claim
The makers of Urcinol state that it acts to lessen the amount of inflammation you experience, and reduce the amount of pain that comes with gout. They say that you’ll be able to better metabolize the purine in your system, and that you uric acid levels will be lowered in a safe and natural way. They also say that it helps to prevent crystal build up in your urine, in your joints, as well as your kidneys due to excessive uric acid.

They say that this works to remove the cause of the painful symptoms, so that you have prolonged periods of wellness and avoid gout attacks in the first place. They also claim that their formula uses all natura ingredients, and provides a comprehensive treatment.

The Hype
If you’ve experienced a gout attack you know that there’s no way to hype up the suffering caused by this ailment, so there is a strong motivation to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Companies like to use these strong desires in order to position their products as potential saviors. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your research on any product claiming to be a miracle cure in a bottle, and keep a level head.

The Cost
A one-month supply of Urcinol is $40, and they have a few different ways to bring the cost down. You can either sign up for their auto-ship program where they send you a new bottle each month, which gets your per bottle cost down to $30, or you can buy them in bulk and get basically the same discount. Order 3 at a time and they’re $30 each. They have a 90 day money back guarantee, but they ask that you try it out for at least 30 days before making up your mind.

The Commitment
This is a supplement that you take daily in order to keep your uric acid levels in check. If you find that it works for you it’s something that you’d want to take long term in order to prevent a flare up. They do want you to try it out for a full 30 days, and this is something we see often with products that use all natural ingredients. Unlike a prescription drug that starts working the moment you take it, natural ingredients generally take take to build up in the system and produce the desired results. So even though it’s billed as an “instant relief formula” you should be patient, which can be hard to do when you’re in pain.

Our big question is what are users of Urcinol saying about how well it works, and are there any meaningful statistics that show it has a high likelihood of working. We weren’t able to give it our highest rating due to a lack of data, but what is out there points to it being able to work, we just need a larger sample size. However, with the guarantee that they provide, we were able to give it our second highest rating, since there is a strong chance that it will provide you with the results it promises.

One aspect that you might not be comfortable with is the idea of taking a pill, any pill, for the rest of your life. This is something that you could experiment with as you get further along with the product. Finding your specific maintenance dose would be helpful, and you may find that by eating the right foods, avoiding the wrong foods, and reducing this to every other day would provide the same benefits.

Final Urcinol Review

Urcinol is getting our Solid Try rating. The feedback it gets suggests that it does work, as long as you use it while making dietary adjustments, and for more than just a few weeks. Look out for other “reviews” that compare it to other gout remedies and give it a lower marking in an effort to boost up the one they’re promoting. Everything we found suggests that this is a helpful way to treat symptoms and prevent future attacks. Of course every person is different, and each case of gout has its own severity level, which is why it’s nice that this comes with a money back guarantee in case it doesn’t work for your situation.

Our Recommendation
Gout requires a comprehensive approach in order to treat it successfully. While they say that this product provides that in pill form, it’s still a good idea to follow your doctor’s advice in regards to what you should be eating and what you should stop eating. If this can help to reduce the need for prescription drugs, or eliminate them entirely it would be highly recommended, but of course always listen to your doctor, just express your desire to treat it as naturally as possible.

What do you think? Does Urcinol work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does Urcinol Really Work?

  1. I couldn’t take the prescribed meds for gout due to my high blood pressure. I googled my symptoms and found Urcinol. My doctors didn’t think it would help. I ordered it and within 24 hours I could walk again. Albeit ice packs and acetaminophen were a big part. since, I haven’t had any issues until I skipped a couple of days. i started feeling THAT pain and immediately started taking Urcinol again. Pain subsided. Other than a normal arthritis pain. I have no flair ups

  2. I used to have gout flair-ups all the time until I started taking Urcinol and I haven’t had one since! Ive been on it for 10years and will be on it the rest of my life!

  3. I started taking urcinol about 7 years ago and it has changed my life. I was having to get a steroid shot in either my ankle, big toe or knee at least every 3 months(that was as often as my doctor would allow). since then I have not had 1 shot or a significant gout attack. It may not work for everyone, but I have recommended it to dozens of people and they all say it has helped them also.

