Does Keranique Really Work?

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Does Keranique really work?Keranique claims that it’s specifically for women with thinning hair, and it promises to make it thicker and fuller. It’s not every day that you find a product that is catering just to women. The usual case is a product that is formulated for men, and then they add women as an afterthought because most of the attention of hair loss gets placed on the men. While it may be true that men are effected more often and more severely with male pattern baldness, women also suffer, many in silence, as their hair gets thinner and thinner and eventually is noticeable. But can this really help turn it around?

Men have hundreds of products to choose from to treat their baldness, but for some reason women don’t have a lot of products vying for their business. Maybe thinning hair doesn’t seem like as big a problem as going bald, but it can evoke the same sort of psychological repercussions in women as going bald does in men. It can lead to low self-esteem, low self-worth, and a bad self-image. It can alter the way a woman wears her hair, and can even effect how often she goes out in public. Men can just put on a hat if they’re very self-conscious, but women are expected to show of their hair as part of their overall presentation.

The Claims
Keranique claims that it can give you fuller looking hair in a short amount of time. They also so that it is formulated to work specifically with a woman’s biochemistry, and that it is the only hair loss treatment approved by the FDA. They also state that it is pH balanced, and that it doesn’t contain any sulfates. Part of their kit is also designed to help you protect your hair from the damaging effects of styling, including excessive heat and brushing and combing.

The Cost
You can try Keranique for one month by paying just the shipping and handling of $8. If you like it, it’s $80 a month, and they send you two months worth of it every 60 days. If you don’t like it, you must call them and cancel your order before the 30 days is up.

The Commitment
If you’re going to try this out, commit to giving it a proper trial. Make sure that you use it every day as directed so that you can see whether it is worth keeping, and whether it is worth the price to continue using it. If you like the results you’re getting, it is not an unreasonable price to keep your hair looking its best. If you’re unsatisfied with it, you’ll definitely want to remember to cancel your order, because it is a price that you wouldn’t want to pay unless it’s effective for you.

Keranique is getting positive reviews, but you have to be sure to ignore the people that are reviewing the billing process, not those that are reviewing the product itself. If you get it and you don’t like it and you forget to cancel the next shipment, you aren’t going to be very happy. If you get it and like the results you’re getting, you likely aren’t going to come back online and write a review on it. So you have to realize that for every one positive review you see for this, there are likely many more that aren’t being reported.

Overall though, people are saying that it does improve the quality of their hair, making it appear fuller and more healthy, and they’re happy to stay on with it month after month. Since the kit contains four different elements to it, they’ve got you covered for washing and conditioning the hair, as well as treating it with Minoxidyl, and even attempting to boost your hair follicles to give your hair new life.

Why Is My Hair Thinning?
There are many factors that contribute to hair loss in women. It could be due to hormonal imbalances which end up making your hair follicles smaller. It could be due to genetics, which you don’t really have a lot of control over. It may be due to a stressful job or home life, or it could be that you are unknowingly taking poor care of your scalp and hair. It may even be nutritional imbalances, such as a lack of protein, or an iron deficiency.

Does Keranique Really Work?

We’re giving Keranique the Thumbs Up, because when you look past all of the positive reviews from affiliates and the negative feedback from those that forgot to cancel the trial, what you’re left with is mostly happy women that are getting good results and have better looking hair to prove it. But at the end of the day you won’t know if it will work for your hair until you give it your own at-home test.

Our Recommendation
This is definitely worth a try, because it is one of only a handful of just-for-women hair loss products out there. They’ve gone to great lengths to get this to work for as many women as possible, so there is a strong likelihood that this will work for you. There is no guarantee, which is why it’s nice that they let you try it out with just a small shipping and handling charge. Thirty days should be plenty of time to decide whether it is working for you, and if you’re not liking the results, you’re not obligated to stay on with it.

What Do You Think? Does Keranique Really Work?

97 Customer Reviews on “Does Keranique Really Work?

  1. Just buy minoxidil from Target. It’s inexpensive and comes in two strengths. Get the highest concentration. You have to give it a fair amount of grime to see results

  2. This product is very expensive and they aren’t upfront with billing. That is a hell no! I got free trial and little improvement. I’m going for Other product. Look it up and it’s cheaper. I will continue with spray but want to use a shampoo that isn’t going to cost this much.never have I said this before.

