Does Zeit Boxer Really Work?

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Does Zeit Boxer Work?It may seem like we bring you a lot of lose weight and exercise device reviews, but we think it is really important to offer you lots of options to compare, and keep you on top of what is out there. So we are going to tell you about Zeit Boxer.

Zeit Boxer is an exercise program designed to help you lose weight and firm up through the movements affiliated with boxing. It is a boxing simulator.It has been designed so it easily fits into most standard door frames. So you get the simulator, the boxing gloves, instruction video, nutrition guide, and exercise plan as the complete Zeit Boxer package.

The Claim
The company claims that because you can simulate all of the professional boxing moves that you can punch your way to a leaner, tighter, sexier you. They are saying that even a beginner can quickly learn how to put Zeit Boxer to good use. It is supposed to allow you to develop the same boxing techniques that you would learn through a trainer.

The Hype
All the buzz words affiliated with weight loss and toning make up part of the hype for Zeit Boxer. What may be a little innovative is that boxing techniques are being used for the approach to getting fit. A lot of times people are simply bored with much of the exercise equipment that is available to them now, so boxing may be a better approach for a lot of people. One no doubt the promoters are capitalizing on.

The Cost
You may be thinking that because Zeit Boxer is so portable and just fits into a doorway that its not going to be all that costly. This will be determined by what you think is expensive. You are looking at paying $399. plus $35. shipping depending on where you are ordering from. Or if one lump sum payment is a little more than you can handle right now, then a payment plan is being offered. This consists of 12 interest free monthly payments of $33.25 plus your shipping cost.

The Commitment
Zeit Boxing is no quick fix for a flabby or overweight body. You are going to have to put the same effort and commitment into this exercise regime just like any other. You might enjoy it a bit more especially if you are into boxing. If you are one of those individuals who bores quickly, or starts off all with all the enthusiasm in the world until you experience those first aches and pains, then this isn’t for you. Boxing is a skill and it takes time to develop it. Even though you aren’t training to become a boxer, you still need to train to develop the techniques that are ultimately going to help you get into shape and lose a few pounds.

Overall we like the concept and the approach that Zeit Boxer is taking. We wanted to check out the faq section of the promo material to see if anything stood out that we weren’t impressed with. Overall there is nothing startling. If you are worried about the boxing simulator damaging your door frame, they say that is not a problem. One significant thing we did not however, is they are saying that this device is only good for people between 5 ft. and 6.5 ft. tall. Pretty well the average height falls within this range, so its not a big issue.

Final Zeit Boxer Review Review

If you are really serious about following through with the Zeit program and putting it to use as recommended, then we are going to give the Zeit Boxer a serious try/buy rating. It is quite a financial commitment. If you have tried other programs and methods to lose weight or tone up then you have probably already spent this amount of money anyway.

Our Recommendation
You may want to compare what Zeit Boxer has to offer with the Anderson Silva MMA Training review that we did. This is all about MMA training techniques,without the simulator. It is fairly expensive so you may want to consider this as well.

What do you think? Does Zeit Boxer work or not?

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  1. Hi. I want to buy a Zeit Boxer. Can you please direct me to a seller?
    Thank you,
    Jay Dunning

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