Does Viviscal Really Work?

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Does Viviscal work?Viviscal is a hair loss treatment that has been used for quite some time in Europe, but has only recently made its way across the pond. So far it has been getting good reviews from users that praise it for everything from growing their hair, to growing their nails and skin as well. But can an all natural system like this really stack up to all the research and development that pharmaceutical companies put into their medications? We took a closer look to find out.

For quick answers to common questions see our Viviscal FAQ

Losing your hair is not easy, and each day you wake up wondering how much more you’ll lose. A bald comedian once said that being bald was easy, but going bald was a nightmare because he didn’t know where it was going to stop. But if you can intervene and either slow down the process, or make it stop entirely and even start to regrow some of the loss, most people would want to jump on board. And if you could do it without a prescription, and without any harsh chemicals so that you could take it for the long term, that would be most preferable. That’s what’s being touted by Viviscal.

The Claim
Viviscal says that their hair treatment solution is the one used by celebrities that find themselves follically challenged. Celebrity name dropping is often used by companies in order to make us believe that this is the secret of the stars, but in this case it looks like it’s valid. It’s been revealed as how Victoria Secret models keep their hair looking great, and more and more celebrity stylists are coming forward and saying this is what they use for their clients.

They claim that in a recent study 81% of participants had less shedding of their hair throughout the day. And three out of four of the saw an increase in the volume and thickness of their hair overall. These are pretty good numbers, and show that it works in a majority of cases. If you’re waiting for a hair loss product that works for 100% of the people 100% of the time, you’re in for a long wait. You just have to choose something with the highest probability to work, and give it a shot on your own condition.

The Hype
It’s gotten a lot of attention, even showing up on Dateline NBC in a year long test of hair loss solutions. At the end of the year give men were analyzed to see how much hair each of them were able to grow, and the one that used Viviscal showed signs of regrowth in some areas, and the rest of his hair was in much better condition. When asked if he would be buying it again for another year, he said yes. That’s pretty much all the hype a product needs, showing up on a major television show and going up against pharmaceutical drugs and holding its own.

The Cost
Viviscal Extra Strength is $100 for a three pack of 60 tablets each. There is a 90 day money back guarantee on it. That is the flagship product, and the one that can get you results on its own. If you want to get the rest of the package, the shampoo and conditioner are $10 each, the scalp lotion is $20, and the hair repair is $30. Not bad prices for what it is reported to do.

The Commitment
Any time you are battling thinning hair you have to be just as consistent as nature. Nature works slow and methodically, and never lets up. You have to be the same way, applying this each day, and not trying to see a complete turnaround overnight. It’s like trying to stop a speeding car. You don’t slam on the brakes because that causes an accident. You gently apply pressure and the car starts to slow down, but doesn’t come to a complete stop until many feet later.

There are 5 different products in the Viviscal lineup. They’ve got the Extra Strength, the Hair Repair, Shampoo, Conditioner, and a Scalp Lotion. If you just had to choose one of them you should start with the Extra Strength tablets. These will give you the most bang for you buck, and will get the active ingredients into your system so that they can start to take effect. The other products all help to produce hair that looks and feels better, but the tablets are really what does the most for you.

Final Viviscal Review

Viviscal is getting out Thumbs Up review. It’s not every day that you find an all natural alternative to things like Rogain, Propecia, Minoxdyl, laser combs and other gadgets, or expensive transplant surgery. This not only helps you prevent losing the hair you currently have, it also helps your hair look better overall, so you don’t have to worry about people looking at it, wearing hats, or avoiding social situations.

There will never be the perfect answer for thinning hair and hair loss, so there has to be some trial and error on your part. Never give up on trying new products just because you had a bad experience in the past. Wipe the slate clean and try again with something new.

Our Recommendation
You owe it to yourself to try this out, especially if you’ve tried many other options with mixed results. The key is staying with it for the long term, because most people that stay on it for several month end up staying on it indefinitely. It’s pretty easy to see that most of the negative reviews result from people not sticking with it long enough to see the results.

Viviscal FAQ


Where Is Viviscal Sold?
You can buy it at places like CVS and Walgreens, but it’s not available at GNC or Walmart. If you’re looking for it in Canada you can order online at their official site because that’s one of the few countries they ship to. If you’re in the UK, they only ship to Ireland at this time.

Does It Cause Acne?
There aren’t any ingredients in Viviscal that are known to cause acne break outs. However, everyone’s skin is different, and each person’s body reacts to things differently. It is not entirely impossible that it might, but it is unlikely.

Does Viviscal Cause Weight Gain?
While some users reported gaining weight while using it, there have been no scientific studies done to test this, and it could have been coincidental, and due to other factors. It was a rare number of users, so the likelihood that it would cause weight gain is very small.

Does It Help Skin?
It’s been shown to help with nail growth, and it might improve the condition of the skin do to the antioxidants it contains, that is not its primary function but is often seen as a welcome side benefit of taking it.