  3. When I first use this product it was in desperation because my hair was thinning out so bad and I used to be someone who had thick full shiny hair! And much to my surprise I use this product for a month and a half my hair fell out even worse than it had before. I argued two days to get my money back they fought back, not wanting to give me my money. I cried in frustration, finally they refunded me!! I prayed and prayed and God answered my prayers with this shampoo and conditioner in plain sight Tresemme keratin Who would’ve thought this product worked after a month of use I could tell the difference. Even my hairdresser said oh my God Belinda what are you using your hair is so much thicker!!! 😁 I was happy to tell her tresemme lol 😂 she couldn’t believe it her being a hairdresser told me of different products to use salon products. I use those products and they didn’t even help me! I referred this product to my daughter my daughter-in-law and they too are having the same results thicker hair, try it you’ll be happy you did!!

  4. Just buy it on Amazon, if you don’t like it you don’t have to hassle with the horrible billing process they have. I went through a similar billing process for another product. I wanted to cancel that first week they told me to call and get a special cancellation number that w/o that number I couldn’t cancel. Nobody answered the phone number they gave me until three days later, I was one of the lucky ones. BUY FROM AMAZON!!!! BTW I didn’t put these stars on my note here, they won’t let me cancel them

  5. The one month trail seems to be the most useless part given that it seems to take at least 4 months of use of Minoxidil to see results, at least that’s what 5 minutes of google research tells me.

    The other products in the line likely don’t do much, likely just get a Minoxidil product for less elsewhere and use it for 6 months to see if it does anything, but it also seems like you’ll have to keep using it just to maintain any hair restoration.

  6. my hair is long and it also tangled so bad it almost natted to my head , so i waited a few weeks and tried it again and it seams to work better but you must make sure your hair is soaken wet while applying and as i was shampooing i had to make sure , i rinsed it really good but like i said must keep it wet like ruining water while using it . the conditioner is ok but you have to leave it on fora a few min or it dosent work real well but it did okay . they need to add more argon oil to it or something but my hair is not falling out as much and seems thicker but my scalp gets sore for a bout and hour after using it . I am on Letrozole and would like to know if this product is okay to us with it ???

  7. The auto bill and ship is a deal breaker for me too. I’ll try to find it at ULTA or Sephora like some others did….heck, even Amazon or ebay.

  8. My hair is very long and curly. I have to wash it every other day (not every day as Keranique directs) because my hair will get very dry and frizzy if I wash it every day. The Keranique 30 day trial size would last me approximately 7 to 10 days of washing my waist-length hair. What product would I use for the other 21 days of the month to ensure hair growth?

  9. Around 3 years ago I tried Keranique
    Used it faithfully for a year when my scalp broke out
    In sores all over why?

  10. Actually Jess, the purpose of the small print is to discourage people from reading what it is they really don’t want you to know so you will purchase the product.

  11. Yes you can change the interval delivery. They specifically said that when I ordered my kit.

  12. I have tried the keranique products and have absolutely loved them. I would like to let people here know that while these products are high for some, the customer service I received was amazing, I was informed that they are able to work with on price, you just have to voice your concern. I was paying 145.95 for my three month supply Andi called to cancel my auto shipment because I was just unable to afford it any longer. The lady I spoke with gave me a discount on shipping and also dropped my payments to only about 34 dollars per month, and also explained to me that they are willing to customize the auto shipments to meet my needs I can pick the dates to pay and also the dates I need them shipped! So I am gonna continue to try to afford this product and think they are pretty flexible on price and the auto ship aspect. You just have to let your situation be known and they try their best to accommodate. So give it a try it’s working for me!

  13. I got the whole kit online from Sephora for around $50. I’ve been using it for 4 days and it makes my hair fuller, although I’m sure there’s no new growth yet. Good luck!

  14. All you people are so stupid. Don’t ever buy a free trial anything on line or from TV offers Want to try the product find a store that sells it.Im looking for reviews on the product itself have yet to find it.

