Does the Weight Loss Grant Program Really Work?

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Does the Weight Loss Grant Program Work?There are a lot of people who really have a strong desire to lose weight. The problem they are often faced with is that it costs money to achieve this. Many need help and they simply cannot afford it. But what if there were weight loss grants available to help them? The good news is that for Canadians there is a Weight Loss Grant Program.

The Weight Loss Grant program is not a Canadian government funded program. The funds are made available through an advocacy group. This is a group of professionals and health care providers that have recognized the need for the provision of some financial help to those who lack the funds to help them with their weight loss.

The Claim
The Weight Loss Grant program makes no promises that everyone participating will lose weight. But, what they do promise is if the individual participating loses the designated weight they have indicated that they will received a grant for this. However, there are rules and regulations pertaining to this. But, for those who are really serious about losing the weight then these are easy to adhere to.

The Hype
The hype for the Weight Loss Grant program is that an individual really can get reimbursed for their costs up to $2,500. For the costs incurred in their weight loss endeavors.

The Cost
The participant will have to initially put out the money for their chosen weight loss program. But once they have verified that they have reached the goal they set when applying for the grant they will get reimbursed in the amount that was agreed upon in the grant application.

The Commitment
The commitment for the Weight Loss Grant program comes from having to lose the weight first before getting reimbursed for the costs of the diet program that was used to reach the goal that was indicated in the grant application. This makes sense otherwise some people would just get the grant money then give up on their efforts to lose the weight. The other commitment is to really read over and understand the program guidelines which totally outlines the terms and conditions of the grant.

There are a lot of good points about the Weight Loss Grant program. It is only meant for those that are really serious about losing a specific amount of weight. By not getting the money until the goal has been reached it acts as an incentive to encourage the participant to really put in a good effort.

Final Weight Loss Grant Program Review

We are going to give the Weight Loss Grant program a definite thumbs up. There is a lot of flexibility to this program. The participants get to choose how much weight they want to lose and over what time period. There is also a lot of flexibility in what resources they can choose to assist them with this. How much money they will receive from the grant is going to depend on several factors. But, the choice of resource that is going to be used has to be approved first before the participant is accepted into the Weight Loss Grant program. Also, there will be designated places for weigh –ins, and there are specific rules that have to be followed through the entire process. But not of these rules are unreasonable or difficult for those serious about their weight loss.

Our Recommendation
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What do you think? Does Weight Loss Grant program work or not?

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