Does Yonanas Really Work?

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Does Yonanas work?Yonanas is a way to get what is supposed to look and taste like ice cream, without using any ice, or cream. This could be the answer for those that are lactose intolerant or simply watching their weight, so let’s see if it works.

Most everyone likes ice cream, but there are some that can’t enjoy it as much as others because of the lactose it contains. And if you’re on a diet, it’s likely not on the approved foods list. Or you simply might be avoiding it because you’re not eating dairy for general health reasons. Whatever the case, this device most likely caught your attention, and all signs are pointing to it actually working as shown.

The Claim
The makers of Yonanas say that you can make an ice cream substitute by using frozen bananas as well as other frozen fruits. They say it will come out with the consistency and taste of ice cream, but without the dairy, the high calories, and high fat typically associated with ice cream. They say this provides a healthier alternative to ice cream and can also be cost effective because the ingredients are relatively cheap when compared to ice cream.

The Hype
In all likelihood you probably saw an infomercial for this which originally grabbed your attention. That’s a big reason for the hype surrounding it, but it’s also getting a bump from the positive word of mouth effect going on.

The Cost
The Yonanas system is $50 and you can have it shipped to your door free when buying from Amazon. If you typically spend about $5 on a half gallon of ice cream you’d need to make the equivalent of 10 half gallons in order to get your investment back. Don’t forget to add in the cost of the ingredients. If you start eating more ice cream because you don’t have to feel bad about it anymore, you’ll find that the machine pays for itself pretty quickly, and the rest is just savings.

The Commitment
You’re the one making the ice cream here, so there’s more commitment than simply buying a non-dairy yogurt or ice cream from the store. You’ll also need to commit to increasing the number of bananas and other frozen fruit you buy. The clean up process has been peer-confirmed to be easy, so you aren’t obligating yourself to bunch of clean up the way you are with other ice cream makers.

As long as you play to the strengths of the Yonanas unit, you should be alright. It does its best with frozen overripe bananas, thawed just enough so they come out at the right consistency. It takes a bit of trial and error to recognize when things are just right as far as when to freeze the bananas and then how much to let them thaw before dropping them in. But it’s not like you can’t eat the mistakes, so it’s a delicious learning curve.

What if you don’t like bananas? The company is quick to point out that you don’t have to use bananas, they just provide the best consistency. You can make sorbets by adding different fruits to it. Also, they provide a lot of recipes for you to try at their official site. This means that you shouldn’t be short on ideas for what to try, and can develop your own list of favorite recipes. Often with products like these they collect dust because they don’t provide you with enough ideas for how to use it, but not with this.

One tiny complaint that some users have is that it’s a bit loud. But when compared to how effective it is, this is something that most said they could live with. After all, the motor has to be able to grind through frozen fruits, so it’s going to need to make some noise. And with the consistency it achieves it’s no surprise that it makes a good amount of noise.

Final Yonanas Review

Overall the Yonanas ice cream maker is getting our Thumbs Up review due to all of the positive feedback it’s getting, and the unique approach it’s taking to making your own ice cream. It receives bonus points for being easy to clean, and sturdy so that you can use it again and again without worrying about a sudden breakdown.

The health benefits of bananas are widely known, and this would be a good way to up your potassium intake, as well as getting more fiber, without increasing the amount of sugar and fat you’re getting. When you pit this against regular ice cream you buy in the store, the difference is very clear, and you’ll also be skipping out on all of those preservatives, additives and other chemicals they add to commercial brands of ice cream.

Our Recommendation
This is definitely a unit worth trying out, especially if you are health conscious and want guilt-free ice cream. If you don’t tolerate dairy well, this is the unit for you. It can also keep you on track with several diet plans out there that allow for bananas and other fruits, as it can increase your chances of actually eating your fruit for the day. You might end up leaving this out on the counter so you can easily use it every day, or it stores easily if you just want to eat it as a once in awhile treat.

What do you think? Does Yonanas work or not?

13 Customer Reviews on “Does Yonanas Really Work?

  1. Yonanas is the bomb, I would rather spend 20 dollars in fresh fruit than have my daughter eat 4 dollars worth of Mister Softee! I’ve been trying to get my 8 year old to eat better and this is a step in the right direction. Now if I can get her to drink from my Nutri-bullet!!! Buy it you’ll love it!

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