  15. After reading all the comments it is really confusing as to if the product works. I do know if you are not wanting to get into the auto billing, you have an alternative by buying this product on ebay. At least this will be a one time purchase, and no fear of recurred billing. If you don’t like the results, you at least will not have to go through the hassle of canceling. Like some of you guys I would also like to know if the product works, do you have to continue using it for life!!!

  16. Since you are well aware that the active ingredient in Keranique is Minoxidil, why would you choose Keranique over the much cheaper Rogaine or even cheaper generic/store-based versions? Unless you have fallen for their marketing ploys or hold the erroneous belief that their inactive ingredients are responsible for reported positive results, no one should waste their time or money on this product. It has the same benefits and side effects, just with better advertising that preys on ignorance. As for their billing practices, I don’t share your belief that the consumer is to blame for the company’s deceptive billing practices. Nevertheless, at this point Keranique’s billing issues are widely known so consumers should avoid this trap. Also, if a consumer feels the need to do business with a company using auto billing and shipment, she should report her credit card stolen or request a new account immediately after cancelling to avoid unauthorized charges. Just my two cents.

  17. This is all i want to know! So frustrating. Someone told me Nioxin is more popular. Sigh. I have no idea what to do except keep using the clip in extensions i have. 🙁

  18. Yes BUT is it the whole kit or just 1 thing? I have an Ulta near me! Please let me know beacause i am feeli g super old with my hair thinning out..did hormone replacement therapy but gets expensive because some stuff isnt covered by insurance

  19. Is there someplace to get this without auto pay that is cheaper? I live in RI and am on a tight budget.


  21. I have seen where you can order this product from the Sephora website just one kit.might be available on other sites as well

  22. Keranique = Nigeria Scam, DO NOT TRY “Risk-Free Trial”.

    The Keranique product does not work because you will LOSE more hair than before using this product. This product “FAILED” to do what it says so why pay for it. There should be a “CLASS ACTION” law suit for compensations for such “HAIR LOSS” damages. Keranique is an “UNRELIABLE, UNPROVEN, and/or FAKE”products. Nevertheless, Keranique continues to resorts to tv infomercial, ads, etc… to “SCAM” consumers to do the “Risk Free Trial”. DO NOT FALL for this SCAM to do the Risk-Free Trial because they will deduct the money from your account. Need to inform all consumers about this Keranique business practice of “SCAMMING” consumers.

  23. I agree – I hate companies that use these tactics to sell a product. Just sell people something that works. It’s like they take advantage of people who are desperate. Shameful. I agree. Revolt.

  24. I’ve been using it for about 2 months now and it is working great for me. my hair has grown at least 6 inches. I haven’t had any issues with anything else so I’m fine.

  25. I love this post! 😀
    They gotta read the fine print, seriously…. I’m reading all these complainers and I’m like that’s exactly what I was expecting, why ya’ll so mad?! I don’t get it lol but I’m trying to find good reviews and majority of them is all about the billing, which actually seems accurate to me.

  26. Thank You! I totally agree with you. A lot of people complain so much about the product and its billing but it clearly states everything in the fine print lol.

  27. This product does not works for African American females and males hair. My hair was down to my back I used this product twice and now my hair is to my neck from the effects of using this product. It made my hair brittle and harder to manage and at this time I was growing my hair natural. I had to go back to a perm, take vitamins, and brought all type of moisture products to make my hair grow back. You couldn’t pay to ever use this product again unless I want to walk around bald headed. My friend used it on her and her daughters hair and all of them are bald headed because she wouldn’t stop using it and people started thinking she had cancer because all her hair came out. I told her to get rid of the product because it doesn’t works. I used it once on the front of my daughter hair and the front of hair came out and this was before I knew how bad this product was. I barely write reviews but this product needs to be off the market. I cannot stand what this product has done to my hair and I wish someone gave me this warning before trying this sh*t…. I want to sued the hell out of this company. Can anyone tell me how?

