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Does really work?Being a senior citizen doesn’t have to mean the end of your dating and social life, and sites like are targeting this niche and offering a focused experience.

Even though online dating sites like eHarmony and Match don’t have any age restrictions, is trying to differentiate itself from general dating sites, and carve out a niche for itself. There is a growing trend of niche-specific dating sites on the rise, with sites targeted towards Baby Boomers and different ethnicities all trying to steal people away from the major dating sites.

Many social networks like Facebook and Twitter are targeted towards younger people, and the older generations may not be up to speed on all of the latest technologies like tweeting and writing on walls. Even a site like eHarmony which focuses on more serious and long term relationships seems to focus on 20 and 30 somethings looking to get married. Many times people forget that you’re never too old to start over again, or meet someone special to spend time with.

The Claim claims to be set up to cater to the senior community that is looking to meet and interact with people in their own age bracket. They say they are the number one online dating community for seniors, but also says the same thing, and they can’t both be right. Being a senior means you likely have more in common with other seniors than you would with younger generations. It will also appeal to those that specifically want to date people that are a similar age to themselves.

The Confusion is just one of three different sites all run by the same company. Why they don’t combine them all into one site is very confusing. They also own and, and are partners with Match and Chemistry. They say that your profile is shared with the Our Time community, but it’s not clear in what capacity, or why there are two separate sites that essentially offer the same service.

The Cost
In order to view the messages you receive from people, you will have to upgrade your free account. The monthly service is $15 per month. There have been complaints that they charge your card for more than that amount, so proceed with caution.

The Commitment
Like any dating site, you’ll have to go about this in a serious manner and give it your best to try to meet a friend or something more. However, there have been several people that have said they have used the service for many months, even up to a year and they didn’t have any luck meeting anyone.

It seems that they are aware of how many scammers were using their site to try to lure unsuspecting users into divulging their personal information. They have an entire page dedicated to safety tips, including fraud awareness. Is that enough of a fix? We don’t think so.

It wouldn’t take much to have thriving community of seniors. There are plenty of other sites that offer a way for you to connect with other like-minded people of a certain age. You also have to take into consideration that online dating might not be the best way to find that someone special. There are usually plenty of local activities and centers where people like to congregate, and it provides ample opportunity to not only meet someone new, but also to have them nearby.

We were unable to find a single satisfied user of All the reviews it received were negative, focusing mostly on the inability to meet any real people, dealing with lousy customer service, and getting overcharged on their credit cards.

Final Review gets a Thumbs Down from us. Some people make the argument that it is not the fault of that there are scam artists running cons on the site. However, we disagree, and feel that it is their responsibility to make the website conducive to real people meeting real people with the same interests. There are ways to monitor the site, ban members, and suspend accounts. Putting up a warning message but still allowing it to be a problem only sends a mixed message.

If you do go ahead and sign up, just be sure to be careful, and don’t send any money by international wire transfer.

Our Recommendation
We recommend going with eHarmony or rather than Both of these services have you enter in your age, and during your questionnaire they ask you what type of age bracket you’re interested in dealing with, so you can tailor your matches to people in your age category. Because these sites attract more people, you’ll have more matches and an overall better experience, and you won’t have to worry as much about Nigerian scammers trying to con you out of your money.

What do you think? Does work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Really Work?

  1. It’s a not well set up, application. It has a long way to go to make it feal useful to users. Dose not take in a count the distance for matching. It cones people to spend money.
    I feal it’s only a money grab from vulnerable people how are looking for someone to love.

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