Does the Veggie Wedge Really Work?

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Does Veggie Wedge Work?Nobody wants to spend any more time in the kitchen then they have to. Even those that love to cook want to be able to do it quickly and efficiently. This is where the right kitchen gadgets can come into play. One simple one like the Veggie Wedge.

One of the time consuming tasks in the kitchen is with the chopping of food. There are some gadgets that help with this. But then there is the scrapping of them all together to get them into the dish they are going into. This is what the Veggie Wedge is all about. It acts like a scoops you can gather up all your chopped veggies at once.

The Claim
The claim is that Veggie Wedge creates less mess. It is a time saver as well. It is really easy to scoop up the items then add them to jars or containers.

The Hype
The hype for Veggie Wedge is that it meets the criteria for being a gadget. Gadgets are all about making something easy. It doesn’t get much easier than this. At least when it comes to handling chopped or diced foods.

The Cost
The cost of the Veggie Wedge is $10. And $5.95 handling.

The Commitment
Not much of a commitment is needed for the Veggie Wedge. Other than taking it out of the drawer where it is being stored. That is one of the risks that comes with gadgets like this. They get forgotten about in no time at all. It just gets quicker to do the task at hand rather than search through the drawer for the item.

There is no idea that this a clever idea. But really is it worth investing $15. For the product? The $10. Isn’t bad but when half of the cost is going to be for shipping then it does raise a bit of red flag. Does it take the VeggieWedge out of the category of being a gadget into being a gimmick? Maybe if the total cost were just the $10. It would be justifieable.

Final Veggie Wedge Review

There is some merit to the Veggie Wedge. The common step with the chopped veggies is to scrape them off the cutting board into the container or pot. This isn’t idea because unwanted scrapings can be added to the veggies. Or the other method is to use the side of the knife and the palm of the hand to scoop them up. This can be a little dangerous. There are a lot of chefs who have knicked themselves with a knife doing this. Overall we are prepared to give the Veggie Wedge a try/buy. Mostly if you are one of those individuals who just has to have everything.

Our Recommendation
Now if you are looking for a product that is really going to help with the food chopping itself you may want to check out the Nicer Dicer.

What do you think? Does the Veggie Wedge work or not?

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