  28. Anytime you see a product where you pay ONLY the small shipping/handling fee beware! Always look for the terms at the bottom of that website and read what they will charge you and how often and you will quickly change your mind for even wanting that product!!!! The amount they will charge is huge and getting them to stop charging is another issue altogether! Do not order order ANYTHING that you only pay a small shipping/handling fee! READ THE TERMS FIRST or be prepared to get “robbed”!!!!

  29. No offense but you gave them your card number. That’s your problem for doing that. Everybody knows not to give their card number to anything online so it’s no use complaining here, all of you actually. You all gave your card number to them so therefore y’all know better than that so its your responsibility for that. Be smart next time. Whoever does that include you made the dumb decision when you all could have been smarter than that. So quit yapping here and accept your consequences.

  30. No offense but you gave them your card number. That’s your problem for doing that. Everybody knows not to give their card number to anything online so it’s no use complaining here, all of you actually. You all gave your card number to them so therefore y’all know better than that so its your responsibility for that. Be smart next time. Whoever does that include you made the dumb decision when you all could have been smarter than that. So quit yapping here and accept your consequences.

  31. I am a licensed stylist. I have called my local Salon Centric and went online there. I do not see it available there. What state do you live in?

  32. You can also have your Salon or Stylist get it for you, my daughter is an instructor for a cosmetologist school and can get it from Salon Centric where licensed cosmetologist buy their products!

  33. Bought Keranique yesterday. Washed my hair with the brand’s sulfate-free, pH-balanced shampoo today. Will shock everybody in the office tomorrow. Too stunned to take my eyes off the mirror! Off to write some thrilling Keranique reviews…want the world to know about this.

  34. Y’all are something else.
    1. Minoxidil is the primary ingredient in rogaine.
    2. This product is only “specially formulated for women” because it’s made to smell feminine. But the “hair regrowth treatment” is just good smelling rogaine.
    3. If you stop using, minoxidil, your hair will start thinning again. Also, if your hair is NOT thinning, but you just want thicker, longer hair, and you stop using it, then your results, too, will fade.
    4. Minoxidil is a drug. Like any other medication, not everything works for everyone. Get over it. Does every medication work perfectly for you? No? So, why would you assume this one does. Also, be sure to read the potential side effects of minoxidil before starting this treatment, and consult with your physcian to make sure that it won’t interfere with any other medications you’re taking.
    5. Additionally, you are responsible for making sure that you know how your card is going to be charged before you AUTHORIZE someone to charge it, which is what you are doing when you give them your card number. Once you authorize them to charge it, it’s on you. It is your responsibility as the consumer to understand the terms and conditions that you are agreeing to when you authorize anyone to charge your card on your behalf.
    6. You can purchase this product at Ulta and Kohls with no commitment.

    No. I’m not a Keranique representative. I’m just a mid 20s girl who was considering trying the product. I was hoping you read some actual product reviews, but all the majority of you have done is complain about the pricing structure. The pricing structure that you agreed to when you authorized them to charge your card.

    Come on, y’all. Use your brains for a minute. Jesus.

  35. This product is a waste of money. I used it for 3 months daily and had no more hair than what I started with. Trying to cancel this was an “Act of God”! They would not stop sending it, I would return it “REFUSED” and had my Credit Card refute the charge with them. They finally stopped sending it! My credit card told me I could keep the product because they sent it after receiving letters and emails and phone calls from both of us telling them to STOP sending product. I used the product for 2 extra months, a total of 5 months with NO improvement to my hair.

  36. Thanks for the information, Carolyn. Do you still have positive results? And, do you have to keep using it always? What if you eliminate some of the stress in your life, and improve your diet, and exercise? Will it correct the problem so you don’t have to keep using Karanique?

  37. I was told that if you start using Rogaine, you have to use it always! That once you stop using it, it quits working. Is that not true? I’m looking for something that works but doesn’t cost an arm & leg. Also, was informed that it can make hair on face grow, on the back, etc…I def. don’t want that!

  38. I had know idea they would be taking $82.52 out of my account on a constant basis.i called after i got a second shipment and was shocked that they said they would be taking another $82.52 on the 22nd of the month.i was not aware that i would be getting anymore shipments.this company is very deceitful and i would not recommend it to anyone.i asked if i could send back the last shipment and was told no.the rep i spoke with told me if i did not like the product to give it to a friend or a relative and perhaps they may like it!