Is Viviscal Better Than Nourkrin?
There are a lot of similarities between the two products, they are both all-natural supplements and hair products designed to fight hair loss and promote hair growth, but they are from two different manufacturers. They both have good reviews, but more people tend to be siding with Viviscal, and switching from Nourkrin after hearing about the results others are getting.

Does It Work For Black People?
They say that it works for all ethnicities, so it should work for black people. Actual African American users have reported that it helped their hair grow twice as fast as normal.

Is Viviscal FDA Approved?
The FDA will not give its approval to any dietary supplement. Since it is made with all natural ingredients, there is nothing in it for the FDA to scrutinize or gives its OK on.

Is It Gluten Free?
If you’re on a gluten free diet, or have a sensitivity to gluten, you will be happy to know that this is gluten free. This is especially helpful if you are suffering from something like Coeliac disease.

What Does Viviscal Contain?
The two main ingredients in it are AminoMar C™ Marine Complex, which is a proprietary blend and so they’re not going to get into the details on what it contain, and in what percentages. It provides proteins that are essential to nourishing the hair and keeping the hair you do have growing. There’s also Horsetail Extract in it, to promote the strength of the hair and give life to hair that needs a pick me up. They also include Vitamin C, which they derive from the Acerola Cherry, which throws antioxidants into the mix with many health benefits for the hair and body.

Does Viviscal contain biotin? Yes, in the scalp lotion, in the form of Biotinyl Tripeptide-1, which contain biotin as well as three different amino acids.
Does Viviscal contain iodine? No.
Does Viviscal contain mercury? No.

How Fast Does It Work?
This will vary on the individual and the lifestyle they live. If you’re also eating right and treating your body good in other ways you can expect it to work faster than someone that is not taking care of themselves, but just using Viviscal as a fix. Most people see some results in the first month, enough to keep going with it, and the best results are seen the longer you use it.

Is Viviscal Vegetarian?
No, the active ingredient is derived from fish, so vegetarians and vegans would want to avoid it, but it would be alright for a pescetarian.

Does It Have Side Effects?
There are no confirmed side effects associated with it, but there are some reports from users that it can cause a rash to break out. However, this has not been replicated in a laboratory setting, so there is no telling what other products they are using in addition to Viviscal that would cause this.

Is Viviscal Worth The Money?
Compared to your other treatment options, it seems that this is most definitely worth the cost for most users. If you size it up against expensive prescription medications, or even other all natural supplements it’s definitely just as good or better. It’s also far less expensive than going with surgery, or going with a laser comb. Also, the cost to try it out is not very high, and if it works for you it will definitely be worth the money, even with long term use.

Is It Safe?
The product is made from all natural ingredients, and there haven’t been any reported negative side effects. This means that in all probability it is safe to take. If you are pregnant you’ll definitely want to check with your doctor by bringing in the ingredients list to check and see if there are any contraindications that would prevent you from taking it.

Does Viviscal Work For Men and Women?
It works for both men and women. Even though women are featured predominantly on their website, men are able to take this and see results.

What do you think? Does Viviscal work or not?

638 Customer Reviews on “Does Viviscal Really Work?

  1. I don’t know why Viviscal is getting so many positive reviews, but I have to review based on my experience. I have been taking the pro strength tabblets for 2 months, 2x/day. I have experienced noticeable hair loss (F, 66) the last 18 months or so, after I experienced a bout of hypothyroidism which the endocrinologist diagnosed as “transient”. IOW, the numbers supported that diagnosis, but receded and were back to “normal” 3 months later. I was noticing the hair loss but the doctor said it should be getting back to normal in a few months.

    Instead, the hair loss has been getting worse. I tried a couple of brands of hair pills prior to Viviscal, with no improvement. I finally decided to try Viviscal. It has been 2 months and the hair loss continues. I know I am supposed to give it at least 3 months. I have enough supply to last another month and will use the rest of it, but Viviscal is turning out to be another dud.

  2. This EXACT same thing happened to me as well as getting some acne on my chin and my liver tests were elevated…

  3. Seems like a fake review as you are not forcoming with the marine ingredients which include shark fin.

  4. I have been using Viviscal for a little over a month. My hair seems to feel thicker, shedding has slowed down. I do see baby growth but not as much as I would like yet. I have been thinning hair for a long time now and I am afraid of Rogaine due to reviews on how you can lose your hair if discontinued use. I am going to continue viviscal until the 6 month mark. My next 3 month appointment is October 31st. I am praying it helps I am 42 and I have had dramatic stress related to life events that took place over the last 2 years. If it brings my hair back I’ll take it forever. I feel it’s more safe than trying Rogaine until further notice. I am also taking collagen pills and vitamin D.

  5. I have seen significant change with my hair loss! I used to dread looking at the shower drain after because i’d literally clog it! After about 3 weeks of using Viviscal, I’ve noticed there were less hair fall which i’m truly happy about. Also, the volume of my hair increased (maybe only in appearance?) I have long straight hair and for some reason, I notice more volume now since i’ve used the product. One thing that i failed to recognize is my skin breakout! I’ve never had this breakout since I was in my teens (i’m 48 now!) . Weight gain is something I noticed also, but that could be because of my age, although I do workout on a regular basis. I hope this review helps.

