Does Sitelock Really Protect Your Website?

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Does Sitelock work?If you’ve ever been hacked, you know it’s not a fun time, and the promise of Sitelock is that they can get you back to the way things were. Being a website owner is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you become the target of a hacker or group of hackers. They can find back doors to your site that you weren’t aware of and can bring the entire operation down. So does something like Sitelock really protect you from this threat, or will you still be vulnerable?

Website security is one aspect of site ownership that leaves many small to medium sized business owners scratching their heads. There’s just so much to know and so much that we don’t know, that you almost have to be a hacker yourself if you plan to outsmart anyone. It’s a virtual arms race to try and secure your site against people that have a malicious intent. Since you can’t dedicate you full-time attention to keeping up with full-time hackers, you need to find the next best solution.

The Claim
Sitelock claims that they can remove malware that’s been uploaded or added to your servers. they can also get you taken off a black list if someone has been sending spam on your behalf. They can also help lock down your database so that it’s harder to hack. If you work in network they can shore that up for you too. If your site runs on a blog management system like WordPress, they can make it more secure. If you sell your products via a shopping cart, they can make sure that this process runs smoothly and that there aren’t any exposed weaknesses that can be taken advantage of. They can also help design your website, making it more hacker-proof from the start. And once they’ve got you secure, they can help keep it that way with maintenance programs.

They also state that showing their seal on your site can improve your conversion rate by up to fifteen percent. Depending on how much traffic you get to your sales page, this could definitely pay for itself with just a few extra sales, and then help you make more profit just be building credibility.

The Hype
The hype is that as far as a percentage goes, very few sites end up getting hacked. So while it is a concern to be aware of as a website owner, you shouldn’t get paranoid, or get scared into thinking you have to pay money to protect your site. No matter what sort of precautions you take, if someone wants to hack your site bad enough, they can find ways to do it. Think of all of the high profile sites like Google and Twitter that end up in the new regularly for getting hacked.

The Cost
If you simply want to display the Sitelock badge on your website to build customer trust, they have plans that start at $10 per month and go up to $50 a month. They claim their most popular price point is the $30 per month Premium service. You can try any of the levels free for 30 days. just remember to cancel before that 30 day mark or your card will be charged.

IF your site has been tampered with and you’re currently blacklisted, you have to get a quote from Sitelock because they don’t offer a one-size-fits-all pricing structure for those services. It all depends on what sort of website you have, what the problem is, and how many of their services you want to go with.

The Commitment
No matter which service you go with, there is never any long-term commitment to using Sitelock. You can cancel at any time, and there is very little hands-on action that you need to take. You will need to follow any instructions given, but they have 24 hour customer service if you get stuck. Overall it’s a low commitment level, and compared to going at it on your own it’s much less of a time thief.

Unless it’s your profession, website security is something that most of us don’t really understand. If you end up the target of a malicious attack, you might not know where to turn. A service like Sitelock is nice because that’s all they do is monitor your site and identify where it’s weak, and then make improvements to help strengthen it. The alternative is to do it yourself, find free plugins and resources, and hope that you’ve covered all of your bases.

As the website owner, it’s basically your responsibility to keep the site as secure as possible so that there isn’t any down time. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn about website security, and your budget an afford a dedicated web security guy or gal, you need to have some sort of system in place that handles the biggest vulnerabilities and allows you to getting back to other pressing matters related to your business. So perhaps the biggest draw to Sitelock is the time it frees up from having to do it yourself.

Final Sitelock Review

Even though it would be hard to single out Sitelock as the sole reason why sales conversions go up, some consumers out there do like to see the badges, and even those that don’t consciously know they like it might like it. It just makes a site seem more legit when it’s got a few badges on the bottom showing that it takes an extra step in the security process.

Our Recommendation
If you’ve already been hacked and are looking for a way to bring your site back to its pre-hack days, definitely get a quote from Sitelock to see what they can do for you and how much it will cost. If you are looking for ways to increase your sales and have been thinking that a Sitelock badge might be the way to go, there’s no reason not to give the 30 day trial a go and monitor your sales numbers to see if you notice a boost in your conversions.

Official Website: Sitelock

What do you think? Does Sitelock work or not?

1,068 Customer Reviews on “Does Sitelock Really Protect Your Website?

  1. They will show false positives for Google Analytics tag, then charge you to remove it, then send you an email saying they were wrong and it was a false positive and that they didn’t actually remove any malware, but won’t refund your money.

  2. simply put – we have been continuously hacked for two years whilst using sitelock. i have cancelled their service and replaced it with a competitor. hacking disappeared after an effective firewall was installed.

  3. I am also victim of the SiteLock scam. I have virtually NO TRAFFIC to my site, maybe 1 to 3 hits a MONTH! Suddenly this week, I surf to my site and get the “Deceptive Site Ahead” message. They claim I have links on my site that might get a persons password or personal info by tricking them into downloading something? What??? I sell eBooks, of course the user has to download.

    The smoking gun? I have a 149.00 subscription to SiteLock, the ultimate scam. My site has less than 10 pages on it. They cant scan that few pages and keep them clean for 149.00??? I am going to cancel SiteLock and also migrate away from BlueHost hosting service, because they are in the scam with SiteLock.

    Now get this, I CANT EVEN LOGIN TO MY OWN WordPress Console!! These jokers have superceded government control. I am talking about Google and SiteLock, et. al.

    Who gave Google regulatory and security authority over the entire internet is my question?

    Keep the posts and complaints coming, and spread the word.

  4. really the comment i see is frm 2012 , that is 6 years old. so now my comment here, sitelock is a simple scam , oh i am sure they do some service and might be able to be even good at this but the fact of the matter is that once you signed with them they won you for the next year , their contract only benefits them and their cancellation policy is extortion. stayaway from them you can find better

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