  39. Actually if you look at the fine print it tells you wht to do if you dont like tit within the 30 days. So therefore if people read everything BEFORE they decide to try it then they will know what to do.

  40. The product totally works. My hair is amazingly thick now. I have used it for 8 months now.. when i called to cancel they lowered price . When you go to comb it out you can see all the new growth then the ends are thin. This is well worth the money. (Never had issues with customer service. )

  41. The product does work. My hair is amazingly thicker! Been doing for 8 months. . They dropped my price when I called to cancel.. very helpful! When you brush it out to curl it you can see the growth vs the old… well worth it.

  42. I found this product being sold on the Ulta website for thirty bucks. It comes with three bottles, the shampoo, conditioner and another one for setting hair or some such thing. It is supposed to be a 30-day supply.
    If you have an Ulta store near you, I would look into it if you really want to give this product a try without having to worry about going through the company directly and them billing your account multiple times etc.
    I hope this information helps those who still really want to try it without the hassle.

  43. Hi everyone, I am a senior and feel my hair thinning. I thought about trying this but wn I read how much it would cost per month, I changed my mind. I have burnt once before with this type of dishonest dealings and had to call the BBB th have my money refunded. No, I will NOT be ordering this. Even if it worked, I could not afford it with my income. Thanks to all of you.

    I like the WEN cleanser also but cannot afford that either and do not need most of the other products and they lock you I to a deal where they take the money out of your account also. I do not like that.

    If they are so sure of their product they should not feel the need to do business that way. If people like it, they will order it…….

  44. Does this product REALLY work, is the question. BUT, if you aren’t wise enough to stay away from this company, you will be asking yourself this question: Was it REALLY worth it? Was it worth Keranique taking $82.52, $17.97 out of my account SEVERAL TIMES in a months period!! WARNING: I HAD TO HAVE MY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD CANCELLED AND A NEW ONE ISSUED BECAUSE THEY WOULD NOT STOP TAKING MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT AND WITHOUT EVEN RECEIVING ANY PRODUCT TO TOP IT ALL OFF!!!
    DO NOT EVEN TRY THE PRODUCT FOR THEIR SO-CALLED 30 DAY FREE TRIAL! It’s just a scam to get the information that they need to get the information for your debit/credit card! When I called them during the 30 month trial period, I told the man that I was speaking with that I liked the shampoo and conditioner but that it was too much for me to afford. He told me that he would give me a discount of the products and also on the shipping. He told me that I would be receiving the products at the discounted price of $36.52 and that I would receive the products the same date every month and charged the same time every month. Needless to say, HE LIED TO ME!!!!!!!! When I finally went online and saw what they were doing I was FURIOUS!! And I felt like a fool as well. The $36.52 that he quoted me, was actually $82.52 and I was charged that amount twice in the month of February. Along with taking $17.97 twice out of my account!

  45. I looked at their website, with claims of four-inch hair growth in a month. At that moment I knew this product was completely BOGUS. Also, the photos online show a hair color change which makes the hair look thicker around the part. I wouldn’t trust this company OR this product!!!

  46. Rogaine for men or women provide better results, have more of the active ingredient contained in this product, for a fraction of the price.

  47. Does this product make your hair come out before it grows and it designed for African American hair, safe to shampoo your hair everyday, that’s will wash the natural oils out, and will I have too continue to use this product after I reach my desired length?.

  48. Thanks to all for the heads up on this product. Will not be using. My mother has said she’s trying Nioxin which is what I think I’m leaning towards also.

  49. Funny that you say Dr.Oz promotes it and another person says he don’t. All companies will try to sell you everything under the sun…especially when you are doing just a trial offer. Can’t blame them. But it shouldn’t take that long to cancel since you did it really early. But at least you got it done. I don’t agree with the person that gives you 10 steps on canceling accts, calling this person..That person…Congress and making it sound like you should be changing your identity just to cancel. I have done it before with other stuff and yes sometimes you talk to someone else cause they will try to talk you in to not canceling. I wish more people would post about the product and less on the amount of it after the fact or how everyone auto charges when you do something like this online. Same with Proactive. .example. Sigh

  50. This is my problem too! Did you ever get a response back about this? Would love to know. Thanks!

  51. I realize that this is a old post. But yes for one this is a way to make money. But if it really works and your hair and looks of it are important than it is a benefit to keep it coming. Laziness to call and cancel is just that… lazy. And there is no cancellation fee. They don’t make money off that. I still would like to know if this product really works. I don’t want it to appear thick. I want it to be thicker. Anyone care to Le me know please!

