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In the Information Age there are plenty of websites and services out there that promise to make your life a little easier, and let you live more effectively. Some of them actually can help you achieve more, get more done, or learn something new. Others are a waste of time and money.
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Websites and Services ReviewsIn the Information Age there are plenty of websites and services out there that promise to make your life a little easier, and let you live more effectively. Some of them actually can help you achieve more, get more done, or learn something new. Others are a waste of time and money.

It is easy to get caught up in the buzz of a new website that everyone is talking about. But at the end of the day, you might feel little dissatisfied that it wasn’t able to meet your specific needs. Often what is good for the mainstream does not quite fit what you are looking for. Sometimes you need to try out a site that doesn’t have a lot of peer feedback.

Because of the ease of being able to create and deploy a new website there will never be a shortage of new sites trying to get you hooked on what they have to offer. That’s why it’s a good idea to come up with your own evaluation process so that you can quickly determine whether or not you should sign up for a site, or pay them for access to their program.

Brain Fitness Program Reviews
Brain Fitness Programs
There are a growing number of brain training websites that all claim to be able to help your brain process information more quickly, remember things better, and not get stagnant through nonuse. They use a program of brain training exercises and games to stimulate your mind and help you learn new ways of tackling information.

There is some debate as to whether or not these actually work to improve your brain functioning, but the general consensus is that they help to some degree. When you compare it to not doing any sort of brain training, the difference seems to be pretty clear.

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Do learning programs really work?
Learning Programs
We live in an unprecedented time. No matter what you want to learn, the information is at your fingertips, either for free or for a price. Because of the Internet you can download programs that will teach you everything from basket weaving to a second language. But some of them are more effective than others, and it can be hard to tell which ones to go with.

The convenience is too great to ignore, being able to get started the same day you make your purchase and having a multimedia learning experience from the comfort of your home.

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Online Backup Reviews
Online Backup Services
These online backup services are getting more and more popular as the price comes down, and the amount of information you can upload increases. Before, there was no really great way to back up your computer and people would lose very important files when their computer crashed.

Now we have the cloud, so we can save our files to it and be able to access them from anywhere, as they are stored remotely. This makes it easier than ever to back up all your priceless files and documents so that you can easily get them back in the case of catastrophe.

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Does online dating really work?
Online Dating Websites
It should be easier than ever before to find the love of your life, since you are no longer relegated to the pickings in your backyard, and you no longer have to rely on fate or random chance to meet the person that is right for you. This takes some of the guesswork out of it, and puts you in control.

There are a lot of different dating websites out there, each with their own gimmick on why they should work, and how they help you meet your match. We’ve gone through some of the more popular sites in order to let you know how they operate.

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Press Release Service Reviews
Press Release Services
Press releases have been popular basically since newspapers built up a big enough readership to make them viable for businesses to use to announce their activities. These days things have moved to more of a digital nature, and you can get your message out to thousands of outlets waiting for the next big story.

Of course a lot of spam artists have been using press releases as a way to generate traffic to things that aren’t very newsworthy, but this is still a viable way to let the world know that your business is on the move, and making strides.

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Do money making programs work?
Money Making Programs
Since the dawn of the Internet people have been trying to make money online. It seems like it is the perfect way to make money, because you can sit at home in your underpants, press a few keys, click a few buttons, and make money. You hear stories of teenagers making thousands of dollars a month online and now you’re hooked.

But if it were that easy we’d all be doing it, so which of these money-making opportunities online actually work, and which ones are just a waste of your time, efforts, energies, and money? Could there really be a viable program out there?

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Penny Auction Site Reviews
Penny Auction Sites
You might have seen an advertisement on TV for penny auction site, but they don’t actually describe themselves as a penny auction. They usually try to present themselves as an online shopping experience, but really that’s a stretch.

This is more like gambling than anything else, and it should be treated the same way. If you want to buy a product, it makes better sense to go out and buy one. If you want to put some wagers on winning a product, then you might like these sort of sites.

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Pet Insurance Reviews
Pet Insurance
Ever since they took out a policy on the television celebrity dog Lassie, the pet insurance industry was born. These days you can insure your pet for all sorts of things, and be covered in the instance of them actually happening.

There are about half a dozen different pet insurance providers that are vying for your pet insurance dollar. They are all very similar in what they offer, the only thing that differs is usually your deductible and your monthly premium payment amounts.

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Vertical Jump Training Reviews
Vertical Jump Training
If you’ve ever wanted to “be like Mike” you probably have considered buying one of the vertical jump training programs that are out there. These programs usually come in a book format, or some other multimedia format like MP3’s or videos.

The basic theory here is if you work out the muscle groups responsible for jumping you will increase your vertical jump and be able to perform aerial moves similar to the All-Stars you see on TV. We get down to the bottom of whether or not this is a sound theory.

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Does that website really work?
Website Services
The goal of any would-be successful website is to make people’s lives a little bit better, or a little more effective. If a website can increase your enjoyment of the human experience they stand a good chance of hitting a tipping point where they become ultra-popular, and if they play their cards right, profitable.

But of course there are some websites out there that offer services that don’t really help you out too much, but you still end up paying for. Those are the ones you’d want to avoid obviously, so we help you steer clear of them and keep your credit card safe from harm. Most sites out there genuinely want to provide a good service, it’s just the bad apples that try to spoil things.

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Choosing the Right Services for You

first you need to get a clear idea of what it is that you want to accomplish, and then sample different websites to see which ones can help you get there. Without a clear idea of what you need in your life, you will make random purchases, and won’t know if the services are living up to your expectations. By setting out a clear objective from the beginning, and pursuing your goal with a strong purpose, you will inherently avoid many of the pitfalls and lousy services that you would otherwise get wrapped up in.

Update Things Monthly
Just because something was useful to you last month does not necessarily mean that it will still find a place in your life this month. That’s why it is important not to forget about services you sign up for on a monthly basis, and just assume that you will always need them. You should take a monthly inventory of which services you are signed up with, and which ones you need to cancel. This frees up room for new sites in your budget that could help you out even more, and will be in line with your most current interests and activities.

Our Website and Services Recommendations

We always like the websites where you can try them out for a month or so without having to provide your credit card. The reason this is a very effective way to go is because if your software is as good as you say it is a person would want to sign up after the 30 day trial expires. The other way of going about it, asking for credit card information up front and then requiring the user to cancel within that 30 day time period shows a lack of confidence in what you are offering. Within 30 days you should make the user so dependent on your services that they can’t imagine going the next 30 days without them.