Does ADDTabz Really Work?

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Does ADDTabz work?ADDTabz is presenting itself as an alternative to Adderall, which is turning some heads and making people wonder if it could actually work. So we did some digging into what this actually contains to find out if it’s worth dropping $50 on.

We’re all looking to get the mental edge, and to be more focused at work or school. It’s a simple fact that the more you can concentrate, the better you’ll do in life and the more success you’ll experience. Lack of focus, an inability to stay on task, and feeling of anxiety will definitely hold you back from your full potential. That’s what makes the promises of this non-prescription drug so appealing, it says you’ll be a better version of yourself and that you’ll be able to achieve more. Who doesn’t want that?

The Claim
The creators of ADDTabz, Gentech Pharmaceutical, claim that their product helps to improve concentration, allowing you to learn better, remember more, and be in a better mood with less anxiety. They say that it doesn’t have the side effects that come with Adderall, but that it’s prescription strength, and able to provide a prolonged amount of energy. They say you can use it safely for the long term, and that unlike Adderall it helps to improve your memory. So essentially it provides more benefits with less adverse reactions.

The Hype
This drug has gotten a lot of attention because they have identified their target consumers as college students, and a lot of questions have been raised in regards to whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing to have a non-prescription drug being marketed as a way to improve study performance, and as an alternative to Adderall.

The Cost
The cost of ADDTabs is $2.50 per pill, and is available without a prescription. You can get it for less if you order in bulk. Buying a 2 bottle pack can get your per pill price down to $1.60. By the bottle it’s $50 for a bottle of 20 pills, $70 to double the bottle size, and $128 to get 2 bottles with 40 pills each. Compared to buying an energy drink to propel you through your workload this may sound reasonable, but compared to other vitamins and supplements that your body can benefit from, it’s rather pricey.

The Commitment
You can take these as needed, and it’s not necessary to use them as a daily supplement. If you’re studying for a big exam, or are getting ready for a jam-packed day at work you can take these to help you through it. If it worked it could lessen your use of energy drinks and other stimulants, which would definitely be a good thing, as they’ve shown time and again that these types of drinks aren’t good for you.

Even though ADDTabz has been on the market for quite some time now, it seems they’re having trouble getting enough people to guinea pig their product. The few brave souls that have tried it out have said that it’s not worth the money, and the scant amount of positive reviews look very suspicious. There are no studies referenced as to how this product works in clinical trials, and absent are any testimonials on the official website. The focus instead seems to be on their affiliate program, and talking up how much money an affiliate could potentially make.

For those concerned about the lack of peer reviews for ADDTabs, we found a potential alternative that uses more natural ingredients to provide similar results. It’s called Elebra and they bill themselves as Productivity in a Bottle. The premise here is that if you supply the brain with the antioxidants and vitamins it needs to function at its best, you’ll experience less mental fog, and be able to be more productive over a longer period of time. The reviews on this are more plentiful than with ADDTabz, and they are also more indicative of the product working.

Final ADDTabz Review

We’re giving ADDTabz our Thumbs Down rating, as we were unable to find a credible source that says it works as advertised. In order for this to be considered a winner there needs to be some scientific proof that shows you’ve actually tested it out on a group of humans, and included a placebo group as well. There is too much uncertainty with what the product contains, since it’s shrouded in the cloak of a “proprietary blend” of ingredients. You’re really taking a plunge and trusting them blindly by taking this.

It may produce some results that you can feel, but that’s because it contains caffeine, so you’re going to get the familiar jolt that you would from taking something with caffeine in it. One pharmacist summed it up best by calling it basically a vitamin with caffeine in it. So it’s best not to confuse the feelings you’re getting as the ones they’re describing on their pitch page, or thinking that it’s a suitable substitute for a doctor’s prescription.

Our Recommendation
If you’re looking to be more productive at school or work there are better ways to go about it than taking prescription or non-prescription drugs. Getting wholesome foods into your body, getting regular exercise, and mitigating stress should be your first priority, and then assess the situation to see if you need more help. If you have a diagnosed case of ADHD then you should follow the treatment that your doctor has suggested. For those that only suspect that they have a problem focusing or concentrating, it’s best to use all-natural solutions first to see if the condition improves.

What do you think? Does ADDTabz work or not?

5 Customer Reviews on “Does ADDTabz Really Work?

  1. At the beginning, I thought it was a waste of money but within a few days ADDTABZ started to kick in.
    Now I alternate Addtabz with Adderall and almost feel a similar effect.
    I highly recommend this product.
    Don’t pay attention to negatives about this product until you give it a try.
    Thumbs up for ADDTABZ!
    Note: I am a smoker and with ADDTABZ I get more cigarette cravings than normal.
    My overall rating would be 5 stars because of it’s effects and availability without a prescription.

  2. This website is a joke! your reviewing pills and recommending us to, instead of taking pills, you can do good in school by “Getting wholesome foods into your body, getting regular exercise, and mitigating stress.” No shit, thats y we need pills cause we cant get those. And addtabz do work for me it numbs my body and i dont feel tired.

  3. You’re in luck! Buy Alternative Pills has a coupon for ADDTabz and other smart drugs like Alpha BRAIN. Check out ADDTabz reviews and how it’s been compared to adderall in recent studies.

  4. Imagine a pill like the ones in the movie Limitless and if you had that kind of intelligence what you would do with it. I’ll tell you right now if they ever made something like that, it would cost a lot more than $2.50 a pop. Addtabz, if you only had made such a pill.. I’m salivating over the possibilities…

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