Does Kaboom Really Work?

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Does Kaboom really work?Cleaning the bathroom is a necessary but tedious job, and Kaboom looks like it might make it a little easier.. Consumers are always in search of the perfect cleaning products that are effective in removing dirt, stains, and germs in the bathroom. Could Kaboom be the answer to all of life’s bathroom-related problems?

The Kaboom brand of toilet cleaner carries a wide range of cleaning products that you can use in the bathroom. It particularly promotes the Scrub Free system which can be installed inside the toilet bowl to reduce the amount of time and energy spent in cleaning it. But aside from this, cleaners for the shower, tubs, and tiles are also available.

The Claim
Kaboom is proud to present its “Never Scrub System” which is installed inside the toilet bowl workings. It claims to clean the toilet and get rid of rusts, stains, dirt and germs even without having to scrub with a brush. All you need to do is flush the toilet and the system installed in the toilet bowl’s tank will do the cleaning for you. The whole thing can work up to 3 months, after which you will need to get a refill pack.

The Hype
Needless to say, consumers are very much interested in a no scrubbing system for the bathroom. Eager customers purchased the products immediately to test the results and to find out if the Kaboom bathroom cleaner really makes the job of cleaning toilets easier. While some people were satisfied with the product, there were also those who were greatly dismayed. Some of the Kaboom bathroom cleaners also proved to be more effective than the other products being offered by the company.

The Cost
The Never Scrub System being offered by Kaboom is priced at around $20. This needs to be installed in the toilet once, and then refilled as needed. This replaceable cleanser can be refilled when fully used up, which creates an ongoing cost of using the product.

According to Kaboom, it lasts up to about 3 months and the refill costs around $5 so it’s only a little more than a dollar a month to keep it going. The Kaboom shower, tile, and tub cleansers on the other hand are priced at about $5 to $10 per pack. Compared to other similar products being sold on the market, the Kaboom line of products seems to cost more.

The Commitment
According to Kaboom, you don’t need to do any heavy scrubbing or cleaning to make your bathroom germ-free and sparkling clean. Simply apply the product on the bathroom walls and floors and all the dirt, discoloration and germs can be easily wiped off even without using a brush. The same holds true for the toilet bowl, as long as you have the Never Scrub System installed, you will never have to scrub your toilet bowl ever again (even under the rim).

The Kaboom bathroom cleaner offers an unrealistic No Scrub Cleaning System. While the concept is good, the product miserably fails in delivering its promise. However, the other products (tile and shower cleaner) are not as bad, as these can perform like other regular bathroom cleaners in application and efficiency.

Does Kaboom Really Work?

Technically, the Kaboom line of bathroom and toilet cleaners works in some way. Judging by the smell of the chemicals and fumes that can be sensed during its application, we can conclude that the products contain some active ingredients of toilet cleaners to keep the bathroom clean and germ-free.

However, as far as not scrubbing the toilets with a toilet brush, the product can’t seem to keep its promise of keeping the toilet clean and stain-free. So in reality, the Kaboom toilet cleaner only partially works.

Our Recommendation
We are not recommending the Kaboom bathroom cleaners, especially the Never Scrub Cleaning System. It doesn’t work as advertised and it will only get your hopes up and then fail you. Moreover, it also costs more than the other leading products on the market. And that makes this product impractical and not cost-efficient at all.

The best way to clean the bathroom is with a thorough scrubbing. Unfortunately, we may need to stick with this old fashioned way of cleaning the bathroom and the toilets until a real scrub-free product is invented. But don’t expect the Kaboom to clean your toilets for you, as a majority of households have already tried it and everyone agrees that it is indeed ineffective.

What Do You Think? Does Kaboom Really Work?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Kaboom Really Work?

  1. this is the greatest stuff I have ever used!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I poured it in and walked away cause I got a phone call.
    so I didn’t get a chance to brush…..when I came back it was cleaner
    then ever!!!!!!!!!!! buy stock in this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Since I found the Kaboom ads so convincing, I decided to try the No Scrub Cleaning System. Maybe I’m not using the product right, but I felt as though Kaboom was asleep on the job. My toilet still had stains and the only way I could remove them was to scrub them the old fashion way. I’m leery about trying out any other Kaboom products. I certainly don’t want to be disappointed again. I’m always curious how a video can show a product working so well, but once you purchase it, you don’t have the same positive results. Anyone else feel that way?

  3. I bought the Kaboom No Scrub after I started using the Kaboom Foam-Tastic. It worked great so I thought I would give the No Scrub a try. I was quite amazed as it does keep the toilet clean. I’ve had mine in now for two months and there are no hard stains in the bowl. I still clean my toilet every other day as I wouldn’t feel comfortable with not cleaning it, but if I miss a day, then the bowl is still clean. It is worth the higher price you pay for Kaboom than other toilet bowl products that I’ve used in the past.

  4. I too live in an area of the U.S. that has a hard water issue so those orange rings tend to form if you don’t maintain the toilets well. I have used every Kaboom product they have made and I don’t think I am looking back either. i am a neatnick and I am not changing. I have a pet and live in a small space so stain buster is awesome as well. Highly recommended company brand.

  5. My husband and I have 2 children with only one bathroom, so our toilet sees lots of use. We have now just installed a brand new restroom and have usually had quite a difficult time keeping our toilet clean thanks to the high-minerals in Utah water. We discover that once per month we must perform a fast no soap scrub of our toilet. Everyone has different kinds of water, pipes and fittings. We’ve got small copper pipes, that turns into a no metal container. Maybe not certain what else I could say about other people’s plumbing system, but at least give it a go and see if it’ll benefit your situation. We picked this item for the fact that we have extremely high-mineral content in our water, which makes permanent stains and deposits. Since using Kaboom, now it’s been six months down the line and it’s still looking like a brand new bathroom!

  6. I live in Wyoming and we have some of the most mineraled up and hard water in the country
    and I have used Kaboom no scrub cleaner for the last couple of years and it has worked
    so good I can’t believe that you say it doesn’t. I have tried every other thing on the market
    and within a few days I have rust, mineral, etc., building up in my bowl. Kaboom worked for
    the whole 3 months at a time and I NEVER had to scrub my bowl, it kept it completely clean.
    All the stores in Casper have quit getting it and I am thoroughly upset; guess I’ll have to see
    how economical it is to buy off the internet. I just tried another t. bowel product and has been
    only a week now and I already see rust stains building in my bowl.

  7. I have used two different Kaboom products, (Foam-Tastic and Stainbuster) and I am so very much satisfied. I have used many other product to scrub the bathroom, and none came close to Kaboom. The actual physical work was cut down by at least 75%! It works on everything as well, the sink, toilets, tub, anything! It probably sounds like I work for the company, and I would, I am a believer of their products.

  8. Unfortunately my experience of the Kaboom products isn’t as good as above.
    I had to keep scrubbing and so for me that’s a fail!
    I’ve used a few of their other products and they all seem to be fine but this no scrub toilet system doesn’t work.

  9. I bought the No Scrub system a few months back and have loved it.
    It doesn’t work 100% as described so technically i shouldn’t love it, but it has made cleaning the toilet so much easier.

    It’s not a nice subject to discuss but lets just say there’s no longer any tough stains i have to scrub at… The no scrub system seems to make them really easy to get off.

    I’ve continued to use mine, so it can’t be too bad 🙂

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