Do the 35 Below Socks Really Save your Feet Frigid Climates?

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35 Below SocksIf you are like many individuals who enjoy being outside even in the coldest weather, you know that sometimes, no matter how many layers you put on, you can’t seem to stay warm enough. There have been many new designs in warm weather wear, but often the main concerns have been in designing coats and leg warmers for example, and many times the feet are left forgotten. That is until now. There is a claim being made that the 35° Below Socks are an innovative new product that have a guarantee to keep your feet toasty warm and dry, no matter how cold it gets outside. Is this true or false?

How Are 35° Below Socks Different Than Regular Socks?

35 below socks review


According to the claims being made:

  • As stated, these socks are guaranteed to keep your feet totally dry and extremely warm no matter what type of weather you are faced with.


  • They are apparently thin enough that they can be worn underneath regular socks and they are made durable enough that you can wear them just on their own.


  • They are designed to be lightweight and flexible and they keep your feet at a very comfortable temperature. They are both washer and dryer safe, making them easy to clean.

How Are 35° Below Socks Made?

sock material


The reason the claim is being made that these socks are able to keep your feet warm and dry is because of the special way they are made.

Unique Design

sock design


The unique design utilizes super soft threads actually made from aluminum that are infused with a nylon knit fabric which is not only breathable, but it reflects your body’s natural body heat and helps to minimize any dampness caused by sweating.

  • Unfortunately wearing thick heavy-duty socks might help to keep your feet warm, but often they cause your feet to sweat which can ultimately make your feet colder over time outside. Even if you use insulated boots this can be a problem. With these socks, you don’t have these issues and they advertise that no matter what type of weather you encounter your feet will stay dry throughout the whole day.

sock test


Aerospace Technology

Apparently the technology behind these awesome socks actually comes from the aerospace industry. It is this technology that allows your feet to stay at a specific temperature and is what keeps your feet so dry and warm, It is the specific infusion between the aluminum threads combined and the nylon knit fabric that keeps the socks so flexible and soft to the touch.

  • It is this special weave that reflects your own body heat and is what minimizes the perspiration and moisture that often you get with much thicker socks and heavy boots. It can take less than 15 minutes for your feet to start sweating in ordinary socks which is something you don’t ever have to worry about with this product, no matter how active you are out in the cold.

No Gimmicks

sock reviewing


Using aluminum threads in the  35° Below Socks is not just a gimmick to sell their products, as there has been testing done with this type of technology at Stanford University. They have been experimenting with nanotechnology where it seems they applied an extremely thin silver nanowire coating to various fabrics to create super style insulators that can reflect back over 90%. of the body’s heat.

  • This is the same technology that these socks use to make such a difference in how comfortable your feet are even in extremely cold weather. Gone are the days where you have to use heated footpads or inserts or use a heated blanket or heated chair to warm yourself when enjoying outdoor activities in the cold. These socks will make a huge difference in how you enjoy the winter months.

Good For Any Conditions

35 below sock comments


One great benefit of these socks are the fact that they can be worn outside in the coldest weather and wintery conditions.

  • For many different activities such as for people who like running in the cold or winter hikers, skiers, or for doing chores like shoveling the driveway or walkways or even just going to work. But they can also be worn inside and will still maintain the perfect temperature. This means you can wear them without worrying about them being to warm when you get inside. Also, because they are made so thin and they are lightweight and extremely flexible you can wear them  with other socks or by themselves and can be worn with winter boots, hiking boots, sport shoes, regular shoes and even dress shoes.

Benefits Of 35° Below Socks

Outlining some of the benefits of these great socks are as followed:

  • Great for men, women and children
  • Extremely flexible so can be used for all types of activities
  • Can be worn inside or outside while still maintaining a comfortable temperature for your feet
  • Can be used in all types of weather, no matter what the temperature is
  • Super soft and very comfortable
  • Have gotten great reviews from people from all over
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Can be worn under regular socks

Do They Deliver On Their Promises?

There is a lot of impressive information as to why they should work, but do they deliver?

Our Reviews

The reviews that we have received are mixed with several all having the same basic comment that they didn’t live up to their expectations.

Other Reviews

Amazon reviews seem consistent with what is here as well. Based on 334 ratings they have received a 3.6 out of 5 stars rating. With 47 giving it a 5 star and 20%  a 1 star indicating that a little less than half are satisfied and a little more are definitely not, with the rest somewhere in between.