  4. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Gout. I was placed on colchicine but experienced flair ups while on that. My wife found a pill on amazon called urcinol so she got me a bottle and I tried it. Me being me, stopped taking the pills after the first bottle and about 2 months after that got a small flair up so I ordered another bottle which helped. Again I stopped taking urcinol and was flair up free for over a year. 2 days ago I got a twinge if pain, so at 8pm I took a pill, drank 32 oz of water. Woke up for work with the pain, Took another pill, and drank 32 oz of water, and by 10 am, I had full mobility back in my foot. So regardless of how urcinol works for you, I’m here to say, it works wonders for me.

  5. I started having gout attacks about 5 years ago. One was so bad I couldn’t get my shoes on for 2 weeks.luckily I’m retired and didn’t have to go to work.I found urinal on the Web and tried it.took about 3 days but filly got relief. I continued to take until I ran out. Did not reorder and a few weeks later I had another flare up.I reordered and I’ve been fine ever since. Take 2 every night at bedtime. I will never stop taking these pills again. The thought of another flare up scares the hell out of me.

  6. do not be miss led I start having the gout 2 months ago. the pain was so bad I could not stand the pain worse pain I ever had, worse than when

  7. Started getting gout attacks 3 years ago at age 66. We all know how bad that pain is and how long it can last. Did extensive research to see what might work for me. Emphasis on me because I have learned that everyone reacts to gout remedies in different ways so you need to experiment to see what works for you. But here are some thoughts: watch your weight, the more overweight you are the more likely you are to get gout and get ot more severely. My weight fluctuates and when it’s down (say 10 to 15 lbs.) I don’t get gout – soon as it starts to go up I usually get symptoms. Organ meats are absolutely the worst for you – avoid them. Most saltwater fish likewise but freshwater fish (like bass) much less so. Sugary fruit drinks and soda are sure catalysts to bring on an attack – have a coke once a month and really enjoy it. Candy is also a killer. Legumes can be eaten but in small amounts and moderately. So diet does count as does weight. Other helps to avoid getting an attack is drink lots of water as it flushes the system, squeeze 3 limes into a 1/2 gallon container, add water and drink a 1/2 gallon each day (do not add sugar) and yes it is tart but so what if it helps, eat fresh papaya often or take bromelain daily, fresh oranges or vitamin C powder help a lot, drink a glass of apple cider vinegar with water once a month and lastly, try silicea , a homeopathic remedy which you can get at a lot of health food stores. As for urcinol I have been using it for 3 years and with all the other stuff noted above I can’t say for sure if it works or not by itself but I take it because I don’t want that pain or the incapacitation that it brings. Does what I note work for me ? Well I love wine and drink a lot of it (no beer) average a bottle every other night. I eat whatever I want but in moderation and that’s the key because as soon as I stray or weaken I get symptoms or a full fledged attack. Fortunately it’s been a year since my last attack. Good luck.

  8. I have been using urcinol for two years now and it works very well. I take one capsule a day and I don t have the pain and swelling I use to have with gout. I also take two tart cherry capsules and one panothenic capsules a day. I buy three bottles at a time and it saves me money that way. I never have flair ups. I drink water everyday also. This is worth buying.

  9. again me Peter same day ,,,,,forgot to mention that i did”nt change my eating habits and not much of a alcohol drinker ,,,,only drink social ,so thats not my case for gout. its probaly the buid up of uridic acid over the years and exploded all in one shot…….man its not funny !!!!! i feel like a criple and im only 58 and was healthy all my life till now……f…ck urcinol please bring me back………so far so good ……like i said will get back with results ,,,,,,,cheers peter

