Does the Lucky Break Wishbones Really Work?

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Does Lucky Break Wishbones Work?There are tons of individuals who have a strong passion for their good luck charms. An age old lucky symbol has been the wishbone. This can come from a turkey, duck or chicken, and one would rightly assume that it wasn’t a lucky piece of anatomy for these foul that were the producers of the lucky wishbone, that was wished upon at many festivities throughout the years.

This history of this goes back thousands of years where many cultures believed that birds were lucky. The wishbone from the foul was left to dry and it was believed that it possessed some of the lucky powers from the bird that the wishbone originated from. It is believed that two people should make a wish as they each hold an end of the wishbone and pull it apart. The person who ends up with the longer piece it is believed that their wish will come true.

The Claim
One company really saw a golden opportunity to capitalize on the wishbone theory and started a company called Lucky Break Wishbone. It has become super popular and while the wishbones sold through this company are available at many different outlets they are often sold out. These wishbones are made of plastic so no birds were harmed in order to obtain this lucky piece.

The Hype
The fact that no birds were harmed is a big selling feature for the Lucky Break Wishbones. Plus it really is touted as a novelty item that creates its only mystique based on folk lore.

The Cost
For a package of 24 you can expect to pay about $17.49

The Commitment
If there has been a clamoring for the wishbone in the past at your family occasions then nobody has to be disappointed any longer. Now there will be enough to go around for everyone. Family members can team up with a wishbone provided by Lucky Break Wishbone and break it between two of them to see who ends up with the longest portion that may make their wish come true.

There are a lot of people who are really adamant that folklore such as this is true and that there are many good omens and lucky charms. Then of course there are equal numbers that totally disagree with all of this. In any event using the Lucky Break Wishbones is a fun activity and not really meant to be taken seriously.

Final Lucky Break Wishbones Review

We are going to give the Lucky Break Wishbones a Thumbs up rating. Simply because they bring a smile to the face of many and they are fun, especially when it means that no foul had to sacrifice their life for this event. You may be surprised to learn that a lot of people buy the Lucky Break Wishbones not only for the family gatherings but for other events as well, like for favors at weddings. Really there is no hard and fast rules as to where you could use a little enjoyment that revolves around making a wish.

Our Recommendation
If you often have some tiffs over who is going to get the wishbone at your family gatherings then you now have a perfect solution for this. Just purchase the Lucky Break Wishbones and you will have enough for everyone. This is one time that we don’t have a similar review product to compare to, so it will be really interesting to see just how many are really into the Lucky Break Wishbones.

What do you think? Does Lucky Break Wishbones work or not?

16 Customer Reviews on “Does the Lucky Break Wishbones Really Work?

  1. Three times someone wrote “foul” when it should have been “fowl”. As for the product, if you want to waste $17 on something you’re just going to break and throw away, go for it. I’d rather use the money to buy a real turkey.

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