9 Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags & Remove Them for Good

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9 Ways to Get Rid of Skin TagsAfter learning that skin tags are harmless the next question that arises is: so how do I get rid of them? As it turns out there are a few methods for skin tag removal that work well each time, some that can leave scars, and some that can take a long time to work.

Make Sure It’s a Skin Tag
Before trying to remove your skin tag you should have it checked out to make sure that’s what it is. Nine times out of ten you’ll have it confirmed and can proceed to the next step for removal, but that tenth time you’ll be glad that you verified it so that you can catch a different skin problem before it gets too bad.

9 Surefire Ways to Remove Skin Tags

We’ve scoured the bulk of human knowledge on the matter and have come up with 9 ways that are either proven to work, or have been shown to work for some people. Each of them are standalone treatments, so you don’t need to combine them, it’s just a matter of picking which one sounds best and start the process along.

We’ll start this list off right with the hands-down best treatment we’ve found for treating skin tags: Dermatend. This contains blood root which is a powerful and effective way to treat not only skin tags but also moles as well. Some people say they experienced harsh reactions from it, which is why it’s very important to follow the instructions and apply it carefully because it isn’t messing around and the active ingredient goes to work right away.

Excise It Yourself
It’s possible to take care of the skin tag on your own, lancing it off with a sterilized pair of nail clippers or nail scissors. This is not the most pain-free route you can go, will likely lead to a considerable amount of bleeding, and may leave a scar behind, but it’s still a treatment option that delivers fast results you can’t argue with. You’d only want to use this on tags that aren’t visible, like on the ones that typically get caught on your clothing.

Homemade Remedies
There are plenty of home remedies out there that may get rid of your skin tag. They involve using items that you have around the home, or that are easily purchased at local stores. One such trick is to stick a piece of duct tape on it, and repeat that process until it comes off. The idea is that if you pack it tightly enough you’re cutting of the circulation to the skin tag. Other ways include castor oil mixed with baking soda, as well as clear nail polish. These methods are usually free or very cheap, and while the results vary they have been proven to work for some people.

Tag Away and Elimitag
Tag Away is a homeopathic treatment for skin tags that is supposed to gradually cause your skin tags to shrivel up and fall off, leaving no scar behind, and with no pain. Homeopathic solutions involve very little active ingredient and the concept is such that in its final form it’s mostly water. Elimitag is another homeopathic treatment similar to Tag Away but gives you more product for the same price. The feedback is split on this one as well, with some saying it worked for them, and others saying it didn’t.

This is an all natural solution based on plant extracts, and takes the benefits of the homeopathic remedies without the long waiting times. It’s supposed to make your skin tags go away in a matter of days instead of weeks, and comes with a 30 day guarantee so you should definitely be able to determine if it’s worth keeping or not. It’s $10 more than Tag Away and Elimitag but is promising to do what they do in a fraction of the time.

See Your Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon
If you just want someone else to deal with it you can have your dermatologist take it off. They’ll either cut it off or freeze it off in the office while you wait. They typically aren’t as concerned about the scarring as you’d like them to be, and if the skin tag is in a very noticeable place you might want to have it done by a plastic surgeon. Their methods leave the least amount of trace behind when they’re finished.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is one method of removing skin tags that is all natural, doesn’t leave a scar, and doesn’t hurt. It takes a while to work and involves dabbing the skin tag with the oil over and over again until it finally succumbs to the treatment.

Compound W
Although originally a treatment for warts, some are now using this as a way to get rid of their skin tags. The company actually spun off a product designed for skin tags but as far as we can tell it’s only available in Canada at the moment. Most assuredly they’re trying to get clearance for it in the US, and they likely don’t officially recommend using their wart serum on skin tags.

Strangle It
Some doctors and home-remedy enthusiasts recommend tying up the skin tag to cut off its blood supply and have it fall off on its own. This is one method that may take up to a week to work, but generally does not leave a scar, and the only pain is the initial pinch as you tie the knot at the base.

More Tips and Advice:

Choosing the Best Method
Each of these methods should produce the results you seek, it’s just a matter of how much time you want to spend on the matter, how much pain you want to experience, and how long you want to wait for those results. The one you go with will resonate with you, will make sense to you, and will be in your price range. These little skin anomalies usually come in multiples so there’s no shortage of trial subjects. You could try a few different methods on different ones to determine which system you’ll go with if any should crop up in the future.

What Not To Do
The important thing is not to let the stress of choosing a method prevent you from doing anything at all. If your desire to remove your skin tag or tags has brought you here, it’s obviously important enough for you, and leaving it alone will just lead you to figure out how to remove it at a later date. Take action on this now while it’s fresh in your mind so you can be rid of your skin tags and be back to your normal self.

Add Your Own Tips and Tricks for How to Remove Skin Tags Below

4 Customer Reviews on “9 Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags & Remove Them for Good

  1. Tea tree oil is the powerful remedies for skin tags. An antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic oil, tea tree has been used medicinally to fix all manner of ailments. It’s particularly effective at treating skin disorders, and is known to remove skin tags in a matter of weeks with daily application. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Most rangbe in size from the head of a pin to a small pea.
    After a few days the wart will start turning black
    which means its dying. That said, my funamental prediction remains,
    on an amennded time schedule.

  3. My son had a skin tag, but at the time we didn’t know what it was. We took him to the doctor and the doctor let us know it wasn’t nothing more than a skin tag. He didn’t prescribe any medication to remove it, but he took a piece of string tied it around the skin tag and said it will fall off. A week later it came off. My son didn’t even know when or where it came off, but it is gone. There is no trace of it ever being on him. What a simple fix. I wished I would have known about it before paying the twenty dollar co-pay to the doctor.

  4. Excising sounds like the most satisfying method to get rid of tags, but it does leave scars and I can’t use the method for neck tags. Homeopathic treatment is also something I’m open to trying, but I’ve pretty much decided to go with strangling it after reading this article. I think it could work. All I have to do is put on a big bandage on the knot whenever I go out.

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