Does A Place for Mom Really Work?

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Does a Home for Mom Work?Many young families struggle with trying to find the right care for their seniors, and this can be overwhelming. Fortunately there is a service like A Place for Mom, that doesn’t come with a price tag and can be an amazing resource.

A Place for Mom is a referral service to resources that our seniors are in need of for their housing needs. It is not just for Mom’s either, as the service is open for all seniors who are in need of assisted living.

The Claim
The website claims that they are there to help with a variety of different senior needs when it comes to where it is best for them to live. They are able to find the right living atmosphere such as nursing homes, senior homes, and assisted living for dementia sufferers, just as an example. They can even help with finding resources to arrange for payment for this care as well as VA.

The Hype
When it comes to our seniors no hype is needed to convince their loved ones to seek out the best resources available. Finding safe and comfortable accommodations for those that are aging and especially dealing with health needs can be a huge challenge. Often there is nowhere to turn to get the help that the senior’s family is so desperately trying to find. This is what makes A Place for Mom such a welcoming service.

The Cost
With such an important service such as this being offered, the first thing that comes to the mind of many is what is this going to cost? People are pleasantly surprised to discover that there is no cost for these services. It is paid through the communities. The Place for Mom is available both in the US and Canada.

The Commitment
You are going to have to work both with the A Place for Mom personnel and your senior as well. A change in residence, or strangers coming into a senior’s life can be frightening and overwhelming for them. It will take teamwork to help them make the transition that may be necessary.

There is no doubt that both the US and Canada needs the type of help that A Place for Mom offers, with the aging population. It can be a most upsetting time for families that are dealing with an elderly loved one that needs special care, which includes a proper place to live and where they are going to get access to this.

Final A Place for Mom Review

We are going to give A Place for Mom a thumbs up rating. They have the skills and resources to bring a great deal of relief to the entire family. When dealing with the issues like these that seniors face, the family responsible for doing so needs as much support and help as they can get.

Our Recommendation
A Place for Mom held their own Review collection but it was done through a third party company. The results were 98 out of 100 for overall satisfaction. A total of 4811 reviews were collected. For a service that is being offered for free, this is pretty impressive. Having experienced support and expertise in finding a place for your elderly loved one is of the utmost importance. We have looked at other ways to help seniors in the past but in a totally different area. In this case it was for senior companionship which they also deserve.

What do you think? Does A Place for Mom work or not?

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