Does Migralex Really Work?

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Does Migralex work?If you suffer from acute headaches, Migralex may be an OTC remedy that can save you from prescription drugs. But how can you know if a medication like this is safe to take, and effective when you use it? Luckily others have gone before you so you have a way to gauge what the response is like.

Headaches can bring a halt to your day, and if left unchecked can get even worse. If you suffer from more than the occasional headache it’s good to have a system in place to deal with the pain, but also to help the body at the same time. Recurring headaches with no apparent cause should be checked out by your doctor. But if you know what’s causing the headaches and you want something to use when they do occur, this is a product to consider.

The Claim
They say that Migralex is clinically proven to help with headache relief, which isn’t so remarkable because there are plenty of over-the-counter medications that make the same claim. The only difference is that they say this is safer to use, is easy in the stomach, doesn’t contain any caffeine or sodium, and is preservative-free. They say it is the strongest medication you can get over-the-counter for headaches, any stronger and you have to get your doctor to prescribe it for you.

Visit his works on a myriad of headaches, including those associated with menstrual cycles, sinus problems, stress, and tension. They say that it not only helps with the pain, but it also helps to correct any mineral imbalances you may be experiencing which is causing the pain in the first place.

The Hype
Headache sufferers are always on the lookout for the next best thing that will help them through their next encounter. Since this comes from a neurologist, Dr. Alexander Mauskop it’s got a bit of hype behind it, plus with all of the testimonials and the infomercial promoting it, it is getting its share of attention and leading people to wonder whether or not it works.

The Cost
It’s $47 for a one-month supply of Migralex at the official website which includes shipping, or you can get it for $29 at Amazon with shipping also included. It’s odd that they would label it a one month supply when they specifically state that is not something that you use daily, and only for use when you have a headache. It appears there are 20 tablets in a bottle so maybe they figure for the average user that will last one month.

The Commitment
This is not a drug that you take on an ongoing basis, and it is always is when you feel the onset of a headache. Therefore it is very low commitment on your end, and all you really need to do is keep it in a handy place so that you can reach for it easily if you need it. Compared to taking a prescription drug every day to prevent headaches, or going through bottle after bottle of painkillers that you buy in the store, this seems to be a better option for many.

Migralex has the advantage of being developed by a neurologist, and also someone that is deeply entrenched in the study of headaches, what causes them, and how to help sufferers feel better. When put to the test in the real world, on real headaches, it’s getting pretty great reviews. The common feature that users like is that it doesn’t have the side effects usually felt when taking an over-the-counter medication.

It’s important to note that unlike the kind of pain relievers you’ll find in the local supermarket, this is designed to be an anti-inflammatory as well. It’s also supposed to relax your blood vessels so that it’s helping your current headache, and also helping to prevent another one from occurring.

If you have migraines this has not been tested for that condition, and makes no claims to treat them, even though it seems that’s how they came up with the name. The interesting thing is that almost every single person that rated this negatively said that it did not do anything for their migraine headaches. Since it is not meant for the treatment of migraines then it’s unfair to rate it poorly if it didn’t work, as it was not being used for what it claims to be able to do.

Final Migralex Review

Migralex appears to work for the majority of users, and earns our Solid Try rating. If you’re skeptical you can order from their official website to be protected by their 60 day guarantee, or if you’re sure about it you can get it from Amazon for a substantial savings. As long as you’re using it for what it is intended to treat, the results seem to be very good. Perhaps in the future he will develop and perfect a treatment for migraines, but as of now this is a potential remedy for ordinary headaches.

Our Recommendation
Few headaches are the same from person to person, and there’s really no guarantee that you’ll respond the same way as others that have tried it. There’s only one sure way to know if this will work for your specific case, and that’s to try it out. The company is backing their claims with a two-month guarantee, and the shipping charge is $8, so that’s all you’re putting at risk to try it out. The social signals point to this being a success, which makes it a strategic risk and one that should pay off.

What do you think? Does Migralex work or not?

166 Customer Reviews on “Does Migralex Really Work?

  1. Migra Clear is listed as the #1 on the Top List of 2016 meeting FDA, Doctor reccomendations, full return policy even if opened, all herbal supplements, and fantastic reviews. It’s on sale at the present time and reasonably priced on their web-site. I read your comment and felt for you and am hoping you can get some relief with product. Best of luck !

  2. This product is not even on the Top 5 list of 2016, so that there should tell you something!! And with the ingredients, please don’t waste your money. Migra Clear is listed as the #1 product and is FDA approved, has fantastic reviews, is guaranteed even if opened, and all herbal supplements recommended by doctors. Go to their web-site and read on it. Sounds like you can’t go wrong. Oh and on sale right now too. Hope this helps a fellow sufferer as well.

  3. This worked on my migraine headache I had for a week. I tried everything I normally take but nothing helped. They had a 2 pack sample of this medication at CVS so I sad what the heck lets try it. My head is feeling better .. not 100% yet but I feel some relief. So I would say it does work. Thank you


    My man suffers from terrible headaches. The VA has had him on so many meds we don’t believe pure aspirin would work.

    Does any real sufferer endorse either the Migralex or even the (2) Aspirin / (1) Magnesium Oxide?

    Is that all that’s really in the Migralex?

    Does having them mixed together into (1) pill make it more potent / balanced?

    He needs relief from this debilitating state that is physically painful and reduces the daily quality of life to about a (4) on a scale of (1-100) 🙁

    Medicare and the VA continue to not help with this pain in any way…another Tuskegee experiment?

    Anyway…hope to hear back from real sufferers any real person who’s actually used this product or the aspirin / magnesium oxide route and had either good or bad results so we can make our decision how to proceed to get him the help and relief he needs.

    Hopeful in the Helpful

  5. Read the ingredients! all it is 500 mg of good old aspirin!! No fancy cure here. And I paid $18 a bottle when Aspirin would have cost me $3. The Doc. lied. Save your money!

  6. I’ve been suffering from
    Migraines since i was 9 and 44 now. No doubt it’s pricey but for those heDachea tht haven’t gone nuclear on me it really works. When your head hurts so bad that thinking is a chore ans you can take 1 pill vs a bunch I’m in. Thank dr.for formulating this product. Already sent me sample packs to friends whom have purchased as well!!!!

  7. Migralex is not worth the $! If you look at the ingredients all it is, is aspirin and magnesium oxide. Both of these are items you can purchase over the counter for much cheaper than the price if Migralex. I suffer from severe chronic migraines and an on a regiment of magnesium oxide along w/other migraine medicine. My point is DO NOT spend $39.99 on a bottle of this when you can pay $14.99 for magnesium oxide which gives you 120 tablets and then a simple bottle of aspirin. Which gives you more quantity and quality for your money!!!

  8. 2 Aspirin – 650Mg 6 cents
    1 Magnesium Oxide capsule 400Mg – 5 cents
    Total for one dose 11 cents

    One Migralex tablet $2.35

  9. “Developed by a neurologist”, instant trust builder right there. I’ve seen tons of products promise the world, but they rarely disclose who developed them and even when they do, the people involved generally are not physicians. Migralex is expensive like a mofo, but it might just prove its money’s worth. At least I hope so.

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