How Do You Make Your Decision?

In this video, the reviewer went through a demonstration with the socks to test them. His overall impression seems to be that he was not impressed. However, consider the variables below.

Looking at value for money. Are you prepared to spend around $17. For a pair of socks that may not deliver on all their promises. Don’t forget you are dealing with a product here that comes with a lot of variables that are going to affect the quality of the product such as:

  • What are going to be the temps that you are wearing them in?
  • What kind of footwear will be used?
  • What are the ground conditions going to be like?
  • How are you for holding your body heat?
  • How much will you be moving around in them?

The problem is when a company makes a lot of heavy claims they have built up the expectation for buyers and when they don’t live up to these people get angry. Not so much that the product didn’t work, but because they feel they were deceived.

A Little More About Socks

Although protection from the cold is one of the primary reasons people wear socks, there are lots of other reasons they are to be worn. Some for health reasons, that you may find interesting.

How about sharing your sock experiences with us!

14 Customer Reviews on “Do the 35 Below Socks Really Save your Feet Frigid Climates?

  1. I first had ski glove liners with this technology with favorable results. I now have several pairs of the socks and find they do help in keeping my feet warm. Just don’t expect all the claims to be accurate to 100%

  2. These socks are nothing special and do nothing to keep my feet warm in regular temperatures, let alone 35 below. Don’t waste your time and money.

  3. I don,t what people are talking about when they say these socks don’t work. I have worn them all fall and winter every day working on the ranch and hunting every single day and feet are always warm and dry . either working hard or sitting for hours. They work as advertised!

  4. 35 Below Socks DO NOT work so DON’T waste your time and Money. Ordered Men’s Large. Tops are SO SMALL if worn they would cut circulation off PLUS they are so thin..Called for MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF NOT TOTALLY SATISFIED return and after listening to a ridiculous CS rep, agreed to REFUND; however RETURN SHIPPING is not covered in GUARANTEE.Long story short after arguing for 10 min, agreed I was correct and they would send UPS Prepaid.. They did BUT ONLY if I drive 20 minutes and DROP OFF at UPS. This DOES NOT sound like a NO QUESTIONS ASKED, RETURN;REFUND!! So BEWARE and BE CAREFUL before ordering this JUNK PRODUCT! Thanks! Hopefully Amazon will REMOVE them soon from their product line….I didn’t order from Amazon but wish I had because RETURN REFUND wouldn’t be a problem!!!

  5. Got these socks in and to my surprise they worked as expected. The Temp. here in Mississippi for the last week or so has been averaging around 20. Got these socks and put them on as soon as I could sit down. They have worked good — each pair–for the last three days so I guess they will be ok.

    The one problem was the time it took to get the socks. They were ordered on Jan. 4th. I kept track of the order and they said the electronic notification was received on Jan. 11 then I received them on Jan 18.
    They came from California. I could have driven out there-picked up the socks-and been back here in less than 1/2 half the time it took them it took them to get electronic notification. Customer Service????

  6. The 35 below socks are
    NOT what they claim, save your money and buy wool socks. Greatly disappointed.

  7. Well I Bought 2 Sets Of 3 Of The 35 Below Socks 1 Set For My Boyfriend And A Set For Myself And I Also Bought 2 Of The Beenies And I Am Totally Disappointed With The Socks Because They Haven’t Kept My Feet Warm At All, However I Am Satisfied With The Beenies!

  8. These socks are a joke. Went hunting. Was not Below 35 degrees outside. I almost froze my feet off. I even wore a pair of soaks over the 35 below. Do not waste your money on these. Actually this company needs to be reported to the better business bureau.

  9. if you are dumb enough to think that a thin Nylon Sock is going to keep your feet warm you are kind of an idiot. The commercial said metal in thew socks “reflects” heat back into your feet! hahaha. Nylon is plastic by the way. And wearing plastic on your skin keeps the moisture on your feet. These socks are actually dangerous to wear and bad for the environment.

  10. I bought ’em I’ve worn ’em. And they don’t work as advertised.
    I have neuropathy and bought them to keep my toes warm. Since toes are a part of the foot, I really hoped the socks would keep my feet (toes included) warm. I’ve worn all three pairs with no satisfaction.

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