Does Dermarest Really Work?

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Does Dermarest work?Dermarest makes two different kinds of products, one that treats eczema, and one that treats psoriasis. These are two rather annoying an aggravating conditions, so it’s essential to have a reliable remedy for them any time they creep up. So is this the one?

If you’ve been suffering with either eczema or psoriasis then you know that they can be rather tricky to treat. You might find something that works well for a brief period of time, but then stops working, or you might have worked your way through several different products or prescriptions with no long-term relief yet. You’re not alone, as there are millions of people across the country with the same problem, looking for a solution that works.

The Claim
Dermarest claims that their products are able to relieve you of your symptoms, like itching, flaking, scaling, dryness, and redness that comes with them. They flat out state that this is not a cure, and that they don’t make it go away for good. That’s actually quite refreshing because many products of this nature promise the world and set people up for disappointment. It is what it is: a way for you to control the symptoms that drive you crazy.

The Hype
There isn’t too much hype surrounding the product, as they don’t make any over-the-top claims about its effectiveness. They basically state why it works, what the ingredients are, and what you can expect when using it. We did notice that there is a lot of positive feedback on it, so they are enjoying the positive spiral that comes from consumers that have tried your product and liked it. Since you can buy this in stores they don’t need to sell you too hard on it.

The Cost
You can get a 4 ounce bottle of Dermarest Eczema lotion for $12 and a 4 ounce bottle of Psoriasis gel for less than $10. You can find them for even less at Wal-Mart. These prices are pretty low when you compare them to other skin treatments. Although you doctor may be able to prescribe something for you and your health care plan might cover it. But when the price point is at this level it’s something that you simply have to try, especially when most users are giving it their nod of approval.

The Commitment
You can use these products as needed, and they’re applied topically so it’s not necessary to follow a daily regimen with them. You treat your symptoms as they occur, and having a supply of it at the ready is helpful. When you consider that many treatments out there consist of taking a daily pill, or committing to another daily task, it’s nice to have a product that you only use when it gets to the point where you really need relief.

The ingredients used in both versions of Dermarest have salicylic acid as their active ingredient. There is also a zinc product that they offer that is meant to soothe your skin. Users of each product have stated that it worked, and in some instances worked better than prescription drugs given by a doctor. It’s pretty impressive when an over the counter product can rival the medication you’d get from a doctor. Keep in mind that these are just peer evaluations, but the general trend is that this should provide you with minimal relief at the very least, and potentially calm things down completely.

In addition to featuring their products they also provide helpful information on what you can do to try and reduce your eczema and psoriasis symptoms. In fact most of their website is geared at informing you about the best way to diagnose and treat yourself, with their products being features as more of an afterthought.

Final Dermarest Review

Both Dermarest for psoriasis and Dermarest for eczema are getting our top Thumbs Up rating. They have been shown to work in the majority of cases, and if you haven’t tried them yet, it’s highly recommended that you do. Many times we see skin products like these get mixed reviews, because everyone’s skin is a little different, so you have to allow for those differences. But with this it seems like there is a commonality between users as far as their eczema or psoriasis goes, and Dermarest appears to be the go-to remedy for them.

Our Recommendation
It’s always best to get a check up from your doctor who will be able to confirm that what you have is indeed psoriasis or eczema. Then you can focus your attention on your treatment options. You don’t want to treat something without establishing what it is for a fact. Once they confirm your suspicions you can then use whichever product you see fit, either going with their recommended prescription or trying a consumer product like this one.

What do you think? Does Dermarest work or not?

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