  6. I have endocrine problems (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and hyperthyroid). My endocrinologist told me not to use Viviscal but to use Rogaine FIR MEN. For men because it contains twice the monoxidyl amount. Been using it for 3 months and yes my hair is showing regrowth where I apply the Rogaine.

  7. Colleen…was your comments for real?? Because you don’t name the product your claiming works??

  8. After talking to my hairdresser, I decided to cancel my order. I have had to call not once, not twice but FOUR times to get them to send me a return envelope. I never received one.
    Absolute WORST customer service ever.
    I spoke with a manager today who said they would give me a refund as long as I paid to return
    the product.
    What the heck kind of company does that ???
    DON’t BUY !!!!

  9. What is the point in sending you found another product that works but don’t say what it is. Rather selfish not to tell us when we all know how difficult it is to try to cope with hair loss.

  10. Colleen, I’m glad you shared your experience(which means I will not purchase this product.) You took the time to write about your experience and not provide the name of the product?
    This doesn’t add up.

  11. I too would like to know what your miracle product is. My endocrinologist said biotin is bad for thyroid.

  12. You said: I have found something that works very well and doesn’t cause any of the issues I had with Viviscal.

    What is it ?

  13. I was experiencing hair thinning and hairloss. I went to my doctor and he took blood work to see if it was my thyroid. My tsh levels came back a little on the high side but still within normal range. My doctor looked back at my history and for the past 7 years my TSH levels were the same as this blood test but he said he wants to check me again in 4 weeks. I ordered Viviscal. It literally came in the mail two days after my first blood test. I began taking it, one pill in the morning with breakfast and one pill at night with dinner. After 5 days, I put on 2 pounds and felt bloated. I kept taking like the box says. After a week, I was feeling such fatigue. It was debilitating, still gaining weight, and I was also super hungry. Viviscal stopped the hairloss and it felt thicker. After taking it for 4 weeks, I have gained 7 pounds and had my next round of bloodwork done. My Tsh levels went from 3.4 to 35. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on synthroid. I kept taking the Viviscal and of course I had to take it 4 hours after I took the synthroid because it contained calcium and iron and this will hinder the effects of synthroid. I was feeling like total crap. After 3 weeks being on synthroid and taking Viviscal, I called my Dr and scheduled an appointment. I wanted him to look at the box of Viviscal and let me know if this is causing my issues. I had such a hard time believing the my levels jumped so very high in a short period of time. He said he doesn’t know much about Viviscal but told me to stop taking it and see how I feel. He was going to check my blood in 3 weeks. So I stopped taking the Viviscal. The weight came off immediately, started to have energy again and muscle aches and pains have subsided. Now it is 3 weeks since I stopped taking the Viviscal. I completely lost the 7 pounds I put on. In fact, I lost 10 lbs. The Dr took my blood work again as I was still taking synthroid. After getting the results, he pulled me off synthroid because my TSH levels were in the negative. Then 4 weeks later he checked my levels again and they were back at a 3.4. He told me he has done some research on Viviscal and the ingredients and it’s very estrogenic and will effect hormones and thyroid levels. I was so disappointed because I wanted to fix my thinning hair/hair loss. I have found something that works very well and doesn’t cause any of the issues I had with Viviscal. I had been off Viviscal for 3 months now and TSH levels are still maintaining 3.4. I urge you to discuss with your Doctor if you are planning on taking Viviscal.

  14. The tablets are basically just vitamins. You won’t gain weight on these any more than you would on taking a multivitamin. They contain vitamins and supplements that are required for hair to grow. They aren;t magic but they do support hair growth albeit subtly but to blame them of weight gain is a bit random.

  15. I am happy with the results for the most part, hair wise, but have been having weight issues as well…could this be the reason? Is Hair La vie better?

  16. It did help my hair and my eyelashes…but I did gain weight. I was wondering why I couldn’t lose the weight I was working so hard to lose. I’ve been working out hard 5 days a week and all my pants were really tight. Also having some hormonal changes. I’m getting off these pills, sorry. I’d rather have less hair than be fat!@!#

  17. Your title is “Does Viviscal Really Work?” yet you NEVER say if it works or not. Reading this is a waste of time. It’s just an advertisement poorly attempting to seem like a unbiased review. Did you mean our instead of out? when you said “Viviscal is getting out Thumbs Up review” LOL

  18. Horrible product for me. Experienced abdominal cramping and weight gain after taking for 3 weeks. Also difficulty sleeping in first week. Sending back and asking for refund.

  19. You admit you will receive compensation if someone buys Viviscal….now how can that “review” of yours be trusted? What a scam.

  20. Well, if it’s been on Dateline NBC and if it’s very popular in Europe, I think it’s something that I could try out with confidence. I tried all the big names and popular products so far without much success, so I think it’s time to try something drastically different. I like that fact that you guys gave it a good review and I really love the 90 day money back guarantee. Thanks for the review.

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