  52. I found a 2 month supply at the place where I get my hair cut for 30.00. And that place is in the mall and a salon. And I know it works cause a hair stylist there used it after having cancer and going into remission.

  53. I ordered Keranique from an ad on Dr. Oz and when it arrived is when I learned that it would be auto-renewed for approx. $80 every month. I called customer service without using the product and to cancel any monthly renewing charge the day after it arrived. I was told I would only receive part of my money back, with shipping and handling deducted. I had to speak with a supervisor to get the entire amount back. Also beware, when signing up for this product by phone one is hit with a long barrage of offers for other products and if you stay on the phone to press the “no, not interested” digit over and over, it can take up to 1 hr. stuck on the phone. This is a product that the Dr. Oz show should be wary of just for these reasons.

  54. Keranique is the answer to my prayers for an effective hair loss treatment. I was utterly dejected every time a treatment failed. It looked like the end of my hair until I started using Keranique. It’s the best way to stop hair loss and re-grow hair. It’s safe too and not too expensive.

  55. this product is awfull…I have used Nioxin for yrs and always looking for a bigger better deal…trust me I paid the cost…I have used Nixion for yr with no more loss…I tried this product twice yes twice my hair was so tangled it pulled out a ton of hair plus I go to a very high end salon my styleist told me that they loaded the product with protein witch I did not need because I my hair was in great condishion…remember I used this product twice no I didn’t used the hair regrowth product just the shampoo and condishn and the spray…my hair was very very dry after the two uses thank heavens I was due for a cut so quick cause after a month or so the damage would have been so much worse…now on to trying to return the product what a flippin nite mare it cost me 14.00 to return and plus the 7.95 to try this product plus the huge hair loss I had there is no price tag on using this product….TRUST ME FOLKS THERE IS A HUGE REASON DR OZ DOES NOT SUPPORT THIS PRODUCT I will be changing my debt card number so as to not be charged again…you people should be very ashamed of your selves…not to mention the rude customer service I recieved

  56. While I like the way it makes my hair look, and feel, I can’t say, after nearly four months, that I’ve had any new hair growth. I’ve used the products as directed, and just received my 3rd shipment. Unfortunately, it will be my last. I can’t justify spending this much money on a product that doesn’t deliver. I’m certain others have had better results, I guess it just doesn’t chemically agree with me.

  57. I ordered the kit and then decided it was too expensive and I called Customer Service. I said I wanted to cancel and he asked if the price was a problem. I answered yes, and he changed the cost and auto bill serve process. I will get one month supply. Beforehand I thought it would be that I couldn’t cancel, but if I wanted to cancel I could. I was surprised by the courtesy and ease of cancelling if I had chosen to cancel.

  58. Yes, they SHOULD offer other options versus UNDERHANDED, clearly dishonest tactics like “Auto-Bill & Ship”! Moreso, people themselves should revolt against such companies and their products. If the public ceases to fall PREY, like ducks in a flock, to such offers then and only then will corporations get the message LOUD & CLEAR! And not until a mass majority of individual consumers do just that! No joke! JUST DO IT.

  59. Continued:

    4)Go to state office where companies are required to file their ‘Registered Agent’ data. Get that agents identity information. Send a “Cease & Dissist” letter (best to have Consumer Lawyer write or advise you) requesting cancellation and any refund owed you or else legal matter will ensue.
    Alternate for companies with no ‘Registered Agent’:
    Have attorney as stated above, contact corporations legal representative in same manner as. described above with a “Cease & Dissist” letter.

