Does Vabroom Really Work?

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Does Vabroom Work?Most would admit that sweeping the floor really isn’t a big deal except it is a never ending job. Then there are a lot of times where a regular broom just doesn’t get the job done right. So maybe the Vabroom would be a good alternative.

Basically the Vabroom is like a mini vacuum but is still considered a broom because you use it pretty much the same way. You have the option of using it like a conventional broom, or with the slight tilt of the Vabroom it now becomes a mini vacuum with its suction capabilities. When it sucks up the debris these are held in a mini compartment which is part of the broom, and then is emptied out as needed.

The Claim
The promoters of Vabroom are saying that it has a pressure activated nozzle so that’s how you get the vacuum effect. They are saying that it has the ability to suck up most of the average debris that you would normally try to sweep up. Plus, they are saying it is great for getting into tight corners.

The Hype
The hype around Vabroom is that it really is a two in one product. It really beats having to drag out the vacuum for a simple but ongoing task like sweeping the floors.

The Cost
The cost of the Vabroom is $39.99 and if you add an extra $19.99 to your order then you will get a second one.

The Commitment
The Vabroom doesn’t relieve you of the duties of having to sweep your floors so you still have that commitment. You also have the job of emptying the container of Varboom as it becomes full. In addition to this, though you also have an extra chore once in a while which is changing the batteries as the Vabroom works off of 4 AA batteries.

Okay we do agree that floors need to be swept, and we do agree that this sometimes can be a hassle. Especially when you have pet hair and dust balls to sweep up that always seems to elude the standard broom. Or if you do manage to trap this in the bristles you then have to clean them off the bristles of the standard broom. So we are convinced there is a need for a product like Vabroom.

Final Vabroom Review

We are going to give the Vabroom a Try/Buy rating. It is not all that cheap and we really don’t like the fact that it is battery operated. The tendency is a lot of people may use the broom up until when the batteries need changing then it will just get stuck in the closet. There are electric brooms on the market that do a pretty good job of acting like a light vacuum like this unit does in respect to his suction attributes.

Our Recommendation
If you really feel that what Vabroom has to offer would be of a great benefit to you and you can commit to battery changing as necessary then give it a try. Another alternative when it comes to broom is the Wisp.

What do you think? Does Vabroom work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does Vabroom Really Work?

  1. I am unable to charge this device. I plug it in, the red light appears, but it never turns green.

  2. Sweeps and sucks great. BUT 3 defects on mine. 1) rubber gasket on dump door comes off and is a pain to put back in groove. 2) Hook at top to hang swivels while sweeping and interferes with sweeping. 3) cover of USB connection does not sit flush,

  3. We use our VaBroom all the time to spot clean messes. Our kids tell us it’s “fun” and often clean the floors for us! 🙂 We got these for our parents who have mobility challenges and they LOVE that they don’t need to bend over.

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