Does Acai Berry Really Work for Weight Loss?

Does acai berry really work?The acai berry craze seems to have waned in recent years, but is still going strong. Marketed as a wonder cure for everything from increased energy and vitality to a completely healthy body, it took quite some time for the public to realize that it is all smoke and mirrors.

Snake oil salesmen have been promoting and selling tonics for generations. Even today modern man is susceptible to the quick fix promised by these wonder drugs. It’s a deviously attractive offer, health and happiness in a bottle. It’s likely that this type of scam will always be around as long as there are people suffering from the human condition.

The Claims
Promoters of acai berry claimed it did most everything under the sun. From curing the common cold to making a man bigger down there anything was fair game. Weight loss, reversing diabetes, and overall excellent health were just some of the promises made on websites.

The Hype
The hype started with the network marketing company MonaVie promoting their acai berry juice as a cure-all for a laundry list of ailments and problems. Affiliate programs paid out huge dividends which spawned thousands of acai berry websites, including review sites that made it look like they had actually evaluated the product, when in fact they were just selling it.

Starting a review website iis one very successful tactic in the Internet Marketing world. Owners will go to great lengths to make their site look authoritative, and that they’ve actually compared different brands of a product. Many times it’s not very easy to see that they is no meat to any of the reviews. But if you look closely you will notice that none of the evaluations are negative. The top three recommendations at these types of sites are usually all glowing, and the top choice usually beat out the other two by just a few points.

The Cost
MovaVie acai berry juice sold for $40 a bottle and you can still by it to have a “more meaningful life” whatever that means. Other distributors of acai charged all sorts of prices ranging from eye-gouging expensive to suspiciously cheap, even free trials.

One problem that has been noted is that those trying to purchase acai berry supplements cheaply or on “free” trials often had trouble with recurring transactions to their credit or debit cards and bank accounts. This seems to have been a phishing scam from unscrupulous companies to get their account details for unauthorized charges. They may or may not have even received a product.

The Commitment
Your only responsibility in all of this was either to drink the juice or pop the acai berry pill and it would do the rest. That’s usually the hook on these types of scams. By having to do little to no action to receive the benefits, consumers just can’t help themselves.

There is no evidence that acai berry does anything at all to the human body, or gives it any benefit at all.

Why So Many Positive Reviews?
If you find positive reviews online they can most likely be written off as shills for the company, or genuine users exhibiting the placebo effect. Because they spent good money on it and hope that it works and does what it says it does, they will fool themselves into believing that they feel better, more energetic, or healthier.

Does Acai Berry Really Work?

For the price, acai berry doesn’t seem to do anything more than blueberries or raspberries. It may contain antioxidants and be a healthier food to eat than say, a hamburger but it’s not a wonder fruit, and no long-term studies have been done on the long-term effects that high concentrations have on the body. It may come to light in the future that acai berry did more harm than good to those that took it.

Our Recommendation
You can completely avoid taking acai berry. As with anything that’s pitched to you as a miracle serum you can run in the other direction. Stick to a proper diet and regular exercise to keep away disease and have a healthy life. It doesn’t make sense to regularly abuse your body and then think that a berry will take it all away.

What do you think? Does Acai Berry really work?


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DivaDiane January 27, 2012 at 7:32 pm

I eat Acai berries but don’t rely on them for anything.
I seem to eat them because i believe you can never have enough good stuff!
If i just get a 1% health boost from them then it’s worth the money 🙂


Josh B. August 3, 2013 at 6:28 pm

Despite being an absolutely delicious fruit they really won’t help you lose weight by themselves. It’s especially important to note that eating too much fruit will actually cause additional weight gain. Why? It’s too much “natural” sugar in your body and you body will end up treating it like other sugars by turning it to fat instead. That’s why everything must be eaten in moderation in order to properly lose weight. Not too little and not too much- Just right! Because too much of a good thing ends up becoming bad. So if you want to try an “exotic” fruit, then you can probably find these in the produce section of a supermarket. But if you do buy these berries, remember they CANNOT be used by themselves to guarantee results.


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