  60. Joan Szucs & Reader’s:
    BBB (Better Business Bureau) is great idea! But often it takes more steps:
    1) Complain to your Consumer Protection Bureau if one in your area (check city hall/village hall.)
    2) Complain to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and retain a copy of your complaint(s).
    3) Go to your bank have them do either 1-2 things: a)Cancel your card for a new card, b)Cancel card and account (best idea). And setup new account & card(s) {inconvenience but well worth peace of mind}, c)Setup a special account (new deposit required) just for such purchases that you can either deposit funds manually (best) or transfer exact amount of needed funds from another account

  61. How long do you have to use it for after you get the results you want? Will your hair go back to thinning if you stop using it?

  62. They don’t allow you to use pre-paid cards. I just tried. 🙁 What a rip-off. I won’t buy either due to the subscription. I won’t allow anyone to bill my card without my permission.

  63. i think you folks should read the reviews on It’s not a pretty sight (site) at all. looks like the biggest complaint? the price, and this product having the exact ingredients as Minoxidil – which is actually 1/5th the price of the Keranique.

  64. One Rep. told me after calling comp., that I could keep the sampel and she would cancel the order..I went to my bank statment to find TWO boxes were charged to my account ..for79.95 each!!! and I never got the second box….. but was charged for it!!! Talked to a rep ..Said I still would be chargedfor both!!! I am about to call the BBB…. Even if product were ok…. should not be treated this way!!! Joan B. Szucs

  65. My hair is thinning but the cost monthly is ridiculous. Between the product and shipping your looking at about $1000.00 a year. RIDICULOUS!!

  66. I would like to speak to a Keronique consultant. My problem is basically hair breakage which is creating thinning. Please advise or email me a phone number to contact. Thank you

  67. I get so aggravated with these products that say free trial offer, and want to withdraw from your credit card!! I agree with othe other comment, that if I want more, I can re-order myself rather than someone playing with my credit card!

  68. I will never order anything that is on auto shipment, auto payment. Give me what you offer and if I like it and want more, I can reorder when I’m ready. Hate that auto stuff.

  69. Just read ur post on Karanique. Could u let me know if u r still using it, and, if not, what happened. Thank u.

  70. I definitely will not try due to “subscription” purchase required. I don’t want anyone automatically billing my credit card unless I am SURE I really want it. This is a deal-breaker for me.

  71. I’d be open to trying a new product…and when it comes to feeling good about yourself (when you see a product working), money is no object. Growing hair back would be priceless! The auto billing is a definite deterant to trying any product in my opinion. At the end of the 30 day period, by the time you say you want to cancel (if not happy with the product), you’ll be billed again for the product as I cannot imagine they can shut off IMMEDIATELY the auto bill process and you’d not from that moment of cancelling be charged again. Auto bill is an awful way for companies to make money, and it’s taking advantage of consumers, that would otherwise love to try a product. It’s never a no obligation purchase. More companies than this one are using this tactic…and will forever make money even on cancellations. It’s so upsetting…they should offer another option. Really!?

  72. Just started using the product today so lets see how this goes. That’s the part i dont like that they will automatically take out of your card also they should bill the product instead of aautomatically taking it out of your account. However lets see how this product works out for me i will keep you posted.

  73. Received my first supply of Keranique. My hair is long but has started thinning on the top some. I am so pleased with my hair today after using Keranique last night. When I walked into the office, I had so many compliments. Wanted to know what I did different to my hair. It is very shiny and full. I love the product so far

  74. Trying the product Now! I have High hopes aside from all the negative feedback. I just received my first batch yesterday and washed, conditioned, & used the treatment last nite. I understand that each individual is different, so I’ll update you guys with my progress in a matter of days. Oh and i read somewhere that they sign you up to an auto-ship system so it keep billing you’re card for the next batch and so on… just to make you aware.

  75. Stumbled across this article whilst looking for something to help out with my thinning hair.
    I’ve come across the Keranique brand before but never really looked in to it due to the cost.
    From reading your article it seems i was right not to, given that i could get other products for half the price that last twice as long!

    I’m always a little skeptical when companies rope you in to using the other products in their range to ‘ensure best results’ etc
    I think i’ll stick to my guns and stay away from this one.
    Thanks for the great post 🙂

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