  10. i got my first gout attack the 15 of august this year 2016,it was so savere i was crawling and crying at the same time. it attacked under my both heels and one ankle on the make along story short ,i crawled to a doctor and perscribed all the bullshit pills everyone said on this sight,and even went to hospital by ambulance and shouted and violently told eveyone off ,for no=one was helping .but only asking questions and i was in escrutiating pain ,,,,so i then called a van taxi and brought me home ,better home and in pain than being in that waiting room and all those misfits…….so i than out of desperation got on the internet and looked for a natural solution if any for gout , after a big serach and reading up on gout , i came accross urcinol……..i read over 200 reviews and then finally convienced ,i ordered 3 bottles and the delivery was amaziglly fast ,,,after 3 days and im from canada……all exited i opened a bottle and saw the capsuals and was scared for didn”t know how to take it…for it looked like i read up on capsuals and saw they were made of gelitan and would desolve accordinglly, so i don”ttake the recomended 2 capsuals a day ….i only take one every night before bed, its been ten days now and whats happening as of now is that ….i can walk but slowly and still a little pain and right ankle still inflates but only during the day but when i get up its not as inflated,,,,,,,it looks like its doing something for im not in escrutiating pain and my stomach doesn”t hurt,,,,,,and atleast can walk but very slowly and better than those meds……and feeling better and hope at the end of the month i can feel totally normal again especially the inflamation ,,,,,i don”t like looking at it,,,,,,they say be patient ……so i will and go as far as taking 2 caps a day if i have too……i will get back to tell of my results cause if it will work for me completely ,,,,i will tell you for gout is no joking matter as you know,,,,,,,its my first and hopfully my last with this product…..cheers

  11. About two years ago I was driving over-the-road in the trucking industry. All of a sudden I had a gout flare up like none before. That day I had eaten a small steak, ribs, potato, and asparagus. The next two months there were three more attacks. My attacks are severe, it affects my feet and knees. I cannot explain the pain, but it is severe. I kept working and found myself unable to hit the gas or the clutch (depending on which knee or foot was worse) without experiencing a tear and some foul language. This is not good. The doctor put me on the common Gout medicine with a list of side affects taller than Shaq. After a few months on the medicine I started having minor flares ups (minor as far as gout goes, maybe only one leg was unable to bend). My wise Father started looking around for a better solution and found Urcinol by PurMedica. He sent me a bottle and within a couple of weeks I was me again. It has been over two years since I started taking it and I love it. If I stay away from pork ribs and asparagus I have no pain. I really liked asparagus too. Oh well.


  13. I have been suffering gout attacks for years, one or two every year, but the end of 2013 and the first months of 2014 was really terrible, one gout attack every 20 days, and I had allopurinol daily to prevent it. Then to solve the pain during the attack colchicina that hurt the stomach and provoque diarrea. I have been taking Urcinol from July2014 and no attacks since then. It works for me. The last month the bank where i had my account have been bough for another one and my credit card have changed, Urcinol didn´t get the money and don´t send me the capsules.
    Be sure that I will buy Urcinol again, and I recomend it. It´s necesary the first months avoid drink alcohol, specially beer, and meat and proteins, but progresivelly I have now a normal diet, with wine, beer and meat, but being cautious. I repeat,Urcinol has worked for me. Regards. Pepe.

  14. Ok my question here is how is it that one reviewer claims its a waste of money and doesn’t work at all yet the other claims its fabulous and worked for her. Was one a paid testimony?

  15. I am absolutely crazy about this supplement, I don’t take it unless I am feeling any symptoms, I used to take Allopurinol and I still got gout, when I got gout i used to take 3 medications to relieve the symptoms and that took about 3 or 4 days.
    Gout woke me up last night, I took 2 Urcinol and 2 painkillers and 1/2 an ambien, fell a sleep on the couch, woke up this morning took 2 more, 2 more at midday and 2 more with 2 painkillers (OTC) at 10pm and my symptoms have gone, almost no pain at all. I’ll take 2 more in the morning and I’ll be done for another 6 odd months. I bought a 90 day supply 2 or 3 years ago and I’m on the last bottle. Yes, I know i take more than is recommended but it works for me. Much, much better than than the drugs that knock the crap out of me. I don’t take any other supplements or get taken in by adverts but this stuff really works for me.

  16. Urcinol simply does not work so save your money. The so called money back guarantee is also scammy because they want you to return empty bottles. That’s just simply retarded. Even following a strict gout diet while on Urcinol, I had repeated attacks during the 3 months I used the product as directed. Good luck in finding relief from your gout. Urcinol is NOT the solution!

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