Does the Wisp Really Work?

Does the Wisp Work?One of the main problems when using a traditional broom to sweep the floor is that all the dust and debris just seems to get shoved around instead of collected and thrown out. Perhaps the Wisp will make this task a more effective one as well as easier.

The Wisp is a broom that has been designed in such a special way that the bristles are able to collect the debris and hold them in one place until they are ready to be discarded.Then the dustpan that comes with it also has been re-designed so it adheres to the floor with the foot pressure that you apply so you can easily sweep the debris from the bristles of the brush onto the dustpan so they can be discarded.

The Claim
The company claims with its telescopic handle it is the perfect brush for reach high and low areas. It is compact for easy storage on its own storage bracket.

The Hype
What a lot of people like is the way the broom works so nicely with the dustpan. You don’t have to pick the debris off the bristles of the brush as you can remove these just by sliding the bristles along the edge of the dustpan. The most hype would focus on that you don’t have to bend over to make sure all the debris are getting onto the dustpan.

The Cost
The company claims if you pay $29.95 the shipping will be included.

The Commitment
You really aren’t going to be doing anything extra with the Wisp. If you have to sweep floors everyday then using the Wisp will just be part of your normal routine. It may mean that you won’t have to vacuum your hardwood floors as often because the Wisp is being effective at cleaning.

The Wisp is a new product so there isn’t a lot of feedback on it as yet. It has begun to be offered on Amazon but the reviews are as yet limited. Out of 14 it has received a four star rating.For those that weren’t super impressed the main complaint was that it wasn’t ideal for small spaces. Some feel that it is quite large and has some substantial weight to it. For the most part users seem quite happy with it.

Final The Wisp Review

We are going to give the Wisp a try/buy rating. It seems to be made of good quality components. It is the ergonomic design that seems to lend to its capabilities.One really good feature is the telescopic handle, as this makes it great for really cleaning hard to get at places.

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for a quality broom then the Wisp is probably a good investment. I wouldn’t expect miracles with it as nothing is perfect. It does have a lot of good features about it that the standard type brooms may not have. Sweeping floors has always been a chore that is never ending so having good equipment to work with makes it easier. In the past we have talked about other type brooms such as the Haan Duo which really didn’t create any impressive excitement as far as use and feedback goes.

What do you think? Does The Wisp work or not?

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George Miller June 27, 2016 at 12:52 am

I have bothe the Wisp System, which I use primarily in the house and the Big Wisp, which I use in my woodworking shop. I couldn’t be happier. Both pick up everything I throw at it. Try it, you’ll love it.


Randy July 12, 2016 at 7:29 am

I tried this product several times and found it to leave greasy bad smell. I do not like the residue it left which takes weeks to go away. Did not like


Sam March 10, 2017 at 7:04 pm

It really is a good broom. So much thought has gone into this product. And, yes, I would recommend it. BUT….. there is a design flaw with the telescopic handle which I hope they address and fix. The plastic twists which they have do not hold the handle and have a bad tendency to let go at the oddest times. The dust pan does “get into the floor”, so more dirt is swept up. Key here is more dirt… you still have to sweep a time more. But, oh so much better than traditional pans. If they will fix the issues with the twists so they hold the telescoping handle, they have an excellent product!!


Nancy November 14, 2017 at 5:46 pm



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